Coastal Classic: Class 40 Team Buckley Systems to race in the Classic

Team Buckley Systems at the start of the second leg of the 2011 Global Ocean Race

Ross Fields' stead known as Team Buckley Systems in the Global Ocean Race will be a starter in Friday's Coastal Classic, even though the man himself is still recovering from surgery to his spine.

The Express 37 Troubador, sailed by the University of Toledo, was the overall winner at the 2014 Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta.
Ross and his son Campbell were leading the Global Ocean Race in February this year when they were forced to turn back after the boat crashed off a massive wave in storm force winds, causing Ross to injure his back, and the boat to lose its wind instruments and main autopilots.

But the boat will be racing this weekend, with Magnus Doole, Matt McDowell, Dan Jowett, ETNZ engineer/naval architect Cecile Laguette, and Bruce Copeland.

The Class40 will face up against other 40 footers, and 50 footers, in Division 1 of the Coastal Classic.