1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta - Action ends in Hong Kong

1010 Match Racing
The 2013 1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta came to an end after three days and 76 matches in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour with young Kiwi skipper, William Tiller, declared the winner.

Having battled with the elements all weekend, Race Officer Inge Strompf Jepsen was on the water early as she searched for the best location to run the final five flights of the round robin stage. Heavy showers earlier in the morning had robbed the harbour of all breeze, but finding a four kt easterly at Hung Hom and expecting it to build, Strompf-Jepsen laid her course and sent flight 18 away on time in five kts of breeze.

The first match of the day featured an upset, with Laurence Mead beating David Gilmour, however flight 20 featured the match everyone was looking forward to - Robertson and Williams had a fairly subdued start, and it was Williams who rounded the windward mark in the lead, only for Robertson to overtake him on the downwind leg. Robertson held the lead until close to the finish, when a less-than-slick gybe allowed Williams to get ahead. Robertson looked to have lost it, until the final seconds when he caught a puff and surged forward to cross the line only an inch ahead of Williams.

Flight 22 featured Williams v Tiller, which would decide second and third places in the round robin, together with Gilmour v Robertson. While Tiller turned in a fine performance to give Williams his second loss of the competition, against the run of form, Gilmour bested Robertson, but it wasn’t enough to offset the 0.5 penalty he had picked up for a collision on the first day and Maximillian Soh clinched the fourth spot in the semi-finals, along with Robertson, Tiller and Williams.

The first flight of the semifinals produced some of the most visually exciting match racing seen all weekend. Williams went through around 20 gybes trying to force Tiller into an error and give him a second penalty, which he would have to take on the spot. While the tactic was unsuccessful, Tiller was still carrying a penalty and it finished one-zero to Williams. Soh finished comfortably ahead of Robertson on the water in their first flight.

In the second flight of the semis, Williams picked up penalty for port/ starboard, which he cleared at the first windward rounding, but close to the end of the second downwind leg, Tiller put in the better gybe and picked up a puff to cross the line inches ahead of his rival. Robertson built up a comfortable lead over Soh from the start of their match, and finished a couple of boat lengths ahead to make it one-one.

In the first decider, Williams had the better start, but Tiller caught him on the first downwind leg and managed to stay ahead to win by five boat lengths. In the second decider, Soh picked up a penalty in the start sequence and never recovered, with Robertson finishing over half a leg ahead of the Singaporean.

In the first flight of the Petit Final, with the breeze holding well at 4.5 to six kts, Williams was in control from the start and finished five lengths ahead of Soh. In the all-Kiwi Final, Tiller edged ahead of Robertson on the first downwind leg, and managed to stay in control for the rest of the race.

With impeccable timing, RO Inge Strompf-Jepsen shoehorned the last match of the day into the schedule, just before the wind died to 2kts. In the petit final, Williams finished a boat length ahead of Soh to finish third, and William Tiller recorded his second straight win over former skipper Phil Robertson to place his name on the silverware.

1010 Match Racing

1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta 2014

1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta 2014

1010 Match Racing

Results Placings (Provisional) 1st - William Tiller (NZL) 2nd - Phil Robertson (NZL) 3rd - Ian Williams (GBR) 4th - Maximilliam Soh (SIN) 5th - David Gilmour (AUS) 6th - Peter Backe (SWE) 7th - Laurence Mead (GBR) 8th - Gunwoo Park (KOR) 9th - John Eriksson (FIN) 10th - Morten Jakobsen (THA) 11th - Lui Kam (HKG) 12th - Seah Chin Yew (HKG) Final and Petit Final ('first to two') Provisional
Flight 1     
Flight 2    
Flight 3     
1Soh - Williams 
2Tiller - Robertson 
Semi-Finals ('first to two') Provisional
Flight 1     
Flight 2    
Flight 3     
Round Robin Scores (Provisional)
Ian Williams (GBR) 00111111111 923
Phil Robertson (NZL)1 1011111111 1011
William Tiller (NZL)10 111111111 1012
David Gilmour (AUS)DNF10 111111000.5745
Morten Jakobsen  (THA)0000 0000101 2910
Maximilian Soh (SIN)00001 111111 744
Jon Eriksson (FIN)000010 00111 479
Gunwoo Park (KOR)0000101 0101 478
Peter Backe (SWE)00001011 111 656
Seah Chin Yew (HKG)000000000 00 01112
Laurence Mead (ENG)0001100101 1 567
Lui Kam (HKG)00010000010  2911
Results By Flight (Provisional)
MatchBlueScorevScoreYellow MatchBlueScorevScoreYellow
Flight 1 - 10 May     Flight 2 - 10 May    
1Gilmour0-1Lui 1Lui0-1Williams
2Williams1-0Jakobsen 2Park1-0Jakobsen
3Backe1-0Park 3Backe0-1Gilmour
Flight 3 - 10 May     Flight 4 - 10 May    
1Jakobsen1-0Lui 1Jakobsen0-1Gilmour
2Park0-1Gilmour 2Lui0-1Backe
3Williams1-0Backe 3Park0-1Williams
Flight 5 - 10 May     Flight 6 - 10 May    
1Backe1-0Jakobsen 1Seah0-1Tiller
2Lui0-1Park 2Eriksson0-1Soh
3GilmourDNF (-0.5)-1Williams 3Robertson1-0Mead
Flight 7 - 10 May     Flight 8 - 11 May    
1Seah0-1Eriksson 1Seah0-1Robertson
2Soh0-1Robertson 2Eriksson0-1Tiller
3Tiller1-0Mead 3Mead0-1Soh
Flight 9 - 11 May     Flight 10 - 11 May    
1Eriksson0-1Robertson 1Mead0-1Eriksson
2Mead1-0Seah 2Soh1-0Seah
3Tiller0-1Soh 3Robertson1-0Tiller
Flight 11 - 11 May     Flight 12 - 11 May    
1Backe0-1Soh 1Soh1-0Lui
2Tiller1-0Lui 2Park0-1Tiller
3Robertson1-0Park 3Backe0-1Robertson
Flight 13 - 11 May     Flight 14 - 11 May    
1Tiller1-0Backe 1Park1-0Eriksson
2Park0-1Soh 2Mead0-1Backe
3Robertson1-0Lui 3Lui - Seah
Flight 15 - 11 May     Flight 16 - 11 May    
1Backe1-0Eriksson 1Lui0-1Ericsson
2Lui0-1Mead 2Seah0-1Backe
3Seah0-1Park 3Mead1-0Park
Flight 17 - 11 May     Flight 18 - 12 May    
1Seah0-1Gilmour 1Gilmour0-1Mead
2Mead1-0Jakobsen 2Williams1-0Seah
3Eriksson0-1Williams 3Eriksson1-0Jakobsen
Flight 19 - 12 May     Flight 20 - 12 May    
1Williams1-0Mead 1Robertson1-0Williams
2Eriksson0-1Gilmour 2Jakobsen0-1Tiller
3Jakobsen1-0Seah 3Soh0-1Gilmour
Flight 21 - 12 May     Flight 22 - 12 May    
1Jakobsen0-1Robertson 1Soh1-0Jakobsen
2Williams1-0Soh 2Gilmour1-0Robertson
3Gilmour0-1Tiller 3Tiller1-0Willliams
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