Heineken Cape to Rio - Race update and results for 30th January 2011

Prodigy - Heineken Cape to Rio Race 2011
Heineken Cape to Rio - Potential line honours winner of the 2011 Heineken Cape to Rio Yacht Race, the Durban Yacht Prodigy, was roughly sixty miles off Rio late this afternoon, making a steady 10 knots in a 15 knot north - east wind, and expected to cross the finish line in the early evening.

At time of going to press, while the wind was forecast to change to the west, nonetheless in an unusually breezy Rio, Prodigy should have no trouble in crossing the line before sunset.

For the last two weeks, the weather on the South Atlantic has been such that Prodigy and other race leaders have enjoyed a good fast crossing, with few of the calms that have plagued fleets in the past. Her fifteen day crossing is in dramatic contrast to the twenty three days and forty minutes set by the line honours winner for the same course forty years ago.

In the first race in 1971, co-skippers Lesley Williams and Robin Knox-Johnston took line honours in the 71 footer Ocean Spirit, at that time a state-of-the-art design.

But in the following race in 1973, Ilha Trinidade, just off the coast about 480 miles off Rio was introduced as a mark on the course as a way of ensuring that the fleet would take the northern route on the crossing. Since records can by definition only apply to a particular course, that Ocean Spirit record remained the fastest time for the direct Cape to Rio route.

BoatDegreesMinutes DegreesMinutes Dist To FinDistanceSpeed (Kts)Interim
Rio De Janeiro23 S4310.1W    
City Of Cape Town (After You)2329.0S0369.0W388173.97.251
Robtek's Ciao Bella2230.9S0299.1W776108.44.522
Perie Banou II2346.0S02318.0W1094121.15.053
Yachtport SA2224.3S02938.0W750103.34.306
Spirit Of Izivunguvungu258.5S02840.1W80488.53.697
Sugar Stick Sisters (Cape Storm)2556.8S02753.0W85388.73.708
Envirodiesel Me 2 Me2228.3S02315.3W1102151.36.309
Grand Filou II2333.6S03234.3W585184.07.6710
Hot Ice2518.4S02453.9W1009102.44.271
Nora Simrad2450.0S02623.0W927115.14.803
Ins Mhadei2413.0S02254.0W1116113.04.715
Myrtle Of Bonnievale2422.3S02315.9W1096130.55.442

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