Etchells World Championship 2011 crowns a winner

Etchells World Championship 2011 Day 3
Etchells World Championship 2011 regatta is a nine race series with a single throwout score. San Diego Yacht Club’s Bill Hardesty, Steve Hunt, Mandi Markee and Craig Leweck only needed to achieve wins in eight races to secure the World Championship title.

As the team finished Race 8 coming in second, they had a 19 point lead overall with a 19 point throwout score (so regardless of their final race finish, they will maintain the best overall score in the regatta).

USA 979 Team Hardesty’s fate was not so clear as Race 8 developed, rounding the first three marks in eighth, seventh, and seventh position respectively. The title of ‘2011 Etchells World Champion’ remained in play. The wind shifted right on the last downwind leg, and USA 979 made its move by passing five boats to round the last leeward gate in second place. At the finish they were able to maintain second place for the race by holding off the Greek boat 1368 (George Andreadis) who sailed a great race as well.

Until this development foiled the hopes of the other two boats at the top of the score sheet (USA 1227 Vince Brun and AUS 1026 Noel Drennan), the story of Race 8 was USA 946 Craig Healy who sails out of St. Francis Yacht Club and San Francisco Yacht Club. Healy and crew rounded every mark in first place, extended to a lead of 50 seconds at the last windward mark rounding, over a minute at the last leeward gate and cruised to one of the largest time victories of the week.

The race day began with the postponement flag raised at noon as the Marine layer blanketed the course and kept the wind light and shifty. Towards the end of the hour the thermal wind began to fill from the southwest and filled in at 7-9 knots from 255-260. The Race Committee set up a Course 1 (W-L-W-L-F) 1.7 miles long at the 255 axis. The fleet started cleanly with five boats OCS. Throughout the race the R/C shifted the course right five degrees at the top of leg three, and bottom of leg four to match the right progression of the wind.

While the announcement of the USA 979 was bouncing around on Facebook and Twitter, it wasn’t recognized by the winning crew until Steve Hunt and Mandi Markee went to the scoreboard back at San Diego Yacht Club and saw the numbers. With smiles and a toast of their beer cups, they headed down to the boat to spread the word. Hardesty came up shaking hands across the docks to see for himself as well.

Congratulations to Bill Hardesty on his second Etchells World Championship (2008 in Chicago) and the first Etchells World title for all three crew members. Past Champions Chris Busch (as a crew for Hardesty in 2008), Vince Brun (as a skipper in San Diego in 2000) and Noel Drennan (as a crew in Hong Kong 1997) will all fight for second place in Saturday’s final race.

San Diego Yacht Club will host an International buffet dinner awards banquet on Saturday night after the final race.

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Boat InformationRace - Click Race # below for fin times.
179USA979Bill Hardesty11- 197161219
226AUS1026Noel Drennan- 21982835338
327USA1227Vincent Brun34247- 1491241
423USA969Chris Busch4185- 383127453
566USA666Don Jesberg*25- 51354421861
646USA946Craig Healy*103- 323171726177
780AUS1278Michael John Hiatt20213668- 48881
860USA1060Dennis Conner155301- 36961682
952USA1152Keith Whittemore231441221617- 5388
1075USA1375Argyle Campbell*1911- 451112253990
1185USA1285Bruce Golison- 3781681510102895
1216USA1216Brian Camet92321191318- 337110
1304USA904Will Stout363211951- 5717111
1468USA1168Peter Vessella*5723142634- 6314123
1548NZL1348Andrew Wills233256919- 4131125
1608USA1308Senet Bischoff*8211327- 50242510128
1781FRA1281Frederic Laffitte*16282428- 395429134
1830USA1350Bruce Burton- 632272023261622136
1935USA935David Ullman24191417271520- 49136
2086USA986Bruce Nelson32- 4315212021835143
2133AUS1337Rupert Henry26- 40102219361138162
2269USA1018Chris Snow22102823401130- 60164
2378USA1378Marvin Beckmann73037- 4428311223168
2498USA985Andy La Dow*27363610307- 5827173
2510USA1066Jon Rogers655- 563414273419189
2621USA1221Wade Edwards12- 6592451402232190
2718AUS1223Chris Hampton- 433717332239839195
2828USA1283Andrew Whittome*303418136023- 84 bfd33211
2906USA706JJ Fetter4717- 683525321343212
3031GRE1368George Andreadis3324493043- 59315215
3107USA552Tom Malone482947- 5016212136218
3220BER1394Mark Watson5827431810- 613826220
3384USA984Steve Wright*412544- 4824471425220
3493AUS1293Ian Crisp55312915383519- 62222
3537USA1137Shannon Bush35123542315423- 55232
3689AUS1389Robert Hanna522022522958- 84 dns6239
3796GBR962Rob Goddard1445333146- 512744240
3856USA1234David Levy311653- 5542502424240
3999USA669Ted Hardenbergh*3852658- 61205413241
4094USA794Steve Pacelli11- 59424659305611255
4151USA926Nico Landauer594420162122- 7575257
4240AUS1384Stephen Orourke*65132654- 76373748280
4322USA1224Peter Sulick29- 53382948524742285
4447SUI1187Seamus McHugh49- 84 dnc593947463515290
4514USA1149John Pedlow506339- 7632454021290
4658NZL1058John Melville3958504734- 751551294
4754USA556David Steffan4465749444359- 61302
4887GBR987Robert Elliott34506040662928- 73307
4919USA966Michael Laport*- 84 dsq266971111384 bfd37311
5050AUS1150Bill Steele*534127265748- 6464316
5162USA1262Philippe Kahn18384653695639- 71319
5239USA1220Mark Teborek- 6456522535556240325
5357AUS1237John Savage4548625645- 645520331
5412USA1126Rick Kaiser624664375628- 6741334
5503NZL1379Gavin Gerrard28496151414460- 65334
5617AUS1117Ian Anderson*69604832336929- 77340
5774USA977Tom Oller*- 7371316149335047342
5873CAN973Kirk Palmer*176255- 7452385169344
5983USA983Kevin Hoyt*4239- 676658534245345
6044USA1044John Downing61424169- 71624330348
6105USA1305Michael Gavin13154041- 84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc361
6209USA909Marshall Harrington*5157- 716037416156363
6315USA1315John Gilmour566766- 7318425270371
6477AUS1277Peter Coleman*4666- 796853784434389
6501USA1301Peter Shumaker666934576763- 7057413
6641USA1241Ken Womack*5761634565- 764976416
6732USA1069Elizabeth Altman- 7974127873496963418
6811USA1111Patricia Stadel*76705865- 79574554425
6943AUS1343Nick Kingsmill67- 84 ocs517055607152426
7053USA583Kjeld Hestehave- 7575706272683250429
7129USA294Larry Schmitz406465- 7963656868433
7288USA889Thomas Corkett7168- 775962673672435
7338USA385Gary Baker*74- 77544375667259443
7449BER1249Tim Patton605476- 7774745367458
7545UAE1386Jan Muysken*6835- 786477736678461
7624AUS1124Michael Morris*7773- 817254706558469
7702USA1002John Chapman*787880- 8180714646479
7836ITA836Marco Cimarosti704772676880- 84 bfd80484
7955USA674Tom Stanford72- 76736370727366489
8097USA897Bill Melbostad*547274806479- 84 dns74497
8125AUS1025Glenn Norton*76 rdg76 rdg7575787774- 79531
8234GBR1354David Franks- 84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc588
8342AUS1385Jason Ward- 84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc84 dnc588

The Etchells Fleet 13, in conjunction with the San Diego Yacht Club is hosting the 2011 World Championship which are being sailed on the Pacific Ocean June 6 to June 11, 2011.

Event website