18ft Skiffs NSW Championship – Difficult conditions in Race 4

7s crew on a 2-sail reach - 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014
In the 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014 Gotta Love It 7’s Seve Jarvin, Sam Newton, and Scott Babbage gave another outstanding display in difficult conditions to easily take out Race four on Sydney Harbour today.

Coopers 62-Rag and Famish Hotel (Jack Macartney) won the start and crossed 7 on the first two tacks but once Gotta Love It 7 grabbed the lead the crew continually drew away from the fleet to win by four meter.

mojo wine came back for a strong finish in third place - 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014

Nick Press, Dan Phillips, and Dave Ewings also gave a great display to take second place in Smeg, with Andrew Chapman Mike McKensey and Ricky Bridge a further 22s back in Mojo Wine.

Coopers 62-Rag and Famish finished fourth, ahead of Thurlow Fisher Lawyers (Michael Coxon) and Sydney City Marine (David Witt).

Gotta Love It 7 heads the point total on three, followed by Smeg on eight, Thurlow Fisher Lawyers nine, Sydney City Marine and Coopers 62-Rag and Famish on twelve and Mojo Wine on sixteen.

The race was sailed over the South course with all teams using their smaller #2 rigs.

Gotta Love It 7’s crew showed the skill that makes them so hard to beat as they grabbed a 30 seconds lead on the shory windward leg from the start in Athol Bay to the windward mark off Clarke Island.

Thurlow Fisher Lawyers, Smeg and Coopers-Rag were together with Fisher and Paykel (Grant Rollerson), Mojo Wine, Sydney City Marine and Yandoo (John Winning) close behind.

The long spinnaker run to Obelisk Bay YA Buoy divided the thoughts of the fleet with some teams setting their extras immediately while others chose a 2-sail reach half way along the run before setting a spinnaker.

smeg takes thurlow fisher lawyers' wind in the battle behind 7 - 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014

7 increased her lead to 1m over Smeg and Thurlow Fisher Lawyers then virtually put the race out of reach for her opposition as the margin was 1 minute and 45 seconds after the next windward leg into Rose Bay.

yandoo over the top of sydney city marine - 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014

Thurlow Fisher Lawyers and Smeg were only four seconds apart at this point with Yandoo now up to fourth ahead of Coopers-Rag and Famish and Mojo Wine.

The wind dropped away to almost nothing over the next two legs of the course and Team Seven were brilliant as she took the lead out to three and half meter at Clarke Island.

Smeg also established her position in second place, with a break of another one and half meter to Coopers 62-Rag and Famish.

The light wind persisted on the next spinnaker run to Obelisk then freshened for the beat back into Rose Bay.

Smeg reduced 7s lead to two and half meter at Rose Bay, while Andrew Chapman, standing in for regular skipper Chris Nicholson, had Mojo Wine up to third.

These placings didn’t change over the final two legs of the course although Gotta Love It had increased her margin to four meter at the finish.

Seve Jarvin, Sam Newton and Scott Babbage left immediately after the race to fly to Singapore where they will sail Pindar in the Extreme Sailing series regatta.

 Australian 18 Footers League Starters and Judges Report  Name of Race: NSW Championship – Race 4       Entrants:       19             Date: 16-Feb-14                   Club Championship – Race 8 President’s Trophy   Course:                          4                               Wind: 10-15 SE          Tide: Ebbing            Race Start Time: 14:45:00                                      Race Finish Time : 16:26:05                                      Start Mode: SCRATCH Non Starters:  3                                                Non Finishers: 2                Race Officer: Doug Cameron  
FinishPlacings Recall# Boat NameFinishTimeElapsedTime HandicapCorrectedTimeH/capPosition
17Gotta Love It 716:26:051:41:0501:41:051
311Mojo Wine16:30:271:45:2701:45:274
46Coopers 62-Rag and Famish Hotel16:31:551:46:5501:46:557
51Thurlow Fisher Lawyers16:32:401:47:4011:46:406
616Sydney City Marine16:33:021:48:0221:46:025
914The Kitchen Maker16:41:181:56:1871:49:188
1110Fisher & Paykel16:44:181:59:1841:55:1812
1215Haier Appliances16:45:422:00:4271:53:4211
15      15
16      16
17      17
18      18
19      19
20      20
21      21
22      22
23      23
24      24
25      25
26      26
27      27
28      28
29      29
Visitor      30
Visitor      31
   SailingTime:1:41:05FastestTime:GOTTALOVEIT7Margins:  1st-2nd  0:04:002nd-3rd  0:00:22 

 Australian 18ft Skiff-2013-14 Nsw Championship Pointscore                                                                                               (10-11-13) (15-12-13)(26-01-14)(16-02-14) (23-02-14) One Drop                                                 Name Best 4 results will count.                   R1    R2    R3    R4   R5 Total Total POS

Gotta Love It 7 crew were awesome - 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014

tight racing on the first run - 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014

sydney city marine crew go for an early spinnaker set - 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014

the smeg team was consistent throughout the entire race - 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014

de'longhi-rabbitohs pushes hard on the first run - 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014

yandoo showed excellent downwind speed - 18ft Skiffs NSW Championship 2014