Contender Travellers Series 2011 at Eastbourne

Contender Travellers Series 2011
Contender Travellers Series 2011 was hosted by Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club during 28th and 29th May.

The high winds forecast for the weekend meant that many of the fleet stayed home. Those that did travel arrived to find a strong off shore breeze which enticed the race officer to set a course and allow racing as launching from the shingle beach was possible.

Race one started with winds gusting over 30 knots and an angry sea state. By the end of the first lap Nick Noble and Alex Koukourakus had established a commanding lead as others spent time capsizing. The second lap saw Alex break his boom whilst gybing which allowed Nick to sail comfortably to finish first ahead of the only other finisher Ed Presley who fought bravely after many capsizes.

Races two and three were cancelled for the day after the Race Officer decided conditions had become unmanageable for sailing.

Sundays weather was a repeat of the day before however the Race Officer decided to set a course closer to the shore where the waves were less high.

Nick Noble sailed both races by himself with no capsizes whilst the remainder of the fleet stayed ashore ensuring overall victory by completing the necessary three races to count as a series.

Contender Travellers Series 2011

1st1Noble Consultancy2376Portishead Y and SCNick Noble1.
2nd9 2406RAFSAEd Presley2.014.0 DNC14.0 DNC30.030.0
3rd10Poledancer2506 (69)Lancing SCTony White14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0
3rd11White Hull69ESSCAlex Koukourakis14.0 DNF14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0
3rd12Breeze Block702Datchet WaterMatt Aston14.0 DNF14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0
3rd14Princess Tiger Lily599 (07)ESSCChris Yates14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0
3rd4 2505ESSCPeter Dives14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0
3rd2Raptor694Thorpe Bay Yacht ClubChris Boschier14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0
3rd3 703ESSCPeter Hayward14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0
3rd5Pocket Battleship469 Carl Tagoe14.0 DNS14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0
3rd6Bit 'o' Wet2383RYADavid Davies14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0
3rd7Dr Jeep2484Castle Cove SCNick Grace14.0 DNF14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0
3rd8V-Beaut2318Sandwich BayAlan Mollatt14.0 DNC14.0 DNC14.0 DNC42.042.0

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