Classic and Vintage Dinghies Open at Hunts SC

Start - Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Open 2011
Gair Matthews
Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Open was held at Hunts Sailing Club, St Ives, Cambridgeshire on Saturday 17th September 2011.

A healthy turnout of 24 boats from all wings of the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association braved the elements at Saturday's end of season Open. Eighteen different classes were represented, ranging from elegant Classic and Vintage Merlins, enjoying their own meeting within the meeting, through to 'Lost' classes such as the ToY and the Harrier, and several Classics including a pair of Signets, a planker Hornet, a seventies Cherub and a visiting Solo, Albacore and OK.

Peter Vinton - Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Open 2011
Gair Matthews

Weather through the day ranged from vicious squalls, with the lulls being as fearsome as the gusts, moments of briefly deceptive calm, and finishing with thunder and lightning. Safety crews were kept very busy as the older boats filled with water on capsize and inevitably needed towing home, and many crews having to effect running repairs with whatever they could lay their hands on. Buckets for bailing were very much in demand. Despite the carnage and chaos around him however, and despite being somewhat svelte for the conditions and his craft, Peter Vinton from Staunton Harald kept a cool head and won all three races in his Classic Finn sail number 197, only effecting the one capsize.

Albacore - Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Open 2011
Gair Matthews

Clearly it was a good day for una rigs with nicely bendy masts, as hard on his heels was Biill Sylvester in his OK number 1984, with Classic Albacore 195, sailed by Steve Bailey and Sophie Todd, in third place.

Toy - Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Open 2011
Gair Matthews

Racing was not the only attraction however; there was much admiring of boats, comparing of dramas and destruction, and cameraderie aplenty, as parts were found and fashioned to keep all the competitors afloat. Some of the less common-place boats, such as the Toy, the Hornet and the Signets drew much interest from both spectators and racers alike, with polished plastic being as much noted as finely varnished Vintage wood.

Use of the original or adapted Portsmouth Yardstick numbers, to allow for the ages of the boats and their modifications, meant each class and age of boat could race knowing everyone stood a chance of victory, despite the age or even appearance of their chosen craft, hence the growing popularity of this type of racing which truly offers something for everyone with a passion for the past.

Overall Results:
PosBoat TypeSail NoHelmCrewUSPNR1R2R3Pts
1stFinn (classic cvrda)197Peter Vinton 94(49:04/5)49:25/550:49/42
2ndOK (old cvrda)1984Bill Sylvester 97(DNF)51:32/553:16/44.5
3rdAlbacore (classic cvrda)195Steve BaileySophie Todd9450:03/5(47:48/4)53:37/45
4thMerlin Rocket (old cvrda)1978Charlie MorganHayleyManning8648:24/5(47:23/5)49:52/47
5thGP14 (old, Genoa)7020James Scrimshaw 9960:28/552:36/5(68:28/4)9.5
6thSignet (old cvrda)2Pat Overs 10851:43/4(50:05/4)51:01/311
7thSignet (classic cvrda)522H WhitesideS Alcock108(52:54/3)49:33/452:20/312
8thMerlin Rocket (classic cvrda)1066Tim BuryMike Liggett9156:09/5(52:42/4)53:56/413
9thBosun (cvrda)4Joe SharpHelen Sharp10148:39/448:51/4(62:25/3)14.5
10thSolo (classic cvrda)93Keith Woodworth 10251:20/448:18/4(59:40/3)17
11thMerlin Rocket (old cvrda)2410I Laing 8858:39/553:12/5(DNC)19.5
12thMerlin Rocket (classic cvrda)1477Ben MarshallSel Shah91(DNF)56:51/562:46/420
13thMirror (cvrda)62680Edward YoungerJ Ferring124(59:51/3)49:31/341:30/221
14thGraduate (old cvrda)2530Nigel BestKaren Best102(55:22/3)52:51/454:21/324
16thToy76Tim Lupton 93(57:08/3)49:35/467:33/427
17thKestrel (old cvrda)1381Sandy LavellePat Jones9251:41/4(DNF)52:32/327
18thHarrier7S Chinnock 10056:35/5(DNF)DNC30
19thEurope148Kath Gerighty 10050:10/3(56:31/4)61:51/333
20thSimoun 445420Jonathan ThompsonNessa100(DNF)54:35/465:31/334
21stMerlin Rocket (vintage cvrda)252Garry RucklidgeThomas95(DNF)DNF64:43/435
22ndMerlin Rocket (old cvrda)1357Mervyn AllenLora Stock8653:05/5(DNF)DNC35
23rdCherub (classic cvrda)2303Michael CorverAndy Alcock99(DNF)58:55/3DNC45
24thHornet (classic cvrda)417Roger DevereuxSteve Carver88(DNF)DNFDNC52
24thGP14 (old, Genoa)11066Martin MillsHarry Moffat99(DNF)DNFDNC52

Fleet 2 - Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Open 2011
Gair Matthews

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