Ashley wins RS:X Gold for New Zealand

Gold Medal winner Tom Ashley 2008 Olympics RS:X Mens
Tom Ashley has just won the RS:X Gold medal at Qingdao. Stay tuned to Sail-World.Com for pictures, audio and reports of the race, medal ceremony as these take place.

Sail-World NZ was on the water for the race and has exclusive photographs.

Ashley, the reigning World Champion, sailed a near flawless race from a port tack start to win a tight three-way contest for gold. It is the first Olympic gold medal in sailing won by New Zealand since Barbara Kendall's victory in the Women’s Windsurfer event at Barcelona 1992. Frenchman Julien Bontemps finished one place behind Ashley in today’s Medal Race to take silver, whilst Israel’s Shahar Zubari edged out Nick Dempsey (GBR) to win bronze.

Surrounded by the entire New Zealand team Tom called home from a mobile phone, but it was a bad line and he had to call twice more to get his winning message through.

Then he talked to the yachting media. He said 'I’ve done it!! It’s the most incredible feeling and I can’t begin to tell you how I feel right now. ‘I’ve been working towards this for many years. It was an insanely tough medal race. The weather had a little of everything.I just concentrated on sailing as consistently as I could’

Julien Bontemps (FRA) ‘It was great for me to get the Silver. All my teammates and coaches were watching the race, so I was full of confidence.

Israeli Shahar Zubari had a large support group who lifted him on his board, as he came ashore. He said ‘I feel so happy. I am only 20 and I feel like a superstar. I even painted my nails especially for this event.

When I came across the finish line, I counted all the points and realised I’d won bronze. I am going to get drunk tonight.’

RS:X - Men - Overall Results             
POSCountryRep12345678910Medal RaceTotalNet
1NZLTom Ashley477155368-3268452
2FRAJulien Bontemps-131541082102386653
3ISRShahar Zubari1313176-19181447758
4GBRNick Dempsey1193217-17535147760
5BRARicardo Santos12613763675-331211077
6HKGKing Yin Chan54253-33212778211784
7CHNAichen Wang28916214-22141911011795
8GRENikolas Kaklamanakis10212118105-151072211297
9ESPIvan Pastor Lafuente813-18181694461516127109
10JPNMakoto Tomizawa6206147238-3612218152116
11PORJoao Rodrigues181010814169313-19 120101
12UKRMaxim Oberemko31649131124-361112 139103
13CYPAndreas Cariolou7171410111711-191410 130111
14SUIRichard Stauffacher911111391815817-22 133111
15NEDCasper Bouman20-27212241122021 139112
16POLPrzemyslaw Miarczynski1721-2720152711518 143116
17MEXDavid Mier y Teran16517612-292321425 158129
18KORTaehoon Lee2214201520-25131199 158133
19HUNAron Gadorfalvi1519161224-261091813 162136
20ITAFabian Heidegger1412817181318-242117 162138
21ARGMariano Reutemann-25181923251516161620 193168
22TURErtugrul Icingir-3628151927191223236 208172
23CANZachary Plavsic23252221-301226122911 211181
24DENJonas Kaeldso28263029-35414133423 236201
25THAEk Boonsawad191528251924-33202726 236203
26USABen Barger2122242626-3225172531 249217
27INAI Gusti Made Oka Sulaksana2424232722312830-3616 261225
28BLRMikalai Zhukavets272326242921-32262627 261229
29VENCarlos Flores323333-35212227282214 267232
30SVKPatrik Pollak263025302328-31292824 274243
31TPEHao Chang31293128282034-362435 296260
32CROLuka Mratovic2932-3433343420223229 299265
33ESTJohannes Ahun-34343234313029253028 307273
34RUSAlexey Tokarev3331-3532322730313330 314279
35COLSantiago Grillo30352931333535-363134 329293

RS:X Mens Medal ceremony Qingdao Olympic Regatta