J/70 North Americans - Gregg Earl and Bardenheier secure victory

Heather Gregg Earl and Joe Bardenheier J/70 North American Champions
J/70 Class Association
The J/70 North American Championships, hosted by Annapolis Yacht Club, were held in Annapolis, MD, USA from September 25th to 28th 2013. Heather Gregg Earl and Joe Bardenheier will be remembered as the first ever J/70 North American Champions. The co-owners from Boston, MA, sailing Muse with Stuart Saffer and Bill Lynn, earned a ninth in the final race to secure victory with 95 points in the seven-race series.

The North American Championship was held at the Annapolis Yacht Club by Fleet #1 and title sponsored by Hillman Focused Advantage Fund. Brian Keane’s Savasana earned second on the podium with 97 points. Tim Healy’s Helly Hansen placed third with 101 points.

'We didn’t know we won the regatta until we got to the dock!' beamed Bardenheier. 'We just figured if we stayed in the top 10, we might end up pretty high in the event. We didn’t look at the scores all day.' In fact, Muse was 13th after the first day, when they tallied two fifths plus a 55 due to having the challenge of a penalty turn. 'Today we sailed very consistently and just stuck with it. We had great teamwork and good communication the whole time.'

Saturday’s conditions cooperated to allow four races in winds that started around 15-18 knots and leveled off to 8-10. Keane crossed the line first in the day’s initial bout, with Healy and Muse rounding out the top three. Douglas Strebel’s Black River Racing won the next contest, trailed by Robert Hughes’s Heart Breaker and John Killeen. Keane returned to victory in Saturday’s third race, while Jennifer Wulff’s Joint Custody placed second and Joe Colling/Ian Moran third. The final battle saw Cole Allsopp’s Moxie take line honors, followed by Hughes and Bruno Pasquinelli.

Muse was purchased in December and sails with an entire Corinthian team, and have campaigned the boat throughout the Southern Circuit as well as events in New England. 'This was a conclusion to a hard fought year,' summarized Bardenheier.'We got into the J/70 relatively early, and we’ve put together a nice team effort with my fellow Tufts University Alumni. It’s a wonderful Class, and we are so excited about the people in it. The organization is wonderful, and we look forward to being involved for years to come!'

Full results:
195/ 95MUSEGregg Earl/Bardenheier, Heather/Joe55553513995.001
296/ 96SavasanaKeane, Brian2214611114297.002
3C2/ 2Helly HansenHealy, Tim2331926228101.003
429/ 209TroubleMcChesney, Peter19220927925111.004
553/ 353Heart BreakerHughes, Robert211530202252115.005
647/ 187CatapultRonning, Joel156114443332145.006
751/ 51Black River Racing Powered byStrebel, Douglas3362343/ZFP13214152.007
863/ 369Cool Story BroBrigden, John728184624723153.008
946/ CAN 246Touch 2 PlayKullman, Martin1812290/BFD9104154.009
1045/ 45Wild ChildFilter, Henry473444151927159.0010
1117/ 217Joint CustodyWulff, Jennifer940132930241164.0011
1288/ 388Flojito y CooperandoJulian, Fernandez Neckelmann11291713451635166.0012
1334/ 34PerseveranceGreenwald, Bennet44431554822168.0013
1476/ 67 Killeen, John4933291932811172.0014
1539/ 185turbo duckvon der Wense, Bodo26283823539177.0015
1685/ 85Dazzler GoatTerhune, Allan626592774210177.0016
1711/ 11MenaceKlingler, Kerry1326021104513182.0017
1823/ 222JunkanooLeech, Suzy13125526372417184.0018
1994/ 94LiftedCunningham, Jim35201027.5/RDG(1)402733192.5019
2032/ 32US 32Ullman, David105782445130202.0020
2135/ 35MoxieAllsopp, Cole163845638411212.0021
2268/ 68 Thompson, Ron3671435333751213.0022
2381/ 181GBLewis, Chris14393423601726213.0023
2499/ 99NostalgiaKimbrough, Blake313548375085214.0024
25C1/ 167RiskTisdale, Gary2023518165446218.0025
2656/ 245 doyle, tyler3216351175950228.0026
2843/ 243VitaminJJohnson, Ted41422457203024238.0028
2915/ 15JuniorFinkle, Donald28484216293838239.0029
3093/ 309CloudSourcedCopfer, Ronald7737197213148240.0030
3169/ 69USA69Colling, Joseph518632258337242.0031
32C5/ 5Instant KarmaBetts, David26271290/BFD254720247.0032
3336/ 364 aras, john3047245435234253.0033
3412/ 312SoulKoski, David42414717365516254.0034
3540/ 40B SquaredElliott, Brian65614310224015256.0035
3671/ 171Running WildVessella, Peter1210646658128266.0036
3742/ 342HurricaneCook, Ian53341170125631267.0037
3841/ 340Rimettebrim/Aras, john/Evan48452528285736267.0038
3974/ 174Magic BusMylett, Gregg1760755661455274.0039
4052/ 152SundogParks, Kathy70432632266219278.0040
4122/ 322Sail22Furry, Ed4058655392052279.0041
4249/ 49Relative ObscurityDuncan, Peter62/ZFP96236/ZFP474918283.0042
4359/ 159TorqeedoFlack, Brandon68/ZFP302815326849290.0043
4444/ 44GnixeVickers, William25681565/ZFP521557297.0044
4591/ 91CarlosSudofsky, Mike3965804138347304.0045
4657/ 157SpringFranzel, Dave59177536512644308.0046
4748/ 48 Lotoff, Joe61197411595345322.0047
4813/ 151Reach AroundBowen, Thomas63464039466029323.0048
4918/ 218TsunamiOlds, Todd64501653426740332.0049
5026/ 26JunglelandGroobey, Chris and Carolyn8535364197860335.0050
5131/ 311itSminchak, Jim76543344144470335.0051
5219/ 219GetMyBoatRowland/O'Brien, Basil/Thomas3859524869756347.0052
5373/ 73Occam's RazorPletcher, Walter57788150493512362.0053
5466/ 66Eagles WingsGottwald, John46723630546565368.0054
5555/ 155RagtimeJohnstone, Rodney72137142417363375.0055
5627/ 27DerechoGolden, Jim5651616967667377.0056
5725/ 25PaPa WheillieDodge, John78494166641169378.0057
5860/ 360REXweakley, scott2421214390/DNF90/DNC90/DNC379.0058
5978/ 197Nirvana 7Donahue, Louis43243168777264379.0059
6087/ 87Tick Tock CrocNesbett, Richard67575067188043382.0060
6120/ 220PhoenixFirey, Peter73646634622958386.0061
6261/ 6HCMAXHillman, Mark29666833637953391.0062
6337/ 317Late Life CrisisCorbishley, Corbo33705690/BFD532172395.0063
6483/ BER 308ElusiveMillican/Cucahiaro, Chuck/Steve90/OCS2290/DNF58/ZFP316147399.0064
6572/ 199MojitoEvans, Catharine27823876564377399.0065
6689/ 189SotapannaDiMatteo, John37526760685862404.0066
6716/ 216PossumDaMore, Justin66795861573659416.0067
6865/ 225ShredSkaane, Stein69447077/ZFP716621418.0068
6964/ 64Exit Strategy IIMartin, Jack7588855435490/DNC431.0069
7028/ 28Mission ImpossibleMalkin, David78/ZFP2539528290/DNF75441.0070
7114/ 168USA168McKenna, Marty52832765836368441.0071
7280/ 387 Guzman, Hector85188673613981443.0072
7358/ 357USA 357Berry, Kristen58673775817156445.0073
7454/ 54Little RascalPfarr, Rick82864683741266449.0074
7533/ 169EmpeiriaHeaton, John79693278736454449.0075
7624/ 324Reggie ImamuraImamura, Reggie54803562786979457.0076
7762/ 362362Wicker, David71878772482371459.0077
7838/ 385Safe HavenDonald, Keith55118290/BFD808461463.0078
7950/ 50Rogue WarriorMcDonald, Bruce45635776/ZFP757474464.0079
8084/ 84Bazinga!Goldberg, Daniel P.86716980851878487.0080
8130/ 230iZulaSmith, Kenneth62757379845083506.0081
8298/ 98USA 98Poindexter, Al84817290/ZFP347076507.0082
8321/ 200Cat's PajamasJohnstone, Drake747749747690/ZFP73513.0083
8497/ 97LokiZupon, Michael81737949708390/DNC525.0084
8510/ 210VortexBomar/Powers, william/Austin68767789/ZFP727680538.0085
8670/ 320WindsongJordan, Jeff87848381798685585.0086
8775/ 205TigressWeibel, Timothy88897684868284589.0087
8882/ 208ShamrockFlaherty, James83858882878582592.0088
89C4/ 4SportWagner, Mark80748490/BFD90/DNC90/DNC90/DNC598.0089
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Sandy Grosvenor served as PRO for the 90 teams from Bermuda, Canada, Mexico and the USA. Visit the Event website here.