49er and 49erFX World Championships - Day 5 domination in strong winds

49er and 49erFX World Championship 2013 day 5
Going into the final day of the 49er and 49erFX World Championships, New Zealand crews sit at the top of both leaderboards in Marseille. In the 53-boat women’s FX fleet, Alex Maloney and Molly Meech took a firmer grip on the Seiko yellow jerseys after a masterful display of strong-wind boathandling in four Semi-Final races on a gusty, shifty course close to the shore.

The Kiwi girls scored 15,3,3,1, moving them further ahead of France’s Sarah Steyaert and Julie Bossard. Inspired by the girls’ performance, Pete Burling and Blair Tuke went out on to the same race course for four men’s 49er races and racked up 2,1,9,2. This moved them into the lead of the 97-strong men’s division, 12 points in front of another Kiwi crew in second place, Marcus Hansen and Josh Porebski.

Good to stretch our legs today and a couple of opportunities to do better today, but all in all a good day,' said Tuke. 'We're just getting the boat shipshape and ready for tomorrow. We're happy with how we're going in theatre-style racing and how we're sailing. We're both really excited about the chance of winning a world championship. We haven't won a world title since our junior days so we're very motivated.'

The Kiwis were good today, but the Australians were better, and they needed to be. Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen started the day in 18th place, a long way from the ninth place or less that would guarantee their place in the Final. As it was, a score of 1,3,3,1 rocketed them up to sixth overall. The Aussies’ downwind speed also earned them the purple jerseys for Kings of the Downwind, coming in at almost a minute faster than the second boat across all of today’s eight downwind legs.

'It was a massive snakes and ladders day,' said Outteridge. 'Every race was very different in terms of where you had to go, so there was no pattern to it, which we like.' But with 25 points still to make up on the Kiwi leaders, can Outteridge really hope to make Marseille his fifth 49er World title? 'I think with the format we've got I'd say anything is possible. We haven't done any of the theatre style racing, but it's three double-points races. If you get it wrong you get 60 points. Pretty easy for it to go bad.

'I think tomorrow will be lighter, will be shifty and ugly racing, and we're going to have to fight pretty hard. But at least we might have a chance of fighting back enough to get on the podium.'

49er and 49erFX World Championship 2013 day 5

If Burling and Tuke look a little out of reach for the reigning World and Olympic Champions, the others look very catchable. The second Kiwi team are just 13 points ahead of Outteridge, with France’s Manu Dyen and Stephane Christidis three points further back in third overall. In the game of snakes and ladders, the previous series leaders slid down more snakes than they would have liked. Dylan Fletcher and Alain Sign have slipped to fourth overall. 'A day we don't really want to remember but still one you have to learn from,' said Sign. 'You have to debrief from it, pick up a few points then bounce back tomorrow. Today, everything was happening pretty quickly and we weren't that great at reacting to that today. Tomorrow we’ve got to come back fighting and show we can win a world championship.'

It was far worse for another British team, John Pink and Simon Wheeler, who started the day in third. Some sub-par performances saw them drop down the rankings to the point where they were in danger of missing top nine qualification. In the final race they surged into the lead, and although Outteridge caught them on the final beat, they were second as they gybed for the finish line. Then, a massive gust and a capsize saw them tumble to 13th in that race, and down to 11th overall. 'A bit gutting,' said Pink. 'I think that puts us in the repechage.' Tomorrow the teams from 10th to 21st overall compete in the Petit-Finals for one coveted place in the Final. So Pink might yet find redemption from that capsize. 'We have it all to do again tomorrow, a mini-series to get ourselves back in the Final, and see where we go from there.'

For the women, that Petit-Final might allow sailors like Australia’s Olivia Price and Caitlin Elks to get back into the Final. Like Pink, they capsized in today’s really tough conditions, and the Olympic silver medallist Price will be working hard to get back in for the FX Finals.

49e r Results - Overall after DAY 5 - as of September 28, 2013 - 19:17   Bronze Fleet   Sailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 27, Scoring system: Appendix A  
1s tBRONZECAN709RNYCJon LadhaDan Inkpen87.0103.
2ndBRONZESWE131KSSSGus tav Petters onMarcus Anjem ark87.0124.
3rdBRONZEAUS112Woolahara Sailing ClubPeter KendallHarry Bethwaite108.0132.
4thBRONZECAN905RCYCDavid MoriJus tin Barnes106.0132.
5thBRONZESWE181KSSS/RSYCSebas tian Ös tlingKalle Torlen93.0146.028.0BFD7.06.012.0
6thBRONZEPOL174YKP GdyniaDom inik Buks akGrzegorz Gozdzik101.0149.
7thBRONZEITA187CRV ITALIAUberto CrivelliVis contiBrando Bacches chi Berti136.0150.
8thBRONZEARG197ARGEMario SegersFacundo Olezza89.0152.
9thBRONZEGBR321WISCTim GrattonChris Taylor100.0153.
10thBRONZERUS136SHVSM Voronezh andCSKAVMFDenis ShcheglovNikolay Chernikov98.0157.
11thBRONZEFRA655CNBPPErwan Fis cherThibault Julien101.0165.
12thBRONZENED927KWV de KoenenRem y Oom ensBart de Haan105.0166.
13thBRONZEESP161C.N El BalísCarlos RoblesLorenteDani Codina Serra134.0166.
14thBRONZEITA23F.V.RivaJacopo PlazziUm berto Molineris100.0166.028.0BFD3.028.0OCS7.0
15thBRONZEGBR333 David ConlonFinbar Anders on104.0171.
16thBRONZEARG172YCA - ENARD - FAY - SDNTom asWagm ais terJuan Martin CorreaHenders on148.0175.
17thBRONZECAN311Royal Canadian YachtClubJohn Fergus onArthur Fergus on131.0180.
18thBRONZENED177ZWV Noord AARem coHoeffnagelRob Sprij119.0189.
19thBRONZERUS178SVSM PETERSBURGArtem Bas alkinAlexander Martem yanov107.0195.
20thBRONZEBEL314RBSCLevi SlapTom Pels m aekers117.0200.028.0BFD24.018.013.0
21s tBRONZERSA105Victoria Lake ClubAndrew TarbotonDom inick Burke126.0201.
22ndBRONZENED666Wv BovenwaterJolbert van DijkRoald Vers chuure111.0207.
23rdBRONZEESP683CN.GarrafMartí LlenaOriol Codina131.0210.
24thBRONZECAN198Royal Canadian YachtClubGareth RyanAndrew Brazier127.0216.
25thBRONZEISR180Hapoel Tel-AvivOm er BrandBar Halevy132.0226.
26thBRONZEFRA182USTFlorent Chem inHugues Puim atto151.0242.
27thBRONZEFRA547porhloeizs kiffCédric MerlinMathieu Mellou144.0244.
Gold FleetSailed:8,Discards:1,Tocount:7,Entries:21,Scoringsystem:AppendixA 
1s tGOLDNZL2TAURANGAPeterBurlingBlairTuke12.
2ndGOLDNZL6Royal Akarana Yacht clubMarcusHans enJos hPorebs ki12.060.04.0(21.0BFDm )
4thGOLDDEN28Kolding Sejlklub/ HSAllanNorregaardAndersThom s en28.
5thGOLDFRA4Aixles bainsManuDyenStéphaneChris tidis22. )8.03.0
6thGOLDDEN30KDYJonasWarrerPeterLang11. )
7thGOLDAUS1Wangi Sailing Club, Royal Sydney Yacht SNathanOutteridgeIainJensen17. )
8thGOLDESP9RCARFedericoAlons oArturoAlons o32.
9thGOLDFRA8YCPR- EMD- Banque PopulaireJuliendOrtoliNoéDelpech30.
10thGOLDSWE717GKSSCarlP SylvanOttoHamel33.
11thGOLDGBR19HillHead Sailing ClubJohnPinkSim onWheeler30.
12thGOLDGBR77Exe.S.CStevieMorris onBenRhodes28.
14thGOLDFRA14SRCMathieuFreiYannRocherieux25.096.0(21.0OCSm )
16thGOLDPOR27FPV-CNC Lus odieteJorgeLimaJos eLuisCos ta17.0103. )15.0
17thGOLDAUT192YCBBenjam inBilds teinDavidHus s l15.0123.0(21.0DSQm )
18thGOLDJPN81EYCYukioMakinoKenjiTakahas hi33.0123.
19thGOLDARG113CNSIGonzaloPollitzerFedericoVillam bros a17.0143.016.018.0(19.0)
20thGOLDUSA777USSailing Team Sperry TopSiderFrederickStram m erZacharyBrown26.0146.019.0(20.0)
21s tGOLDITA111CVTorboleRuggeroTitaGiacom oCavalli36.0154.
 Silver FleetSailed:5,Discards:1,Tocount:4,Entries:29,Scoringsystem:AppendixA 
1s tSILVERGER7NRVErikHeilThom asPloessel57.082.013.0(17.0)
2ndSILVERGBR114 NicAsherFynnSterritt51.088.05.0(13.0)
5thSILVERDEN11HS/KDYJonathanBayChris topherThorsell74.
7thSILVERPOL42AWFiSgdankPrzybytekLukas zPawelKolodzinski57.098.0(30.0DSQ)
8thSILVERGER55KielerYacht ClubJus tusSchmidtMaxBoehme61.098.012.0(23.0)
13thSILVERGBR118LymingtontownsailingclubHenryLloydWilliam sSamBatten74.0107.0(19.0)
14thSILVERBEL171RBSCYannickLefebvreMattthieuJanssens deBisthoven73.0114.011.0(20.0)
15thSILVERITA140Tries tinadellaVelaAndreaSavioAles s androSavio58.0121.
17thSILVERARG133Cns iYagoLangeKlausLange71.0124.0(21.0)
18thSILVERPOL107YkpGdynia&SKZSOPOTPrzem ekFilipowiczJacekPiasecki62.0126.
19thSILVERDEN747KBLTobiasHem dorffSørenW.Kristensen63.0129.0(30.0OCS)
20thSILVERGBR848WPNSAAlexTobuttStuart Appleby77.0139.0(20.0)
21s tSILVERGBR360Res tronguetSailingClubJackHawkinsChris topherThomas67.0144.019.0RDG19.018.0(24.0)21.0
23rdSILVERNZL117 BenGoodwinSamBullock66.0145.016.0(26.0)
25thSILVERUSA808NewYorkYacht Club/St. ThomasYacht CluThom asBarrowsJoeMorris62.0149.026.0(29.0)
27thSILVERAUS222SorrentoSCBC, SandringhamYCGeorgeDaviesJackLloyd71.0167.
28thSILVERFRA18YCPRGacheJean- ChristopheSébas tienScottodiFas ano84.0176.
29thSILVERFRA755cnbppSim onBertheauYannJauvin79.0176.
 Repechage FleetSailed:6,Discards:1,Tocount:5,Entries:20,Scoringsystem:AppendixA 
1s tREPECHAGEPOR15FPV-CNCBernardoFreitasFrancis coAndradre45.062.02.0(21.0BFD)
4thREPECHAGEGBR999HaylingIslandSailingClubJam esPetersEdFitzGerald41.073.07.0(13.0)
5thREPECHAGEPOL52AZSUWMOlsztynTom as zJanus zews kiJacekNowak46.079.08.0(14.0)
6thREPECHAGESWE500GKSSVictorBergs tromVictorVäs ternäs41.079.313.
7thREPECHAGEDEN132KDY/HellerupMadsEmilLübeckChris tianPeterLübeck36.
9thREPECHAGEITA22CcrlauriaGius eppeAngilellaPietroZucchetti42.
11thREPECHAGEGER216Flens burgerSegel-ClubJanHaukeErichs enMaxLutz41.
12thREPECHAGEFRA971lapelleAxelSilvyUlys s eHoffm an41.
15thREPECHAGEITA969Yacht clubporto sanRoccoStefanoCherinAndreaTesei41.
16thREPECHAGEGER779Herrs chingerSCPhilippMüllerKilianHolzapfel37.096.0(21.0OCS)
18thREPECHAGEBRA88CBVELAAndréFons ecaMarioTinoco40.0109.012.018.0(21.0BFD)
19thREPECHAGEITA444s .v.m arinamilitareSCGSLucaDubbiniRobertoDubbini44.0121.016.011.0(21.0BFD)
49erFX-OverallResultsGoldafterFleetRace8- September28,2013-15:29 Gold FleetSailed:8,Discards:1,Tocount:7,Entries:20,Scoringsystem:AppendixA 
2ndFRA871 SarahSteyaertJulieBossard21.
4thDEN11AarhusSejlklub/ SailingAarhusIdaMarie Baad NielsenMarieThusgaardOlsen35.074.010.0(16.0)
6thGER712VereinSeglerhaus amWannseeVictoriaJurczokAnikaLorenz21.077.0(17.0)
7thBRA12CBVELAMartine Soffiati GraelKahenaKunze36.080.01.0(17.0)
8thNED131 AnnemiekBekkeringClaireBlom24.
9thDEN136Kdy,YFJenaMaiHansenKatja Salskov- Iversen48.
12thUSA816 AnnaTunnicliffeMollyVandemoer34.0108.0(16.0)
14thAUS999WangiWangi sailingclubHayleeOutteridgeNinaCurtis46.0114.015.05.0(18.0)
 18th FIN 701 Njk SinemKurtbay SiljaKanerva 40.0 138.0 (21.0BFD) 10.0 14.0 17.0 17.0 7.0 18.0 15.0
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