470 Class 50th Anniversary celebrations launched in La Rochelle!

Opening Ceremony
© Christophe Breschi
Today, there was no gentle introduction to the opening events at the International 470 Class 50th Anniversary celebrations in La Rochelle, with a blustery and building breeze greeting teams on the race courses.

The 2013 470 Junior World Championships, Masters’ Cup and Open Classic have launched the 50th Anniversary Celebrations for the International 470 Class, by showcasing the youngest 470 sailors through to the more senior connoisseurs of 470 sailing.

Averaging 14 knots, with 18 knot puffs many of the younger teams relished the conditions, but the same could not entirely be said for some of the teams in the Grand-grandmasters division, where the combined age of the crew must be at least 120 years.

Last night’s Opening Ceremony was all about celebrating the generations of 470 sailors, from the most recent newcomers to the fleet through to the teams of more senior years competing in the Masters’ Cup. The younger club members of La Société des Régates Rochelaises greeted the teams from around the world by saying 'hello' in the language of the competing nations.

Racing got underway today soon after 1300 hours with two races held for each fleet.

470 Junior Worlds Men

Making their debut appearance in the ranks of the 470 Junior World Championships are all three medallists from the 2012 420 World Championship; brothers Alex and George Kavas (GRE), Guillaume Pirouelle/Valentin Sipan (FRA) and David Charles/Alex Charles (ESP), who are facing off against some of the top teams who have been contesting the junior fleet over the past few years.

Guillaume Pirouelle/Valentin Sipan (FRA)
© Christophe Breschi

Pirouelle and Sipan have been training in La Rochelle for about three weeks, and their efforts showed with a race win and a second place in the blue fleet, placing them at the front of the men’s leaderboard. They almost won the second race too, but lost their lead just at the end of the last downwind. The pair have been sailing the 470 for one year and raced the 470 Europeans in Italy last month, finishing 35th in the senior fleet. 'It was exciting to go on the water today,' said Pirouelle, 'and to get a first and second was great.'

Sipan has taken inspiration from the history of the class, saying, 'I read the 470 Great Book about the history of the 470 and everyone is very passionate about the Class. It is great to have all the events here in France where the class was born.'

The opening race win in the yellow fleet today went to Pierre Quiroga/Clement Pequin, which they followed up with a third to lie in second overall. Italy’s Matteo Capurro/Matteo Puppo are in third.

South Africa’s new pairing of Asenathi Jim/Sibu Sizatu showed excellent form posting a 3,5 to end day one in seventh on the leaderboard, but Jim was not happy. 'We are learning a lot, but I made a lot of mistakes today and there is lot I am missing.'

Asenathi Jim/Sibu Sizatu (RSA)
© Christophe Breschi

Jim and his usual crew Roger Hudson have been the face of South African 470 sailing for the past few years, representing South Africa at the 2012 Olympic Games in Weymouth. For the 470 Junior Worlds, Hudson is in the coach boat. 'There is a lot to improve and a lot I am missing from Roger, but we are working hard to fill the link and cut off the mistakes,' continued Jim. 'Today was a nice opener, but I know what went wrong and it is the small things which make a big difference at the end. In the starting we just didn’t shoot up as I was nervous getting caught over, so I held back in both races, which was a bit of a disaster.'

Back home in South Africa, there is a major programme taking place to prepare the next generation of 470 talent and Jim’s crew Sibu Sizatu is one of the young stars. Having committed to the RaceAhead 470 training squad in September 2012, Sizatu has completed numerous training sessions which rewarded him with selection to partner Jim at the Junior Worlds. Jim and Hudson will return to their usual combination to race in the 470 World Championships which start on 5th August.

The 59 teams in the 470 Men Junior Worlds have been split into two fleets for the two day qualification series of five races, before qualifying to the gold or silver fleet for the seven race final series. The top eight boats will then advance to the Medal Race stage.

Racing is scheduled to start at 1300 hours on Tuesday 30 July 2013.

470 Junior Worlds Men Overall Results
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2Club/Country
1 FRA   76PIROUELLE Guillaume SIPAN Valentin 2.002.0010.0022.00S N P HS N P H
2 FRA   21QUIROGA Pierre PEQUIN Clement 3.003.0010.0033.00CNTLS R ROCHELAISES
3 ITA   10CAPURRO Matteo PUPPO Matteo 6.006.0066.0010.00YC ITALIANO-
4 ESP   44XAMMAR Jordi HERP Joan 6.006.0044.0022.00CN EL MASNOU-
5 AUS   7GALLOWAY Angus HANNAH Tomothy 6.006.0022.0044.00ROYAL QUEENSLAND YS-
6 GER   15AUTENRIETH Julian CIPRA Matti 6.006.0033.0033.00BAYERISCHER YC-
7 RSA   10JIM Asenathi SIZATU Sibu 8.008.0033.0055.00REP. AFRIQUE DU-
8 FRA   92PELISSON Sacha BOUCHET Mathieu 9.009.0044.0055.00S R ANTIBESY C MONACO
9 GBR  843WOOD Mike BRAYSHAM Hugh 10.0010.001010.0010.00SSC-
10 FRA   18FEYDIT Hugo AGENEAU Charlie 10.0010.0066.0044.00CN LA TREMBLADECN LA TREMBLADE
11 DEN  164TOBIASEN Balder JOHANSEN Magnus jung 11.0011.0055.0066.00KDY-
13 GRE  333KAVVAS Alexander KAVVAS Giorgos 16.0016.0022.001414.00YC OF GREECE-
14 GRE   4TSIBOUKELIS Antonis KONTAKIS Vasilis 16.0016.0055.001111.00NOTK-
15 ESP   1CHARLES David CHARLES Alex 16.0016.001010.0066.00CN EL BALIS-
16 ISR   17COHEN Gal FROYLICHE Dan 16.0016.0088.0088.00ISRAEL-
17 ITA   99REBAUDI Francesco RAMIAN Matteo 17.0017.0077.001010.00YC ITALIANO-
18 SLO   42PUH Matjaz ROMIH Matija 18.0018.0088.001010.00JK PIRAT PORTOROZ-
19 GER   48PATRUNKY Julian SCHUMANN Max 21.0021.001414.0077.00POTSDAMER YC-
20 FRA   5THUILLIER Remy CORRUBLE Mathieu 22.0022.001313.0099.00LS VIGNEUXS N P H
21 JPN  4405NAKAMURA Mutsuhiro KIYOHARA Ryo 23.0023.001515.0088.00NIHON UNIVERSITY-
22 POR   2VILLAS-BOAS Joao PINHEIRO DE MELO Francisco 23.0023.001414.0099.00CN DE CASCAIS-
23 NED   88DECKERS Max WELIERS Rogier 24.0024.001111.001313.00HOLLANDE-
24 CRO   3BOTICA Ante VULETIC Jure 24.0024.001212.001212.00CROATIE-
25 NED   21PIJLMAN Wietse VANDE WERKEN Laurens 26.0026.0099.001717.00HOLLANDE-
26 RUS  100CHEH Kristian AKIMENKO Andrey 28.0028.001313.001515.00MOSCOW S SCHOOL-
27 SLO   21DOMEN Vasic stepancic BOZIC Jakob 30.0030.001919.001111.00JADRALNI KLUB BURJA IZOLA-
28 FIN  111NIKKILA Mikka TYKKYLAINEN Leo 32.0032.0099.002323.00YC OF TURKU-
29 JPN  4456TETUYA Iwashita YUSUKE Ishi 32.0032.002020.001212.00JAPAN UNIVERSITY-
30 AUT  477SCHARNAGL Stefan SCHULZ Helmut 33.0033.001111.002222.00AUTRICHE-
31 ITA  757FERRARI Giacomo CALABRO Giulio 33.0033.001818.001515.00LN SEZIONE DI OSTIA-
32 GER  4976OSTER Maurice JANSEN Alexander 34.0034.001717.001717.00NORDDEUTSCHER REGATTAVEREIN-
33 GER   21GRAF Fabian SALZWEDEL Max 35.0035.002222.001313.00ALLEMAGNE-
34 GER   23FISCHER Tim ZIEGLER Sebastian 35.0035.001717.001818.00YC LUDWIGSHAFEN-
35 RUS   29BANAYAN Daniil MENCHIKOV Vladislav 36.0036.001212.002424.00YC OF ST PETERSBURG-
36 SUI   2RIGOT Fabrice RIGOT Guillaume 36.0036.001515.002121.00SUISSE-
37 UKR   23VERTELETSKYI Illia BARANNYK Vladyslav 36.0036.001818.001818.00SC METALUNG-
38 ITA   32TUDISCO Tomaso PROVINCIALI Giacomo 37.0037.002121.001616.00YC C DE MEDICI-
38 FRA   38L'HER Etienne SZEKELY Baptiste 37.0037.002121.001616.00S R BRESTUSAM VOILE
40 AUT   11CLAUS Calvin KOHLEINDORFER Alexander 39.0039.001616.002323.00YC PODERSDORF-
41 HUN   53GYAPAJAS Balazs KISKA Laslo 39.0039.002020.001919.00BALATONFUREDI YC-
42 GRE   11TAFLAUPAS John TAVOULARIS Stavros 39.0039.001919.002020.00IO PIRAEUS-
43 FIN   77KONTTINEN Okko STILL Zacharias 41.0041.002222.001919.00HELSINGFORS SK-
44 UKR   7POCHTOVYK Sergi DZIADYK Denys 42.0042.001616.002626.00METEOR-
45 GER  5029DIESCH Simon AGGELER Patrick 43.0043.002323.002020.00WURTTEMBERGISCHER YC-
46 ESP   16CODINACHS GTRAU Albert MOVATO PUIGREFAGAT Victor 44.0044.00OCS30.001414.00CN EL BALIS-
47 BEL   20DE MUNCK Toon SMET Jef 46.0046.002424.002222.00WVD HOMBEEK-
48 TUR  303CENGIZ Dunya TURAN Volkan 47.0047.002323.002424.00ISTANBUL SAINLING CLUB-
49 RUS   24RASSKAZOV Pavel KHAUZER Stepan 49.0049.002424.002525.00RUSSIE-
50 FRA   25FERELLEC Nicolas LAURAS Hugo 51.0051.00OCS30.002121.00USAM VOILES R BREST
51 ITA   23TRASIMENI Giorgio IZZO Jacopo 51.0051.002626.002525.00LN ITALIA DI OSTIA-
52 RUS   2KUCHERENKO Boris VERKHLIN Daniil 52.0052.002525.002727.00RUSSIE-
52 BEL   25KLUMPERS Kamiel VERBUNT Frans 52.0052.002525.002727.00BELGIQUE-
54 RUS   13MOSKVICHEV Alexandr MOSKICHEV Mikhail 54.0054.002828.002626.00RUSSIE-
55 LTU   4RAMONAITIS Andrius VALENTINAITIS Emilis 54.0054.002626.002828.00LITUANIE-
56 LTU   15KAZLAUSKAS Jonas BALCIUNAS Justas 55.0055.002727.002828.00LITUANIE-
57 GER  4986LUTZ Martin BERNHART Philipp 58.0058.002727.00DNF31.00SEGELGEMEINSCHAFT-
58 GER  5040MULLER Johannes FUCHS Christian 60.0060.002929.00DNF31.00ALLEMAGNE-
--- CRO  1111SORIC Sime JAKOVCEV Marin 62.0062.00DNF31.00DNF31.00JK USKOK-

470 Junior Worlds Women
Two straight wins puts France’s Maelenn Lemaitre/Alise Retornaz in great shape after day one, racing in a breeze averaging around 18 knots.

'We had really good speed today and a very good feeling in our new boat,' said Retornaz. 'It is very special to see so many people here and we want to do our best.'

In the first race, a great start and excellent boat speed combined to propel them round the track from start to finish with the pair pumping hard. Last week, they put one of the classic 470s which is here in La Rochelle through it's paces, with Lemaitre explaining, 'For three days we sailed an old 470 and it wasn’t so different, but now we do have a lot of new things in the boat.'

Maelenn Lemaitre/Alise Retornaz (FRA
© Christophe Breschi

Joanna Freeman/Katie Tomsett from Great Britain are in second and Germany’s Greta Markfort/Anna Markfort in third.

Anna Kyselova/Anastasiya Krasko from the Ukraine are one of the teams racing back to back, with the Junior Worlds being followed by the 470 Worlds. First day and they are happy with their fourth on the leaderboard. 'The first race was not really good for us as we thought we had started early, so went back, and then we finished 10th,' said Kyselova, 'but in race two, despite a bad start we fought back to finish second.'

Racing is scheduled to start at 1300 hours on Tuesday 30 July 2013.

The 25 teams in the 470 Women Junior Worlds will race a single series of 10 races, with the top eight boats then advancing to the Medal Race stage.

470 Junior Worlds Women Overall Results
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2Club/Country
1 FRA   39LEMAITRE Maelenn RETORNAZ Aloise 0.000.0010.0010.00E V LOCQUIRECE V LOCQUIREC
2 GBR  849FREEMAN Joanna TOMSETT Katie 9.009.0077.0022.00PARSTONE-
3 GER   26MARKFORT Greta MARKFORT Anna 10.0010.0044.0066.00JSC-
4 UKR   93KYSELOVA Anna KRASKO Anastasiya 13.0013.001010.0033.00SHVSM KIEV-
5 ESP   14CORNUDELLA Barbara LOPEZ Sara 15.0015.0066.0099.00CN EL BALIS-
6 ISR   77ZAMET Tsuf BIRAN Lia 16.0016.0022.001414.00SDOT YAM SAILING CLUB-
7 GER   24BOHM Nadine GOTTZER Karoline 17.0017.001212.0055.00DTYC-
8 AUS   12RYAN Sasha RYAN Jaime 17.0017.0055.001212.00RQYS-
9 ESP   6BOUSERRA Alba SUBIRA FELIP Julia 18.0018.001414.0044.00C/V BLANES-
10 GER   18LOEWE Frederike GUTTIG Lisa 18.0018.001111.0077.00VSAW-
11 GBR  865SEARBRIGHT Amy CARPENTER Anna 20.0020.0033.001717.00HAYHING ISLAND-
12 ITA  4477BERTA Elena SINNO Alice 23.0023.0088.001515.00CC ANIENE-
13 ISR   11BAR-AM Noya MAMAN Danielle 25.0025.0099.001616.00HAPOEL TEL AVIV-
14 SUI   5FAHINI Linda SIEGENTHALER Maja 26.0026.001313.001313.00TYC-
15 GBR  838LAVERY Jess BRICKWOOD MEGAN 33.0033.001515.001818.00EMWORTH SC-
16 NED   23VRIJENHOEK Floor HUMEL Josca 34.0034.00OCS26.0088.00KWVL-
17 RUS   9ARSENYEVA Veronika SUVORKOVA Anastasia 35.0035.001616.001919.00YC OF ST PETERSBURG-
18 SUI  1460TRUB Nora CORBELLI Giulia 36.0036.00OCS26.001010.00SVT-
19 GBR  847VOSE Annabel URWIN Kirstie 37.0037.00OCS26.001111.00ROYAL SOUTHERN YC-
20 GRE   44STEFANOUDAKI Despoina KLONARIDOU Rafalina 38.0038.001717.002121.00NAUTICAL C OF THESSALARIKI-
21 RUS   11PIROGOVA Anna CHERNIAKHOVSKAIA Anzhelika 38.0038.001818.002020.00KHLEB NIKOVO-
22 UKR   17SHCHERBYNA Anna NAUMENKO Sofya 42.0042.002020.002222.00METEOR-
23 SLO   78PETERNELJ Eva BARUCA Valentina 44.0044.001919.002525.00YC JADRO KOPER-
24 RUS   1GUSEVA Anastasia STOKOLESOVA Yana 44.0044.002121.002323.00RUSSIE-
25 NED   75SPEELMAN Jeanine SPEELMAN Marchien 50.0050.00OCS26.002424.00DTYC-

470 Masters' Cup and Open Classic
A record breaking 91 teams are competing in the 470 Masters’ Cup, racing in divisions based on age, from the youngest Apprentice Masters through to the Grand-grandmasters, whose combined age must be more than one hundred and twenty years before the end of the year.

470 Masters’ Cup start
© Christophe Breschi

In the Apprentice Masters division, where one of the crew must be 30 years old during 2013 and the combined age more than 60 years, the brother and sister team of Iulia Fulicea and Paul Negoescu from Romania claimed a clean sweep to win both races. Raphael Duchoud/Nicolas Duchoud (SUI) are in second and Ott Rene/Christian Sprecher (SUI) in third.

Moving up a division to the Masters’ fleet and a double-race win puts Italy’s Fernando Zicarelli/Davide Gamba in first overall, with Stefan Seger/Benjamin Wagner (SUI) in second and Ivica Bonacin/Federioc Zampolini (ITA) in third.

Onto the Grandmasters, and defending champion Bernard Boime/Gilles Espinannes made a strong start to their defence with a 2,1 scoreline and are in first on equal points with the second placed Francois Brenac/Jacques Dirusso. Germany’s Joachim Oetken/Stafan Oetken are in third.

On to the connoisseurs of the Masters’ fleet, the Grand-grandmasters, where Robert Maurel/Gerard Daugey (FRA) also claimed two bullets to lead, with Marc Besson/Pierre Denis (FRA) in second and the reigning champions Martin
Steiger/Hans Vonmoos from Switzerland in third from a 2,3 scoreline in today’s breezy conditions.

470 Masters Overall Results
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2Club/Country
1 ITA  4280ZICARELLI Fernando GAMBA Davide 2.002.0011.0011.00CN PESARO-
2 SUI  1421SEGER Stefan WAGNER Benjamin 4.004.0022.0022.00RC OBERHOFEN-
3 ITA   57BONACIN Ivica ZAMPOLINI Federico 6.006.0033.0033.00CN PESARO-
5 ITA  4463GAMBA Luca BARBARINI Stafano 12.0012.0066.0066.00CN PESARO-
6 GER   49PIESKER Thomas GLUSCHKE Andreas 13.0013.0099.0044.00YC BERLIN GRUNAU-
7 GER  4853NEUROTH Franck JUNG Stephan 14.0014.0077.0077.00YCB LEVERKUSEN-
8 ITA   24GALANTI Maurizio MARINO Fabio 16.0016.0055.001111.00LNI ANZIO-
9 BEL   7DE MEESTER Marc DE MEESTER Thibaud 16.0016.0088.0088.00CV AMAURY-
10 NZL  112POWER RICHARD POWER JOHN 24.0024.001414.001010.00MANLY SC-
11 ITA  4438STARNONI Sandro FABRIS Mirco 26.0026.001717.0099.00ITALIE-
12 SUI  1424SCHULTE Christine SCHULTE Bodo 28.0028.001111.001717.00YC SCHAFFAUSEN-
13 FRA  2563VALERY Kleber PASZKOWSKI Gregory 28.0028.001212.001616.00Y C Grenoble CharaY C Grenoble Chara
14 GRE   91GEORGOPOULOS Fotis MATTYUS Klara 29.0029.001010.001919.00OMILOS FILON THALASSIS-
15 FRA  2651CHAMP Guillaume CHAMP Didier 29.0029.001616.001313.00C N ABLONA S BANQUE DE FRANCE
16 GER  4949LEMPERTZ Philipp HETTICH Stefano 32.0032.002020.001212.00STUTTGARTER SEGEL CLUB-
17 FRA  2343LESAINT Clement COURBO Manuel 33.0033.001818.001515.00S N P HC N ABLON
18 GER  4940VAN DER HOUT Miriam JAECKEL-DOFFING Sabrina 37.0037.001919.001818.00USV-
19 ESP  1792RAGA Elena FERRER Federico 41.0041.002121.002020.00C DE REGATAS VALMAYOR-
20 GER   67SCHALTE Berndt FORSTER Christian 44.0044.002323.002121.00AKADEMISCHER YC-
21 GER  4536GARCIA ESPIRO Andres GARCIA ESPIRO Isabel 45.0045.002222.002323.00SCOR-
22 FRA  2636ARANDA Patrick ANGENIEUX Christophe 46.0046.002424.002222.00ASPTT MARSEILLEASPTT MARSEILLE
23 FRA   67CANDELA Celine CANDELA Michel 50.0050.001313.00DNF37.00Y C TOULONY C TOULON
24 ITA  4434AJROLDI Max GAROFALO Andrea 51.0051.00DNF37.001414.00CIRCOLO VELA DERVIO-
25 FRA  2462TOUROVEROFF Igor BLANCHARD Laurent 51.0051.002727.002424.00YC PORT MANECHC N ANGOULINS
26 FRA  2601GUITTON Jean claude PIOT Charles-eddy 51.0051.002626.002525.00YACHT CLUB BASQUEC N ABLON
27 BEL  1240MONTENY Wim MIKHAILITCHENKO Valentina 52.0052.001515.00DNF37.00OSTEND SAILING CLUB-
28 GER  4913SCHMIDT Steffen SROWITZ Tom 53.0053.002525.002828.00SAIL LOLLIPOP REGATTA VEREIN-
29 FRA  260JEAN Isabelle JEAN Berengere 54.0054.002828.002626.00C N TREGASTELC V MULHOUSE
30 FRA  1704FAURE Jerome JAOUEN Egareg 58.0058.003131.002727.00C N ABLONC V FRANCEVILLE
31 FRA  727BRISARD Vincent BRISARD Jean michel 58.0058.002929.002929.00CAPA VOILECAPA VOILE
32 FRA  2686DUPREZ David TIBERGHIEN Gauthier 67.0067.003030.00DNF37.00C V DES FLANDRESS N O NANTES
33 FRA 10353METZINGER Jean-luc METZINGER Jean-yves 69.0069.003232.00DNF37.00C N MUTCHEC N MUTCHE
--- GER  4985GIESSMANN Axel GIESSMANN Christiane 74.0074.00DNF37.00DNF37.00SC BOSEN-
--- GER  5044SCHEFFLER Olivier ZWEERS Daniel 74.0074.00DNF37.00DNF37.00BOOTSCLUB NORDHORNT-

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