Finn Silver Cup - Snakes and ladders in Malcesine

2013 Finn Silver Cup
At the Finn Silver Cup in Malcesine, Italy, it was a day of snakes and ladders on Wednesday. Racing began early again with the same solid north wind, but the difference was that light rain greeted the sailors. Temperatures remained warm so nobody was complaining.

Zarif in action during the 2013 Finn Silver Cup
The first race started with 15 knots of wind and the usual pin end favoured line and the race to the cliffs on the left was popular. So popular that several boats started early and three boats were scored as OCS, while one other disqualified for touching the pin mark. Martin Robitaille (CAN) and Peter McCoy (GBR) had the best starts and were first to the cliffs and first at mark 1. They sailed well to hold their positions and take first and second respectively, ahead of regatta leader Jorge Zarif (BRA).

Race 2 began much the usual way, but had a few twists and turns for the fleet than previously. After starting in 10 to 12 knots the wind died gradually on the first run and on the second beat temporarily stopped on the far left, before filling in again from the north. This was the first time the right side of the course paid all week, but the sailors that returned left further up the course gained the most. Zarif and Jakub Marciniak (POL) mastered the conditions best and moved through the fleet to finish first and second, with Robitaille in third.

Race 3 was the most difficult of all. The wind had dropped to under five knots for the start and a big left windshift made starting on starboard difficult. The boats that started at the committee boat had much more wind and took a big advantage immediately. This group of 12 boats managed to stay in pressure for the first beat and eventually the pressure returned evenly over the race course. From this group Zarif, Ondrey Teply (CZE) and Arkadiy Kistanov (RUS), emerged to finish top three.

With a 3, 1, 1 Jorge Zarif has taken a solid 13 point lead with three races left in the championship. Martin Robitaille moved into second following a 1, 3, 5. He sits five points ahead of Jake Lilley (AUS) in third who scored a 6, 7, 7 today.

Two races are scheduled Thursday morning at 8am.

Results after eight races
15.00 Fraglia Vela Malcesine2013 Finn Silver Cup - Jorg Bruder Trophy 05th - 12th July 2013   Punteggi presi in considerazione 1  scarto  
1BRA 109Zarif Jorge, ICRJJELQ ARABICO - 8411,01(4)311311
2CAN 110Robitaille Martin, CVL RCYCDINO - 6724,0(7)7143135
3AUS 41Lilley Jake, RQYSAUSTRALIAN SAILING - 4729,03222(dsq)677
4RUS 6Kistanov Arkadiy, CSK VMF / Moscow Sailing Schoo- 0032,0435(10)4493
5GBR 29McCoy Peter, ESSCCREDO - 4834,055(10)32289
6NOR 1Pedersen Anders, DSSFTINI - 4638,0214585(18)13
7POL 7Marciniak Jakub, AZSPGPOLITECHNIKA GDANSKA - 8649,0(18)671211724
8ITA 213De Luca Umberto, YCT - FANTASTICAFANTASTICA - 0551,069867(ocs)510
9GER 595Gorgels Simon, DTYCKLABAUTERMANN - 7069,08814961311(24)
10ITA 214Bevilacqua Riccardo, SVOC - FANTASTICAFANTASTICA - 0669,012109119126(20)
11GER 64Luttukus Lennart, SKBUE ASTG- 6871,014166751013(18)
12CZE 5Teply Ondrej, YC BRNO- 0974,092318810(ocs)42
13POL 16Lahn Mikolaj, UKSFW- 4594,013(22)151413151014
14NED 972Kirschbaum Tobias, WSVHPeter - 08104,016(26)12171791221
15FRA 114Thomas Morel, YCC- 60105,0101913151411(27)23
16RUS 8Korshikov Anatoliy, Azov- 30108,015181116188(23)22
17NED 94Van Rootselaar Tijmen, ZMVDZ- 03112,0(21)1121212017166
18RUS 212Luzan Kirill, KK - FANTASTICAFANTASTICA - 04116,020(24)162412161711
19BUL 855Vangelov Dimitar, Nesebar YC- 50116,019142218151414(dnf)
20ITA 988Savio Matteo, STDV - FANTASTICASCRAT - 07131,0(23)15192221231516
21RUS 61Volovik Vadim, Khlebnikovo- 35133,0172023(25)22182112
22AUT 5Lehner Nikolaus, SCT- 55137,02412201919(ocs)2617
23RUS 27Kotlyarov Denis, CSK- 33145,02713262623(dsq)228
24FRA 177Fabian Pic, SRR- 61145,011171713(dnf)dncdncdnc
25POL 22Zimny Jeremy, WKZWMARTWY CIAG - 44146,02221(dnf)2316201925
26FRA 51Leleu Alec, CVThoux- 66155,0262524(27)24212015
27RUS 28Kotlyarov Artur, CSK- 34158,025(27)252026192419
28RUS 88Ananyev Alexander, SKA St.P- 40181,0(28)28272825222526
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