CYCA Winter Series - Fun in the sun for Race 3

Phil Molony’s wonderful boat Papillon and hot crew won Division B. CYCA Winter Series 2013
The sun was shining off the early morning fog in race 3 of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s Winter Series and once the breeze filled in there was some great races within races across the 13 divisions.

Phil Molony’s hot crew and wonderful boat, Papillon, proved the key to success in Division B from Euphoria (Anthony Coleman) and Assassin (Clare Crawford).

'We steered well and executed everything to perfection,' Molony said. 'We had a great race against Euphoria – they were ahead of us for most of the race but we managed to get ahead of them at Shark Island and hold them out to the finish.'

Papillon’s helmsman Mitch Dean takes up the story 'They (Euphoria) were ahead of us downwind and had their asymmetric kite up – we have a symmetric kite and were able to sail a little lower than them. At the bottom mark, they were forced to give us room. It was really close between us at the finish.' Just how close? Six seconds separated Papillon and Euphoria over the finish line. Papillon also holds the Division B lead in the overall pointscore after three races.

Race Officer Denis Thompson started the Sydney 38s at 1125 hours in a lick of breeze only to abandon five minutes later when there was no sign of any significant breeze. The AP was flown for one hour with the Sydney 38s re-starting at 1225hrs and the remainder of the fleet after 1230hrs as per their offset time. A light north easterly breeze had filled in of 6-7 knots with the fleet of 103 sailing a full Course A.

The breeze freshened up to 10 knots and went more north as the afternoon wore on. 'It was an idyllic, picture postcard day on Sydney Harbour. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky – it’s almost t-shirt weather,' Thompson reported from the start boat.

A crew meeting over breakfast proved to be the winning element for Sinewave in Division F. 'It’s a great results especially after last week’s shocker – we were on the wrong side of the course and had spinnaker issues among other things,' said Greg Mason.

'The crew had breakfast together this morning and formulated a plan for today’s race and it all came together. We were on the right side of the course and kept the boat going all the way throughout the laps. We didn’t see much more than 12 knots. Full credit to Denis Thompson for holding his nerve and waiting for the nor’easter to come in and then there was enough breeze to enable a full course to be sailed.

'We sailed extremely well to hold off Mortgage Choice Rhumba – they are our toughest competitors and always sail extraordinarily well. It was great to see Bob and Ann Penty on the course with their new Beneteau Oceanis 41 Great White,' Mason added. Great White placed second behind Sinewave with Mortgage Choice Rhumba third and has the lead in the overall pointscore.

Tomato took Division D honours - CYCA Winter Series 2013

Division D honours went to Tomato, the Mat 1010, owned by Nigel Smyth and Carl Crafoord. Crafoord a renowned navigator and veteran of 27 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht races said 'It’s a bit strange to get a nor’easter in the middle of Winter but it was a great race.

'It can be a bit tricky to pick where the land breeze kicks in from the sea breeze and vice versa. This week we got it right and stayed on the eastern side of the course and sailed cleanly. Last week, we got it wrong and were on the western side of the course – in front by 10 minutes and then the breeze change and we lost the race by two minutes,' Crafoord added.

Since purchasing the boat in August last year, Crafoord and Smyth spent the summer learning about the boat and competing in some summer regattas. They are using this series as part of their preparation to compete in the Audi IRC Australian Championship this coming summer. L’Altra Donna (Andy Kearnan’s Summit 35) finished second to Tomato, the two boats were designed by Mark Mills and competition is fierce between the almost sisterships; Speedwell (Colin Geeves) placed third. Tomato holds on to a one point lead from L’Altra Donna in the overall pointscore.

Christian Nicks who finished second in Division J1, with his Northshore 369, Valkyrie, was the lucky winner of the Noakes Group Lift and Stand package. Noakes Group will provide a lift and stand package each week of the CYCA Winter Series to one lucky competitor, drawn at random from all divisional placegetters.

The CYCA Winter Series pointscore continues next week across nine spinnaker, three non-spinnaker divisions and a Sydney 38OD division. The pointscore series consists of 10 races, with up to three drops allowed, if all ten races are completed. The race scheduled for Sunday 9 June will be a non-pointscore race.

Other winners today were: Swish (Steven Proud) Division A1; Kerisma (Grant Dawson and Brett Lawson) Division A2; Quetzalcoatl (Antony Sweetapple) Division C; Tachyon (Andrew York) Division E; Marigot Bay (Merryl Semple) Division G; Cartwheel (Russell Debney) Division H; Europa (David Mason) Division J1; Silver Minx (Geoff and Vicki Player) Division J2; and Star Ferry (John Conroy) Division K.

CYCA Winter Series - Divisions A - K Hosted By CYCA Race 3   (12/05/2013)  Updated:  12/05/2013  3:55:19 PM
DivA1 PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
1226SwishSteven Proud1.20542102:16:5415:07:541.0
26377VanguardRichard Cawse1.38703802:00:1015:08:102.0
310101H/H Equinox IiAnthony Dunn1.18752002:20:5415:10:543.0
400400Ichi BanMatt Allen Walter Le1.20542102:20:0815:11:084.0
510000BrindabellaJim Cooney1.41814102:00:1015:11:105.0
652002QuestBob Steel1.37533702:04:5115:11:516.0
71014Ubs Wild ThingGeoff Lavis1.22862402:20:0515:14:057.0
8ESP6100DuendeDamien Parkes1.21182202:24:1015:16:108.0
DNC38011GingerLeslie Green1.233724  12.0
DNC421CelestialSam Haynes1.252426  12.0
DNCNZL8425UpshotWayne Keavy1.273328   
DNCAUS03SouthernExcellenceIIAndrew Wenham1.535049  12.0
DivA2 PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
111033KerismaGrant Dawson/ Brent1.13952502:27:1015:22:101.0
233345MoneysuckleDerek & Martin Shepp1.09001802:37:2215:25:222.0
38008Occ.Coarse Language 2Warwick Sherman1.22503402:23:1015:27:103.0
4AUS6606Sthilliers QuestTim Casey1.17712902:28:2415:27:244.0
56111Never A Dull MomentCol & Denise Wilson1.18533002:28:0815:28:085.0
699991KirribilliAdrian Abbott1.18533002:28:3515:28:356.0
78001FortyStephen Barlow1.16092702:32:5615:29:567.0
8NZL1Nsc MahligaiMurray Owen Jenny Ki1.16662802:33:5915:31:598.0
DNC7771BalancePaul Clitheroe1.118922  12.0
DNC6686St JudeNoel Cornish1.161027  12.0
DNCAUS6151EnigmaMichael Cranitch1.167328  12.0
DNCAUS615Estate MasterMartin & Lisa Hill1.206032   
DivB PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
16841PapillonPhil Molony1.06892202:28:0215:20:021.0
27133EuphoriaAnthony Coleman1.11052702:23:0815:20:082.0
39999AssassinClare Crawford1.11152702:23:2815:20:283.0
49988BrannewChris Bran1.13753002:22:0015:22:004.0
58402More WitchcraftJohn Cameron1.07642202:32:0715:24:075.0
6RQ1123Rum JungleScott Russell1.06302102:34:5415:25:546.0
7040OutlawAlan & Tom Quick1.11082702:33:3015:30:307.0
86995LimitlessBill Hili1.09902502:46:5215:41:528.0
95271NocturneGerard Kesby1.10292602:49:4815:45:489.0
DNC567Carla MMark Michalowsky1.052119  13.0
DNCSYD2220FirstPriorityMichael Cameron1.049019   
DNC248Wax LyricalLes Goodridge1.071022  13.0
DNC6808Flying CloudHoward Piggott1.085424  13.0
DivC PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
12001QuetzalcoatlAntony Sweetapple0.99802102:37:4215:28:421.0
25930ReveKevin Whelan0.96931602:50:0715:36:072.0
3N40One For The RoadKym Butler1.10253402:32:4115:36:413.0
48301CadenzaGunnar Tuisk1.03502602:41:0415:37:044.0
5SYD181OnlineStephen Trevillion1.04302702:41:4115:38:415.0
68412Cyrene 3Michael Selby1.10103402:35:2215:39:226.0
78975ZoraTerry Wise1.02002402:47:2915:41:297.0
8F8QuattroJason Daisley0.9240903:03:2915:42:298.0
DNC6360IntegrityAndrew Stoeckel0.967416  12.0
DNC89Into The MysticArthur Psaltis Jon R1.009922  12.0
DNC6755Pennant Hills FordIan Creak1.007722  12.0
DNC6833LeewardMurray Hayward1.013023  12.0
DNCA140ArielRon Forster1.023224  12.0
DNC4343Wild RoseRoger Hickman1.050528  12.0
DivD PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
111010TomatoNigel Smyth1.00301502:11:2514:56:251.0
26935Laltra DonnaAndy Kearnan1.06002302:06:3814:59:382.0
3B347SpeedwellColin Geeves0.97451102:19:3515:00:353.0
4MH20Thephilosophers ClubPeter Sorensen1.07252502:06:2815:01:284.0
55935Alpha CarinaeDamian Barker0.98711302:18:4915:01:495.0
65273SoundtrackJohn Amos0.98711302:19:2515:02:256.0
76332Razors EdgeRay Stone1.01971802:15:1615:03:167.0
86609AmanteDennis Cooper1.04412102:12:2415:03:248.0
98035One More-No MoreIan Guanaria1.04202102:12:3515:03:359.0
104970AkelaAlan Mather0.98711302:22:2815:05:2810.0
11KA400Scarlett O'haraRobert Skol0.99371402:21:4015:05:4011.0
125826SaltshakerPeter Franki1.07252502:11:3615:06:3612.0
137035BrigusTerry & E Burke0.97351102:27:1815:08:1813.0
DNC6807Neat Eng PrecisionJohn Anet0.95909   
DNC8832LarrikinRoss Glasson0.96109  17.0
DNC8330ShibumiPaul Thompson Bryan0.968410   
DNC9109VamosTim Ryan0.965010  17.0
DNC5164PendragonAndrew Cochrane0.979012  17.0
DNC700SommerbreezeHans Sommer0.997015  17.0
DNC8063Eye AppealJ Markos M Delaney1.029019  17.0
DNC6683CrosshavenJustin Pelly1.034120  17.0
DivE PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
1AUS136TachyonAndrew York0.9460802:16:3514:54:351.0
2621Devils LairBarry Crook0.96721102:14:2614:55:262.0
34377Clewless?Lachlan Irwin0.95901002:15:4114:55:413.0
4AUS82TiggerRobert Breit1.02802002:09:3114:59:314.0
5NZL9242OrbitMatthew Brown1.07502602:03:5014:59:505.0
68383KrakatoaDon Young0.98121302:17:1315:00:136.0
76448Carats N KilosJohn Santifort0.96681102:20:2515:01:257.0
8AUS139Rock HardPhil Tomkins0.9330602:26:3315:02:338.0
9AUS160CrusaderJonathan Green1.05992402:09:3615:03:369.0
106311ZippierAndrew Waugh1.13053302:02:1415:05:1410.0
117017ExcelAndrew Joyce1.01511802:24:1915:12:1911.0
126544JetJustin Graham1.05132302:24:5715:17:5712.0
DivF PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
15436SinewaveGreg Mason Barb Maun0.95351002:15:4014:55:401.0
26990Great WhiteAnn And Bob Penty0.9300702:27:3415:04:342.0
36232Mortgagechoice RumbaR Carr S Cook & K Bu0.99351602:21:1915:07:193.0
411DefianceGordon Hinds0.97851402:24:0615:08:064.0
55356IllusionKim Jaggar & Travi0.95691102:27:5215:08:525.0
6SM74Perfect MatchJuliet Pegler0.98101402:29:2115:13:216.0
7193SyonaraGreg Maughan0.8927102:43:0015:14:007.0
84896L'eau Co.Grant Pollock0.8941202:51:1415:23:148.0
DNC6726Sports BarNeville & Jo Blair0.956911  12.0
DNC9900SuperfineGeorge Waldthausen0.972413  12.0
DivG PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
13966Marigot BayMerryl Semple0.8740302:22:3514:55:351.0
26945Luce ChangeAdrian McGrath0.96561902:17:5715:06:572.0
3E43ChameleonKevin Karaloff0.94091502:24:2215:09:22 
4YC868VelocityBrian Carrick0.9048902:37:2015:16:203.0
55861OutlandishSean Barrett0.94681602:30:5815:16:584.0
DNC6677The Holy GaleJason Klaas0.85880  8.0
DNCKA17WallopBryan Collis Stephen0.88505  8.0
DNCAUS1337ItchyWill Northam Jamie W0.921712  8.0
DNC544Out Of SightMatt Wilkinson0.934014  8.0
DNC9201SelkieAnthony Booth0.946016  8.0
DivH PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
15438CartwheelRussell Debney0.7922802:42:2515:20:251.0
2B331BrouleeKaren Hawkett Brett0.85932002:36:1115:26:112.0
32125Sea Rug Hoo HaPeter Howes0.7531002:56:4615:26:463.0
4N1Noakes WhitePeter Langman0.82781502:42:5415:27:544.0
5404HornblowerSteve Sweeney0.7864702:52:2615:29:265.0
6N3Noakes BlueShaun McKnight0.84801802:41:4815:29:486.0
7N2Noakes RedSean Langman0.89002502:37:5015:32:507.0
85139KatinkaPaul Oconnell0.85151902:46:1115:35:118.0
92634FunDavid Lamb0.81201202:58:0515:40:059.0
10HKG56CoolPhilippe Odouard0.7763503:17:1415:52:1410.0
DNCAUS151Slip De FemmeSlip Syndicate0.825014   
DNCNH1Old HabitsBrian Shilland0.859020   
DivJ1 PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
18455EuropaDavid Mason0.98411402:05:3614:49:361.0
28105ValkyrieChristian Nicks1.03202001:59:4714:49:472.0
37100MSteve Hatch1.06702402:04:0614:58:063.0
44715MarlooGeorge Girdis1.04772202:07:5614:59:564.0
56223TrimShaaron Walsh1.01401802:13:1615:01:165.0
67878Kayle - SwdDavid Leslie1.16283401:57:3615:01:366.0
76608ElusiveP Billingham /P Mcge1.04772202:12:3015:04:307.0
DNCAUS92SophiaPhilip Mellor1.032020  11.0
DNC447Quatre QuartRob & Sue Segaert1.105328  11.0
DNC9477The Crone Of SilenceJames Hall1.120030  11.0
DivJ2 PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
1331Silver MinxGeoff& Vicki Player0.97502602:14:5815:10:581.0
21961In CahootsPat & Roberta Easton1.00302902:12:5915:11:592.0
39242SextantDenis Doyle Lynne Sm0.99502802:19:4815:17:483.0
46563L'attitudeR.Hunt/J.Short /M.Ba0.98832802:21:4515:19:454.0
569200NemesisJeffery Taylor0.94232202:29:2115:21:215.0
680808PanaceaPeta Wilcox0.96052402:27:4215:21:426.0
77046InkonkoniArthur Lane0.92281902:33:0815:22:087.0
88675AstralAndrew & Amber Butle0.93132002:32:4615:22:468.0
96797Holy Cow!John & Kim Clinton0.94622202:32:4815:24:489.0
DNC6056ZeususLaurie McAllister0.863811  13.0
DNC6652Baltic LadyNiel Burling0.962324  13.0
DNC6501Lahara IiGlenn Crane1.004530  13.0
DivK PHSTCF results Start : 12:30
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScore
11008Star FerryJohn Conroy0.94893502:03:2815:08:281.0
2508Stormy PetrelKevin O'Shea0.90432902:09:5015:08:502.0
38420JublileeIan Arthy0.7586502:39:3715:14:373.0
46593Lu Lu BellePeter Lewis0.86842402:23:0815:17:084.0
DNC5106AnnaGeorge Sirett0.73550  8.0
DNC6809ApplejackDerek McDonnell0.74121  8.0
DNC6924ImpulsiveMatthew Laue0.809714  8.0
DNC3976GustoPhillip Denison0.832018  8.0
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