Audi Winter Series 2011 beautiful sailing on Sydney Harbour

Wasabi wins Division A2 - Audi Winter Series 2011
Audi Winter Series 2011 is hosted by Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) and held on Sydney Harbour, which is the only place to be on a winter Sunday.

Another beautiful sun drenched autumn day greeted the 130 competitors in race three and despite the delayed start to racing a full course was sailed in most divisions for the first time this season.

The huge fleet started off Point Piper as per their handicap start time shortly after 12:35hrs, after just over an hour delay, in an 8-10 knot north-north easterly breeze on Course C. PRO Denis Thompson described today’s conditions as 'lovely day to be sailing on Sydney Harbour. It didn’t even seem like a winter’s day at all.'

Geoff Lavis’ UBS Wild Thing takes the Division A1 win - Audi Winter Series 2011

For Geoff Lavis and his crew onboard UBS Wild Thing, also known as the flying toothpick, conditions suited them as they picked up the Division A1 win. 'I’m happy to get the result in these conditions – the breeze really did suit us, once it came in.'

'The Race Committee made a good choice in selecting Course C, which allowed for the course to be shortened when required,' Lavis added. Divisions A1, A2, B, C and the Sydney 38s all sailed a shortened course, with Divisions D-K sailing a full course.

'We got off to a good start and managed to keep in front of our division until we got to Shark Island when Vamp and Southern Excellence almost ran us down but they got tangled up at the mark which gave us the advantage back,' Lavis added.

Intra-divisional rivalry is always evident in an Audi Winter Series and the match-up between Bruce McKay’s Sayer 12 Wasabi and Murray Owen and Jenny Kings’ Sydney 46 NSC Mahligai in Division A2 is no exception.

'We always enjoy a bit of boat on boat action with our old foe Murray and his team onboard Mahligai,' Bruce McKay said this afternoon after hearing of his win via Skype from his stand-in skipper Fred Haes, whilst he was state-side in Miami on business. McKay, cheekily quipped that he gave his team a weather report via Skype this morning and was controlling the boat by remote! 'Conditions today suited Wasabi as she can take advantage of her light weight,' McKay added.

Elusive wins Division J - Audi Winter Series 2011

It was double the joy for the Elusive team, taking home the Division J win and Peter McGee, joint owner of the Bavaria 42 match Elusive with CYCA Treasurer Paul Billingham, walked away with the keys to an Audi A5 Sportback 2.0T multitronic to drive for the week.

Commenting on their performance today, Billingham said 'It was the right sail selection that did it for us today. We had a great upwind run initially with our heavy number one sail and on the second lap of the course we switched to the lighter number one and that really helped us keep in front of others in our division.'

'We picked the right wind lanes and didn’t find any holes and couldn’t have asked for better conditions,' Billingham added.

A port starboard incident between Vanguard and Racy Lady at approximately 1330hrs, resulted in the sinking of Racy Lady.

Other winners today were Assassin (Clare Crawford) taking Division B; Argo Blue (George Snow) Division C; Crossbow (D Murray and D Stenhouse) Division D; Youngstar (David Cameron) Division E; Stormy Petrel (Kevin O’Shea) Division F; Selkie (Anthony Booth) Division G; Sea Rug Hoo Ha (Peter and Sally Howes) Division H; Magic (Chris Manion) Division K and Wild One (Larki Missiris) won the Sydney 38 Division.

Full results:
DivA1 PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
152002QUESTBob Steel13:33:4801:28:481.40002:04:191.0 
243218VAMPG Linacre D Fuller13:54:0802:01:081.26902:33:432.0 
31014UBS WILD THINGGeoff Lavis14:03:0102:13:011.23302:44:013.0 
46377VANGUARDRichard Cawse14:47:5602:36:561.48603:53:124.0 
5SYD222YOU'RE HIREDGeoff Morgan14:58:2802:51:281.42704:04:415.0 
DNC10QIan Oatley  1.450 9.0 
DNCAUS60000LOKIStephen Ainsworth  1.637 9.0 
DivA2 PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
1NZL1NSC MAHLIGAIM Owen J Kings13:55:2202:07:221.11902:22:311.0 
2MH85CANUTEPeter Horn14:19:2602:29:261.13302:49:182.0 
399991KIRRIBILLISam Newton14:30:2102:37:211.16303:03:003.0 
451408EDAKEJeff Carter15:02:1103:07:111.18003:40:534.0 
5888HUNTRESSPhilip Grove15:09:1703:21:171.11803:45:025.0 
6AUS88WASABIBruce McKay15:11:3803:26:381.09603:46:286.0 
79990SINTARAGeorge Anderson15:11:5803:25:581.10103:46:467.0 
833345HONEYSUCKLERay Harris15:14:3103:29:311.09603:49:388.0 
910101EQUINOX IIAnthony Dunn15:09:3103:12:311.19503:50:039.0 
108001FORTYHill Barlow15:12:3903:17:391.18003:53:1410.0 
11AUS6151ENIGMAMichael Cranitch15:13:4803:15:481.20203:55:2111.0 
126606ST HILLIER'S QUESTTim Casey15:14:3903:16:391.20903:57:4512.0 
136188WINE-DARK SEASarah Goddard-Jones15:22:2903:37:291.09603:58:2213.0 
146111NEVER A DULL MOMENTCol & Denise Wilson15:22:3403:30:341.15504:03:1214.0 
DNC6686ST JUDENoel Cornish  1.167 18.0 
DNC7771BALANCEPaul Clitheroe  1.147 18.0 
DNCSYD8TULIPBernie Van't Hof  1.186 18.0 
DivB PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
16841PAPILLONPhil Molony15:14:1903:32:191.02303:37:121.0 
26808FLYING CLOUDHoward Piggott15:13:5503:22:551.08803:40:462.0 
38447MR BEAKS RIBSDavid Beak15:13:0703:20:071.10703:41:323.0 
4360PATRICE SIXTony Kirby15:12:3003:17:301.12503:42:114.0 
58975LAST TANGOPhillip King15:15:5903:23:591.09503:43:225.0 
67133EUPHORIAAnthony Coleman15:15:2203:22:221.10903:44:266.0 
79999ASSASSINClare Crawford15:19:3603:28:361.08803:46:577.0 
8447QUATRE QUARTRob & Sue Segaert15:18:4703:25:471.10503:47:238.0 
96870BENNIE AND THE JETSJohn Griffin15:30:4603:50:461.00703:52:239.0 
106812PACAPhilippe Mengual15:28:4703:43:471.04003:52:4410.0 
DNC5271NOCTURNEGerard Kesby  1.064 14.0 
DNC5995NIPS N TUXHoward De Torres  1.079 14.0 
DNC8008OCCASIONAL COARSE LAWarwick Sherman  1.090 14.0 
DNCA140ARIELRon Forster  1.045 14.0 
DivC PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
18412CYRENE 3Michael Selby15:20:1003:29:101.01803:32:561.0 
22001QUETZALCOATLAntony Sweetapple15:21:4203:30:421.01403:33:392.0 
34343WILD ROSERoger Hickman15:21:2703:27:271.03603:34:553.0 
4SYD181ONLINEStephen Trevillion15:26:5403:37:540.99903:37:414.0 
5MH115BEAR NECESSITYAndrew&Pauline Dally15:31:1803:40:181.01303:43:105.0 
68455EUROPADavid Mason15:30:3603:34:361.05203:45:466.0 
7RQ1123SOLAHART-RUM JUNGLEScott Russell15:33:1103:41:111.02403:46:307.0 
86797HOLY COW!John & Kim Clinton15:50:2404:10:240.94403:56:238.0 
DNC4715MARLOOGeorge Girdis  1.025 13.0 
DNC6360INTEGRITYAndy Stoekel  0.985 13.0 
DNC6482GAIAHoward Elliott  1.041 13.0 
DNF89INTO THE MYSTICJ Ross A Psaltis  0.971 10.0 
DNF7407WAVE SWEEPERMorgan Rogers  0.965  Yes
DivD PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
1MH20THEPHILOSOPHERS CLUBPeter Sorensen13:24:5401:30:541.07401:37:381.0 
28035ONE MORE-NO MOREIan & Shane Guanaria13:24:0801:35:081.03801:38:452.0 
34970AKELAAlan Mather13:24:0301:42:030.98701:40:433.0 
46223TRIMShaaron Walsh13:26:1301:39:131.02101:41:184.0 
56772LISDILLONDesmond Fagan13:26:5701:36:571.04501:41:19 Yes
68063EYE APPEALM Delaney J Markos13:27:1601:41:161.01901:43:115.0 
7KA400SCARLETT O'HARARobert Skol13:28:0501:43:051.00901:44:016.0 
87100MSteve Hatch13:27:5001:44:500.99801:44:377.0 
95273SOUNDTRACKJohn Amos13:27:4201:45:420.99101:44:458.0 
10700SOMMERBREEZEHans Sommer13:30:1301:44:131.01701:45:599.0 
116609AMANTEDennis Cooper13:29:4801:44:481.01201:46:0410.0 
127035BRIGUSTerry&Elizabet Burke13:30:1501:51:150.97201:48:0811.0 
13142CROSSBOWD Murry D Stenhouse13:33:3901:51:390.98701:50:1212.0 
DNC5331ZIG ZAG 2Graham Thompson  0.994 17.0 
DNC6332RAZORS EDGERay Stone  0.992 17.0 
DNC6683CROSSHAVENJustin Pelly  1.035 17.0 
DNC6935L'ALTRA DONNAAndy Kearnan  1.054 17.0 
DNC8832LARRIKINRoss Glasson  0.972 17.0 
DNFB347SPEEDWELLColin Geeves  0.945 14.0 
DivE PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
1621DEVILS LAIRBarry Crook13:10:5501:35:550.93701:29:521.0 
26696DON'T TELL MUMMSandor Tornai13:15:0501:33:050.98501:31:412.0 
3AUS82TIGGERRobert Breit13:18:4101:33:411.00401:34:043.0 
46311ZIPPIERAndrew Waugh13:25:4701:23:471.13101:34:464.0 
5AUS77SHERE KHANRod Gibbs13:20:1001:35:101.00301:35:275.0 
64377MAXPeter Fallon13:19:3001:38:300.97401:35:566.0 
7AUS74SABREStuart Birdsall13:21:1101:35:111.01001:36:087.0 
82608RAPID TRANSITRobert Dempsey13:23:4701:31:471.05001:36:228.0 
97017EXCELAndrew Joyce13:21:5901:36:591.00101:37:059.0 
10840YOUNGSTARDoug Cameron13:21:2001:40:200.97801:38:0810.0 
116544JETJustin Graham13:27:0801:34:081.06201:39:5811.0 
128383KRAKATOADon Young13:27:4001:44:400.98601:43:1212.0 
DivF PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
15436SINEWAVEG Mason B Maunsell13:10:4201:31:420.92401:24:441.0 
29900SUPERFINEGeorge Waldthausen13:15:4901:33:490.94801:28:562.0 
36726SPORTS BARNeville & Jo Blair13:13:4801:42:480.87901:30:223.0 
4508STORMY PETRELKevin O'Shea13:15:4701:39:470.90801:30:364.0 
55356ILLUSIONChris Bowling13:18:4001:38:400.93501:32:15 Yes
6SM74PERFECT MATCHAlun Lewis13:22:0601:38:060.95901:34:055.0 
76626DOUBLE TROUBLESteve Wyatt13:25:2801:36:280.99601:36:056.0 
88484WINDFLYTDouglas Sturrock13:25:2401:43:240.94801:38:017.0 
9193SYONARAGreg Maughan13:28:3801:57:380.87801:43:178.0 
105828KAHOONADerek Sheppard13:34:5101:47:510.97801:45:299.0 
112557WITCHDOCTORIan Manley13:33:5201:53:520.93101:46:0110.0 
126767BIG BLUEBob Penty13:35:1601:50:160.96801:46:4411.0 
136232MORTGAGECHOICE RUMBAR Carr S Cook KBurke13:44:0001:57:000.97801:54:2612.0 
DNC1220WAVE NINEArthur King  0.874  Yes
DNC1510VANESSA IIIKim Jaggar  0.925 16.0 
DNC4896L'EAU CO.Grant Pollock  0.896 16.0 
DNC5796KELLY2NMichael Ewings  0.914 16.0 
DNC6783BLACK PEARLIan Awford  0.889 16.0 
DivG PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
1YC868VELOCITYBrian Carrick13:14:4701:39:470.87901:27:431.0 
2E33SEVENTH WAVEMartin Leach13:19:1401:44:140.87601:31:182.0 
3E43CHAMELEONKevin Karaloff13:23:0401:40:040.92201:32:163.0 
46862NEW TERRITORIESJames Francis13:26:0201:50:020.88501:37:234.0 
5KA17WALLOPB Collis S Wall13:31:3401:51:340.90301:40:455.0 
65861OUTLANDISHCameron/ Barrett13:34:2501:47:250.94301:41:186.0 
75910ENBEEDEEI Portek J Santifort13:32:1101:56:110.88501:42:497.0 
88150ATTITUDERobert Hunt13:35:1001:52:100.92101:43:188.0 
9544OUT OF SIGHTMatt Wilkinson13:36:2001:49:200.94601:43:269.0 
109201SELKIEAnthony Booth13:37:4601:55:460.91401:45:4910.0 
115484GONDWANAPeter Edwards13:39:0301:55:030.92801:46:4611.0 
12920LADY BUGErin Mander13:39:0601:56:060.92201:47:0312.0 
136370YOUNG OBSESSIONPaul Stubbs13:51:0602:10:060.91001:58:2413.0 
DNC3966MARIGOT BAYMerryl Semple  0.889 17.0 
DNC6027REXAndrew Robertson  0.922  Yes
DivH PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
16677THE HOLY GALEJason Klaas13:45:4701:51:470.85401:35:281.0 
2A92CLEWLESS ?Lachlan Irwin13:53:1702:06:170.81901:43:262.0 
32125SEA RUG HOO HASally & Peter Howes13:50:2402:17:240.75601:43:523.0 
42532RACY LADYAndy & David Lukas14:12:1302:24:130.82501:58:594.0 
55438CARTWHEELRussell Debney14:53:0903:13:090.78402:31:265.0 
61152SPLAYGreg Marshall15:00:4303:30:430.74202:36:216.0 
DNC404HORNBLOWERSteve Sweeney  0.764 11.0 
DNC6086NONCHALANTLance Harris  0.827 11.0 
DNC6659KURRAKACyril Latimer  0.777 11.0 
DNCB331BROULEEBrett&Karen Pearce  0.891 11.0 
DNF5139KATINKAPaul O'Connell  0.830 8.0 
DivJ PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
19412SEXTANTD Doyle L Smith13:05:0801:11:081.03001:13:161.0 
26608ELUSIVEP Billingham P McGee13:03:2601:12:261.01301:13:222.0 
37046INKONKONIArthur Lane12:59:3001:19:300.92501:13:323.0 
413CAPRICE OF HUONDavid Champtaloup13:01:5601:17:560.95301:14:16 Yes
56652BALTIC LADYNiel Burling13:04:1101:21:110.94601:16:484.0 
66834CHANCELLORTed Tooher13:12:1301:18:131.03501:20:575.0 
7129VIVAKen Hudson13:15:3801:31:380.95601:27:366.0 
DNC248ERICA JLes Goodridge  0.929 10.0 
DNC5826SALTSHAKERPeter Franki  1.058 10.0 
DNC6070SYDNEYCharles Curran  1.275 10.0 
DNC6501LAHARA IIGlenn Crane  0.979 10.0 
DNC6719CMISTTroy Dillon  1.013 10.0 
DNC7621VIKINGBrett Hart  0.953 10.0 
DNC80808PANACEAPeta Wilcox  0.986 10.0 
DivK PurHC results Start : 11:30:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
14960MRXJ Short M Bastick13:18:2501:19:250.95301:15:411.0 
24582PRIVATEERBill Mirow13:20:1701:28:170.89601:19:062.0 
36278CAPELLARichard Hutcheson13:21:4001:32:400.87701:21:163.0 
45106ANNAGeorge Sirett13:23:4801:53:480.76901:27:314.0 
569200NEMESISJeffery Taylor13:40:5701:48:570.90001:38:035.0 
DNC3976GUSTOPhillip Denison  0.805 9.0 
DNC6206SABBATICALJeffrey Burgess  0.847 9.0 
DNC6593LU LU BELLEPeter Lewis  0.852 9.0 
Sydney 38 results:
Handicap results Start : 11:25:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScore
16492WILD ONELarki Missiris13:29:2502:04:251.02702:07:471.0
23806LIVEWIREPhil Barnes13:30:2102:05:211.03102:09:142.0
36081NEXTI Mason M Wenke13:26:3402:01:341.07302:10:263.0
4R38OUTLAWAlan & Tom Quick13:27:0402:02:041.08902:12:564.0
57777CALIBREGeoff Bonus13:27:4502:02:451.10602:15:465.0
67027THE GOATBruce Foye13:33:1202:08:121.09502:20:236.0
DNC3060THIRLMERES. Warneford L Jamie  1.065 10.0

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Sydney 38 results: here
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