Hamilton Island Race Week - Southern crews dominate cruising divisions

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2011
At Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2011 Tasmanian crews have taken top honours in two of the three Cruising divisions.

Southern excellence has made a big splash in what is once again the largest division racing at Hamilton Island where the competition wrapped up today with the abandonment of the final Molle Islands Race. Competitors were given an early mark and more time to doll up for tonight’s official trophy presentation and celebrations.

Brothers John and Ross Muir and their majority Tasmanian and ex-Tasmanian crew scored well enough over five races with their chartered Jeanneau 49 called Muir to finish strongly on 22 points. Second was Mathew Barlow’s sistership Saphira and third was David Molloy’s mighty IOR maxi Condor, celebrating its 30th birthday year.

Peter Maitz’ modified Beneteau 50 Leonardo is campaigned once at year, at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, by a 'bunch of amateurs' confesses the skipper. Given this fact it’s perhaps surprising but not unwelcome that a first in Cruising Division 2 has come their way.

Maitz and his crew wore very distinct shirts for the week-long regatta attended by a total boat and shore crew of 14 adults and 13 children with nine on board Leonardo at any one time. On the front is the Vitruvian Man, Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous diagram of a man in perfect proportion, something that as a plastic surgeon appeals to Maitz. On the back of their shirts is a picture of three young boys atop a raft with a square rigged tablecloth as a sail, supposedly how sailing began in Austria where Maitz was born.

Now that he’s won his division, Maitz is in the running for the major prize at Race Week, the all new Audi A1 which will be announced tonight at the formal presentation of trophies. His result on the water will be combined with his wife’s result at the Final Drive Challenge run on the layday. 'She hit every single witch’s hat,' laughed Maitz as he celebrated with his crew.

Leonardo only narrowly triumphed; just one point the difference to second placed Colin Pruden’s Queensland based Swarbrick S111 Sandpiper Wutba. Third was Andrew Molnar’s Victorian Bavaria design, Jemson.

In Cruising Division 3 Tassie sailors once again demonstrated their flair. Derek Cragg’s Jeanneau 36i Knee Deep, representing the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, finished half a point ahead of Steve Clarke’s Jeanneau 39i Topaz, sailing for Victoria’s Mornington Yacht Club while Peter Skillington’s Victorian Jeanneau design Karma collected third.

In the Non Spinnaker Division John Brand’s Marchi 39 Star Ferry was the star performer, edging out Mike Walter’s Catalina 350 Mim on a countback. Third was Peter McAdam’s Bavaria Manly Too.

No final Molle Islands race means yesterday’s Melges 32 results stand, Noel Leigh-Smith’s Desperado from Southport Yacht Club snatching victory from Stephen Girdis’ Funnel Web and Angus Reid’s Maxstar.

Principal race office Denis Thompson says it’s been another successful regatta without the usual drama of yachts running aground. 'Due to a combination of good courses and given we had wind, people weren’t trying to cut corners, which I’m pleased about,' he says.

'From light winds yesterday to Tuesday’s long race day with gusts over 30 knots, there was good variety and there’s a lot of happy yachties out there.'

Cruising Division 1
Series Results [EHC Div1] up to Race 5 (Drops = 1)
PlaceTiesSail NoBoat NameSkipperSers ScoreRace 5Race 4Race 3Race 2Race 1
1 1030MUIRRoss & John Muir22.[20.0]
2 8222SAPHIRAMathew Barlow25.0[22.0]
3 KB80CONDORDavid Molloy28.[23.0]
4 6702JOIE DE VIEPeter Byford29.0[18.0]
51.0S6037EUREKA 11Chris Stockdale31.04.0[23.0]
6 00100ENCOREJim Milledge Tim Lew31.013.0[21.0]
7 HKG1943ZEPHYRIan Hoyle32.0[14.0]
8 6535IN THE MOODGeoff Little34.0[29.0F]
92.0S7HAMMER OF QUEENSLANDSeiichi Yoshikawa39.[19.0]8.0
10 YC1066NELLIE MYRATrevor Mudge39.[24.0]9.0
111.0SH6110SAMSKARADavid Stoopman40.01.013.0[29.0F]7.019.0
12 BOW18AVANTILindsay Cormie40.016.011.0[29.0S]3.010.0
13 W888MISTA GYBEDavid Redfern41.05.019.0[29.0S]12.05.0
14 SM58SYMPATICOBryan Dorman42.012.09.0[14.0]8.013.0
15 6590ERESSEAJohn Bankart44.0[20.0]
16 5612ABRACADABRAJames Murchison45.[21.0]4.0
17 6842TONICRobert Pizzie47.[24.0]
18 1021FANTASEA VITESSEIan Thomson50.019.04.0[19.0]13.014.0
19 6698FIREFLYDean Gillies51.[18.0]
20 8913TIME LORDChris Waldron52.09.0[20.0]
21 SM5151ST PROJECTPhilip Coombs55.[22.0]21.0
22 MH169SPRAYDRIFTDean Corbett57.015.022.0[29.0F]9.011.0
23 633DEHLER MAGICMark Tobin59.0[21.0]
24 MAGNOLIAMAGNOLIAPeter Higgins74.023.0[29.0F]
25 RQ11SHAMELESSWilliam Andrews89.[25.0]
26 BOW17COOPERSCraig Watson99.029.0S24.020.0[29.0F]26.0
27 1317KICKATINALONGGraeme Poole116.029.0S29.0S29.0S29.0S[29.0S]
27 3303ZENITHScott Beach116.029.0S29.0S29.0S29.0S[29.0S]

Cruising Division 2
Series Results [EHC Div2] up to Race 5 (Drops = 1)
PlaceTiesSail NoBoat NameSkipperSers ScoreRace 5Race 4Race 3Race 2Race 1
1 5984LEONARDOPeter Maitz24.[22.5]6.0
2 W8SANDPIPER WUTBAColin Pruden25.03.011.0[31.0]4.07.0
3 B44JEMSONAndrew Molnar32.0[36.0Y]
43.0SMK6THE POACHERFoster John39.012.013.0[16.0]11.03.0
5 1095LEGLESSDon & Bill Walter39.[30.0]8.0
6 M434SPRITZPaul Crockett44.016.04.0[40.0F]10.014.0
7 5050MANDALAGerard Webb46.05.0[22.0]
81.0S8228WEEKEND OPTIONStuart Veitch47.028.09.0[40.0F]9.01.0
9 6797HOLY COW!John & Kim Clinton47.0[23.0]
10 66SANDSTONEMike Davies49.[22.5]17.0
11 6391ETERNITYAnthony Dyson50.[31.0]
12 BOW08SAILING ADVENTURESBrian Pozzey51.[35.0]28.0
13 808INTRUSTSUPER LADY KBen Stark51.520.516.013.0[28.0]2.0
145.0SB818CALEDONIANicholas McGuigan53.0[30.0Y]
156.0S3242SOLUTIONSStephen Dadour53.08.0[31.0]
16 5963PANACEAMick Gillum53.09.014.0[29.0]19.011.0
174.0S6330FRANKLY MY DEARBrett Howard58.04.015.0[32.0]26.013.0
18 606MORE INTRIGUEMerv Stephensen58.011.0[21.0]
192.0SB3806GRANNY APPLEAllan Warren62.0[26.0]
20 BOW07CEO 1Penny Haire62.0[24.0]
21 BOW06RHYTHM & BLUESBrenton Pegler65.520.518.019.08.0[26.0]
22 F8QUATTROJason Daisley66.022.05.0[24.0]17.022.0
23 BOW12TURN12/CLIFFORDDaniel Eddy69.032.0[32.0]
241.0SBOW23CHIRPING BIRDRod Smallman71.[36.0]32.0
253.0SB444AMADEUSBrennan O'Dempsey71.029.0[33.0]
26 172INNAMINCKAJohn Crawford71.013.0[24.0]
2710.0SB55ENGARDERoger Johnston78.[32.0]25.0
28 B59REDLINE 2Mark Burton78.014.025.0[30.0]12.027.0
29 BOW24GIGIWayne Kirby79.0[36.0]
30 R12WINDSPIRITScott Ohare84.[37.0]
314.0SF111CIC SECURE INCAIan Cooke96.033.0[40.0S]
32 211G2Paul Laurence96.018.0[30.0]
33 648MALAGUANAScott Macdonald107.040.0S40.0S[40.0F]18.09.0
34 BOW09TEAM SUNSAILJonathan Croft110.[40.0F]38.0
35 BOW05MISS DEVEREUXGeoff Gammon114.034.0[40.0F]
36 6020CREW'S CONTROLRoger Bryce115.025.029.0[40.0C]31.030.0
37 1885MIKADOPeter Smith129.019.040.0S[40.0C]34.036.0
38 RQ67CURLEW ESCAPEGreg Luck137.0[40.0S]
39 PC142TUANBrad Barker139.040.0S40.0S40.0S[40.0S]19.0

Cruising Division 3
Series Results [EHC Div3] up to Race 5 (Drops = 1)
PlaceTiesSail NoBoat NameSkipperSers ScoreRace 5Race 4Race 3Race 2Race 1
1 BOW15KNEE DEEPDerek Cragg10.52.5[8.0]
2 BOW04TOPAZSteve Clarke11.[10.0]
3 BOW03KAOSPeter Skillington14.0[8.0]
4 M5WINDSONG OF M'TONJim Watson17.0[10.0]
5 BOW11RUBY REDPaul Duffy17.52.53.0[8.0]7.05.0
62.0SBOW14BULA!Steve Smith22.06.06.0[9.0]2.08.0
7 BOW01SUNSTRUCKDennis Hambleton22.0[9.0]
81.0SBOW02KARMAAlan Breidahl25.[10.0]9.0
92.0S6063PAINKILLERRod West25.04.02.0[15.0S]8.011.0
10 8047PEGGYBenjamin Meakin25.[9.0]3.0
11 BOW22CERVANTES IIAndrew Johnson51.015.0S15.0S15.0S[15.0S]6.0
12 191PLUNDERJohn Spalvins60.015.0S15.0F15.0S15.0S[15.0S]
12 6726SPORTS BARNeville & Jo Blair60.015.0S15.0S15.0S15.0S[15.0S]
12 BOW20LOOKOUTGreg Williams60.015.0S15.0S15.0S15.0S[15.0S]
Non-Spinnaker Series Results [EHC] up to Race 5 (Drops = 1)
PlaceTiesSail NoBoat NameSkipperSers ScoreRace 5Race 4Race 3Race 2Race 1
11.0S68STAR FERRYJohn Brand17.01.04.0[11.0]6.06.0
2 397MIMMike Walter17.02.0[13.0]
3 SM4400MANLY TOOPeter McAdam21.0[11.0]
41.0S4902EVENING STARMark Hunter22.0[19.0R]
5 6782THAT BOATDarryle Dransfield22.03.06.0[12.0]8.05.0
6 M473YESDEARMichael Paull24.0[14.0]
7 361FARGOKeith McGuire26.[11.0]1.0
8 6735ZEBEDEEGreg Maddox27.08.03.0[19.0S]4.012.0
9 5456MULLEE MULLEEHans Pettersson28.[11.0]
10 PH385VALHALLAPeter Cox30.[13.0]7.0
11 LE11LADY ELIZABETH 11Richard Whyte33.[15.0]
122.0SST461VALDOLESEGreg Sier34.012.0[14.0]
13 MH67SHAZAMColin Pitstock34.[14.0]
14 241BRILLIANT IIJulian Smallwood37.07.0[16.0]
15 BOW16WHITE PEARLGeorge Fortey41.[16.0]
16 SYD02THE COUNTAnthony Bell61.019.0F19.0S19.0C[19.0S]4.0
17 000RENATADarren Short62.0[19.0F]
18 A65RUBY CHARLOTTEJonathan Hickling69.019.0F17.016.017.0[19.0F]

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