Etchells Worlds 2012 - Magpie on form + Day 1 Video

Magpie team in action on day one.
Etchells Worlds 2012 - On day one of competition, the Aussie team of Graeme Taylor, Grant Simmer, and Steve Jarvin aboard Magpie, were back on form. Taylor finished fourth in race one and then a firm first in race two of the day to place first overall with five points.

Into second place overall with eight points came the Iron Lotus team led by Olympic gold medalist Tom King ably assisted by two other Olympians, David Edwards and Owen McMahon, and fourth man Ivan Wheen.

In third place overall on nine points was USA skipper and former Etchells World Champion, Vince Brun with his Australian Menace team of Michael Coxon, Harry Smith and Paul Westlake.

Taylor had his work cut out for him today. He was challenged by some brilliant sailing in the 74-boat international fleet.

In the first race he led the fleet at the first mark, but then slipped back as the breeze shifted and gradually built.

Clever tactics from team member and America’s Cup legend Simmer helped get Taylor back up to fourth on the finish line.

In race two Taylor took hold of the race and never let go. Brun was on his stern, but it took until the upwind finish for him to settle into second. If there had been another leg, down to the finish, the results may have been different.

After a poor showing in the recent Australian Championships, Taylor had his starts and time on distance beautifully controlled. It was then a case of reading the wind shifts, the strong set and the tactics of his closest competitors.

The first race was delayed due to problems with the start line boats anchoring in about 100 metres. Then were more problems 10 seconds out from the first gun. Another line was set and the competitors lined up again for a 180 degree, 2.3 mile beat in about 11 knots with a southerly current running at 1.5 knots.

The long start line was tricky with the low pressure and strong current. The PRO, Ross Wilson, warned the competitors to plan carefully their starts due to the conditions. It still wasn’t surprising that there was a general recall. With the black flag up for the next start the competitors then approached the line cautiously.

The fleet was finally away with a clear start. Many of the highly rated teams were sitting near the middle of the start line, near the signal boat. Taylor, after suffering from some poor starts in the Australian Championship, consciously stayed well behind the line.

Etchells 2012 Day 1

At the top mark first time it was Taylor ahead of King, Bertrand and Brun. Then at the bottom mark and after the top ten or so had rounded, the sound of boats hitting each other and crews screaming could be heard clearly by the spectator craft.

Taylor explained his team performed well on the beat. 'Then Tom King and a few other guys got really deep down the run and gybed and got some good wind inside of us.'

He did loose going from first back to sixth letting in Jud Smith (Roulette), John Bertrand (Triad) and Alastair Gair (Velsheda). Smith kept the heat on leading around the bottom mark and then the top mark second time around.

'We managed to chip away back up the second beat getting back to fourth. There was lots of current out there. In terms of the pressure, we came out of the middle left both times and a couple of guys came out of the right,' Taylor said.

But the first prize of the championship went to Australian Murray Gordon’s Hydrotherapy. With an average age on board of 23 years, Gordon’s team made their way through Taylor, Smith and King with cunning.

On the final run Gordon’s team took distance out of Smith who then found himself unsuccessfully trying to keep King out of second place. Taylor also had a last mile down wind private battle with John Bertrand (Triad).

Into second was King who said he and his team struggled to get a handle on the current. 'There was crazy current out there all day. It made starting really challenging. We had cautious starts and came out clean both times. There was also some lucky calls on the shifts and excellent kite trimming by David Edwards.'

The fleet was then given a rest while the race committee set up a new start line. The upwind finish course was set at 180 degrees in the flicking 13 knots.

At the start four boats were OCS. One was James Howells who continued to sail the course and finish in third place. The others were Jake Gunther (The Boat), Peter Gardner (Vincero) and Philip O’Connor (J for Jig). The moral of this part of the story is that sailors need to remember to keep a listening ear on the competitors channel.

At the top mark first time, Taylor was in the lead ahead of Tonner-Joyce (Dawn Raid) and Peter Merrington (Odyssey). Taylor never let anyone in from then onwards.

Interestingly Smith chose to gybe away and then seemed to struggle get his kite set and boat speed up.

The breeze built to 15 knots and the swung left to about 160 degrees. By the top mark second time around Taylor held a boat length lead on Merrington, then came Brun, Howells, Tonner-Joyce and King.

St. Barth Bucket Regatta 2013

King said on the second run he gybed and then over-stood the mark and just couldn’t get back. 'It was frustrating.' But for King the day was still a good one with the team placed in second overall.

For Taylor, in the second race and on the first beat, the left was definitely better. 'We led around the top and on the run. Then we gybed off and got the shift right, but lost the pressure. Billy (Peter Merrington) and Mark Tonner-Joyce got in front of us. And then we probably got a better lay line at the bottom and then got back in front of Mark. Then we managed to push to the left of everyone as the breeze started to march to the left. Billy let us get to the left of him.

'The last run was pretty easy as the shift and the current was sweeping us down,' Taylor said.

There are six protests to be heard tonight including one lodged by the British skipper, James Howells, seeking redress for his OCS in race two.

The line-up of the top ten placegetters makes for interesting reading. Four Etchells World Champions, an Olympic gold medalist, a winning maxi boat skipper and a couple of quiet achievers including skipper Matthew Chew who raced with Jason Muir and won the 2009 Etchells World Championship.

Etchells Worlds 2012 Day 1

Etchells Worlds 2012 Day 1

Etchells World Championships 2012 Day 1 Results Place, Bow, Country, Sail No., Skipper, Race, Overall
147 AUS947Graeme Taylor41       5
225 AUS925Tom King26       8
327 USA1227Vincent Brun72       9
470 AUS875Murray Gordon115       16
556 AUS1356Michael Manford154       19
606 AUS1306Cameron Miles128       20
766 AUS1377Jud Smith319       22
803 AUS1383John Bertrand521       26
935 AUS1358Mark Richards237       30
1044 AUS1244Douglas McGain822       30
1164 AUS864Matthew Chew2111       32
1231 AUS831Brett Ellis2012       32
1361 AUS1361Mark Tonner-Joyce295       34
1438 AUS1338Mark Langford2213       35
1510 NZL950Alastair Gair630       36
1669 HKG1269Mark Thornburrow1323       36
1740 AUS1254Peter Merrington343       37
1815 AUS1215Noel Drennan3010       40
1930 AUS1347Vaughan Prentice1034       44
2033 HKG1333Ante Razmilovic1629       45
2167 AUS867Tom Braidwood1928       47
2208 AUS876David Clark2720       47
2321 SIN1021Jervis Tilly3216       48
2437 AUS1337Rupert Henry3618       54
2552 AUS1052Chris Rabbidge2635       61
2662 AUS1362Ross Lloyd3825       63
2723 AUS1392David Rose3926       65
2874 AUS874Chris Hampton1158       69
2972 AUS882Brendon Jukes5217       69
3036 AUS936Shane Deussen1752       69
3124 AUS924Damien King4231       73
3201 AUS1401Richard Hammond1460       74
3320 AUS1320Dirk Van Der Struyf4727       74
3457 AUS1387Mark Bulka3143       74
3507 SUI1187James McHugh6214       76
3626 AUS1226John Savage4433       77
3732 AUS1325Peter McNeill75 dnf9       84
3875 GBR1331James Howells975 ocs       84
3922 AUS1192Jamie Woods6124       85
4049 BER1249Tim Patton4144       85
4155 GBR987Robert Elliott2561       86
4254 GBR1354David Franks5036       86
4305 AUS511Gordon Hinds4541       86
4439 BER898Mark Watson2466       90
4518 USA1198Scott Kaufman5832       90
4634 AUS1134David Seaton4347       90
4712 AUS1250Matt Whitnall4645       91
4863 AUS963Grantham Kitto1875 dnf       93
4904 AUS1384Steve OÕRourke5637       93
5065 AUS1024Guyon Wilson5439       93
5102 AUS1268Robert Weir5142       93
5253 AUS1253Mark Doyle3363       96
5346 AUS1346Michael Bellingham4056       96
5411 AUS1311Paul Henshall3562       97
5516 AUS1163Mark Anderson5940       99
5658 NZL1058John Melville5346       99
5719 AUS991Jake Gunther2875 ocs       103
5809 AUS1399Ian Crisp5548       103
5914 AUS1144David Healey6838       106
6060 UAE1386Jan Muysken5754       111
6141 AUS941Phillip Coombs3775 ocs       112
6229 AUS892Craig Coulsen4964       113
6345 AUS1385Jason Ward6549       114
6459 AUS869John Paul6351       114
6551 ITA1351Marco Cimarosti6650       116
6673 AUS1273Ed McCarthy6057       117
6728 AUS1288Robert Holm6455       119
6868 AUS868Jeanne-Claude Strong4875 dsq       123
6917 AUS1117Ian Anderson6759       126
7042 AUS943Burke Melia75 dsq53       128
7171 AUS1291Don Wilson6965       134
7243 AUS1343Peter Gardner75 dnf75 ocs       150
7348 USA1248Leon Christianakis75 dnc75 dnc       150
7450 AUS1150Bill Steele75 dnc75 dnc       150
* denotes Corinthian status

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