JP Tobin beats Tom Ashley to win RS:X Nationals

JP Tobin in full flight on his way to third in the Mens Medal Race - 2008 RS:X World Championships, Takapuna

JP Tobin has won the New Zealand RS:X Boardsailing National Championship held at manly, north of Auckland, beating 2008 World Champion and Olympic Gold medalist, Tom Ashley.

The regatta was held as part of the NZ Boardsailing Championships covering four classes and over 50 competitors from six countries.

Other winners were Luke Watson (NZL) - Formula; Thomas Goyard (New Caledonia) - RS:X 8.5 (Open); Benoit Jacquier (New Calendonia) - Techno 293!Tobin described his regatta to Sail-World.Com:

'I was still a bit rusty on the board which provided a bit of entertainment (mostly my own) but equipment held together (just) and I somehow managed to point my board in the right direction fast enough for long enough to win a few races and with it the 2009 National Championship title.

'But the real highlight for me over the course of the Nationals was in the recent surge of young windsurfers both in the very early stages of their windsurfing careers through to sailors with a few more years experience starting to emerge as future performers.

'Just as importantly right behind this new generation of windsurfers are a core group of energetic and enthusiastic parents and volunteers who are pivotal in the future success of both the competitors and the sport, in addition to this I have never raced at an event anywhere on the planet where I was fed so well ;) despite the calorie output I actually gained weight over the course of the five day competition!!!???'

The 2009 National Championships also doubled for youth sailors as a selection event for the 2009 Youth World Championships (Buzios, Brazil, July 09-18) Lucy Driver (Female) and Ben Mackay (Male) for won the right to represent New Zealand.

Tobin added that Manly Sailing Club provided quite possibly the best venue for sailing available and thanksed all those who worked to make the event a success both on the water and land (numerous) and the event sponsors.

Manly Sailing Club; Herman Pacific; Waiwera Water; RFD; WSP; Dads Pies; Maritime Museum

RS:X Results

1st:!JP_Tobin (New Zealand) 2009 NZL National Champion
2nd: Thomas Ashley (New Zealand)
3rd: Richard Hamilton (Great Britain)

1st: Tuuli Petaja (Finland)
2nd: Kate Ellingham (New Zealand) 2009 NZL National Champion
3rd: Nikola Girke (Canada)

Full Results:

RS:X & Formula Nationals 2009 Manly Sailing Club Provisional Results Formula Class
Sailed:9, Discards:2, To count:7, Entries:7, Scoring system:Appendix A
RankClassSailNoHelmNameClubR 118/2/09  R218/2/09  R 319/2/09  R 419/2/09  R 519/02/09  R620/02/09  R720/02/09  R820/02/09  R920/02/09  R1020/02/09  R1120/02/09  TotalNett
1stFormulaNZL53Luke WatsonUnknown1.  (8.0 DSQ)
2ndFormula1Luke WigglesworthSt Heliers Bay YC(2.0)(2.0)
3rdFormulaGBR7/NZL11Tim WoodTakapuna3.03.03.0(4.0)4.0(8.0 DNC)
4thFormulaNZL0Ray SmithManly(4.0) DNC)
5thFormulaNZL34Trent CornwallHowick5.05.0(7.0)6.0(8.0 DNC)3.0
6thFormulaNZL13Michael RogersTakapuna(8.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC) DNC  5.08.0 DNC8.0 DNC60.044.0
7thFormulaNZL202Stephen GrayManly6. DNC)(8.0 DNC)  8.0 DNC8.0 DNC8.0 DNC65.049.0
RS:X ClassSailed:11, Discards:2, To count:9, Entries:11, Scoring system:Appendix A
RankClassSailNoHelmNameClubR 118/2/09  R218/2/09  R 319/2/09  R 419/2/09  R 519/02/09  R620/02/09  R720/02/09  R820/02/09  R920/02/09  R1020/02/09  R1120/02/09  TotalNett
1stRS:XJPJ P TobinTakapuna(2.0)1.01.0(2.0) RDGb1.015.411.4
2ndRS:XTTom AshleyTakapuna1.0(2.0)(2.0)
3rdRS:XGBR75Richard HamiltonNorth Lincs SC3.04.03.0(5.0)
4thRS:XNZL37Josh NixonTakapuna5.0(7.0)4.04.0(6.0)
5thRS:XNZL1Antonio CozzolinoTakapuna4.03.0(8.0) RAF)5.056.839.0
6thRS:XNZL22Richard EllisTakapuna6.
7thRS:XNZL20Chris BlakeTakapuna(7.0)6.07.0(8.0)
8thRS:XNZL82Nick LichtwarkTakapuna8. DNC)(10.0)
9thRS:XNZL70Dean ThompsonTakapuna(9.0)8.0(10.0)
10thRS:XNZL111Sam LichtwarkTakapuna10. DNC)(12.0 DNC) DNC111.087.0
11thRS:XAUS2012Joel TyackBayside Sailboard Club Inc11. DNC)(12.0 DNC)12.0 DNC12.0 DNC12.0 DNC12.0 DNC126.0102.0
RS:X 8.5 ClassSailed:11, Discards:2, To count:9, Entries:16, Scoring system:Appendix A
RankClassSailNoHelmNameClubR 118/2/09  R218/2/09  R 319/2/09  R 419/2/09  R 519/02/09  R620/02/09  R720/02/09  R820/02/09  R920/02/09  R1020/02/09  R1120/02/09  TotalNett
1stRS:X 8.5FRA356Thomas GoyardACPV Noumea2.01.0(5.0)
2ndRS:X 8.5NZL125Ben MackayTakapuna1.0(3.0)
3rdRS:X 8.5FIN109Tuuli PetajaHelsingfors Segel Klubb4.0(7.0)
4thRS:X 8.5NZL48Kate EllinghamTakapuna3. DNC)4.05.0(6.0)
5thRS:X 8.5CAN17Nikola GirkeRoyal Vancover Yacht Club6.0(9.0)
6thRS:X 8.5FRA357Jonathan BlanquartACPV Noumea(9.0)5.08.0(9.0)
7thRS:X 8.5NZL99Justina SellersTakapuna5.
8thRS:X 8.5NZL3Steff WilliamsKohi(17.0 DNC)(17.0 DNC)
9thRS:X 8.5NZL110Jazmine LynchTakapuna8.
10thRS:X 8.5NZL36Alice MonkTakapuna7.
11thRS:X 8.5NZL150Simon SwintonTakapuna10.010.09.0(11.0)
12thRS:X 8.5NZL39Tom PressTakapuna13. DNC)(17.0 DNC)
13thRS:X 8.5NZL54Olly GunmanTakapuna11. DNC)(17.0 DNC)
14thRS:X 8.5NZL105Lucy DriverTakapuna12. DNC)
15thRS:X 8.5NZL193Luca BrownMBSC14. DNC)(17.0 DNC)
16thRS:X 8.5FIN420Robert HaapahehNylahdska Saktklubheh15. DNF)(17.0 DNC)17.0 DNC17.0 DNC17.0 DNC17.0 DNC17.0 DNC181.0147.0
Techno 293 Nationals 2009Manly Sailing ClubProvisional ResultsOverallSailed:6, Discards:1, To count:5, Entries:26, Scoring system:Appendix A
RankBoatClassSailNoHelmNameCrewNameClubR120\02\2009  R218/3/01 1200R318/3/01 1200R918/3/01 1200R1018/3/01 1200R1118/3/01 1200TotalNett
1stTechnoFRA111Benoit Jacquier A.C.P.V Noumea(1.0)
2ndTechnoFRA91Paul Weneguei Canio Ouvea(2.0)
3rdTechnoNZL91Jack Holliday Manly4.
4thTechnoFRA65Nicolas Goyard A.C.P.V Noumea3.03.0(27.0 DNC)
5thTechnoNZL10Timothy Driver Tauranga/thames6.05.04.0(8.0)
6thTechnoNZL49Scott Tillet Manly(27.0 DNC)
7thTechnoNZL199Sven Pedersen Tauranga7.0(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC7.
8thTechnoFRA194Antione Aubert ANG Noumea5.0(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC10.
9thTechnoNZL609Tony MacKenzie Manly(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC5.09.09.0104.077.0
10thTechnoNZL195Lewis Cook Torbay(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC11.010.08.0110.083.0
11thTechnoNZL153Kal Rutter Manly(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC6.03.027.0 OCS117.090.0
12thTechnoNZL89Alice Hawkins Wakatere(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC12.012.012.0117.090.0
13thTechnoNZL166Georgia Schofield Takapuna(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC13.017.011.0122.095.0
14thTechnoNZL107Tom Wiles Kohimarama(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC15.014.013.0123.096.0
15thTechnoNZL189Isobel Hawkins Wakatere(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC13.014.0135.0108.0
16thTechnoNZL627Steph Corkery Murrays Bay(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC16.015.027.0 DNC139.0112.0
17thTechnoNZL158Mitchell Rutter Manly(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC14.027.0 DNC27.0 DNC149.0122.0
18thTechnoNZL100Troy Cornwall Manly(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC16.027.0 DNC151.0124.0
19thTechnoNZL154Hamish Beck Wakatere(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC162.0135.0
19thTechnoNZL888Stanton Borthwick Murrays Bay(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC162.0135.0
19thTechnoNZL191Hannah Pirovich Murrays Bay(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC162.0135.0
19thTechnoNZL159Sam Mackay Manly(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC162.0135.0
19thTechnoNZL 198Helena Jackson Kohimarama(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC162.0135.0
19thTechnoNZL194Logan Elliot Kohimarama(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC162.0135.0
19thTechnoNZL200Rosie Cool Kohimarama(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC162.0135.0
19thTechnoNZL142Ashton Wilson Sandspit(27.0 DNC)27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC27.0 DNC162.0135.0