Kite Racing Europeans midwway-report

2012 Kite Racing Europeans
After two days of racing at the Kite Racing Europeans, Adam Koch (USA, Mikes Lab/Ozone) and Steph Bridge (GBR, North) are leading the pack. In the men’s fleet, five races have been completed in the qualifying series, while the women’s fleet also run a total of five races in their single opening series.

Koch was able to win all of his qualifying races so far, with Riccardo Leccese (ITA, Mikes Lab/Ozone) constantly scoring high behind him and Julien Kerneur (FRA, RRD) in third with two bullets and constant podium finishes.

Bridge comes out of the first five races with three bullets, with Katja Roose (NED, Airush) and Caroline Adrien (FRA, Aguera/Cabrinha) with one victory each close behind, tied at nine points.

While the first day of racing provided perfect conditions for the two men’s and one women’s fleet with four races completed in each fleet, the second day proved to be tricky for the race committee to call a decision. After having re-seeded the men’s fleet from the first days results, all fleets were send out in a constant 8-10 knots breeze, but by the scheduled starting time the wind had dropped to slightly over the required six knots average, giving a part of the fleet a hard time to make it around the course within the time limit. However, all three fleets completed one race before the wind shifted shortly before the warning signal of the sixth race for the white fleet, forcing the race committee to postpone the start to reset the course to the new wind direction. By the time the course was set the wind had died down to a 4-5 knots average. While sailors were still out riding, the race committee found the conditions not suitable and sent the fleet back in for a longer break until conditions may improve.

Later in the afternoon the wind came back up again and the white fleet was sent out for a 4:45 warning signal, but by the time of the warning signal another major windshift forced the officials to call it a day.

For the remainder of the event, the men’s fleet will be split now into Gold and Silver fleet, with the results from the qualifying series carried forward as the first race result of the final series and all other scores dropped, while the women’s fleet will continue their single opening series. Three more races are scheduled for Saturday in each fleet, before the top ten of the men’s gold fleet as well as the top ten of the women’s fleet go into a medal race series on Sunday, which will be run in an elimination series bringing the top ten down to four sailors that then sail two grand final heats.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Sir Ben Ainslie in front of the America's Cup
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Bruni finsihed second on the World Match Racing Tour in 2011. - Alpari World Match Racing Tour 2014

2012 Kite Racing Europeans

7 - GC32 Austria Cup 2014
Sander Van Der Borch

Highly capable: The U.S Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous, homeported in Cape May, New Jersey, is spearheading the search for the Cheeki Rafiki. - Has the Cheeki Rafiki been found? Debris spotted by volunteers in Atlantic near where yacht carrying British sailors disappeared
Petty Officer 1st Class NyxoLyno Cangemi

Vainqueur IRC1 - Grand Prix International de la Côte D'Opale 2014
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Results as of 18:31 on September 29, 2012 Men Gold Flight Sailed: 6, Discards: 5, To count: 1, Entries: 28, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st148Adam KochOzone, Mike's Lab, Ristafins(1.0)(1.0)(1.0)(1.0)(1.0)
2nd115Riccardo Andrea LecceseOzone, Mike'sLab, RistaFins-SMFP-Cogua(2.0)(2.0)(3.0)(2.0)(1.0)
3rd21Julien KerneurRRD, RRD, Alpeenergie, Mood, RIstafins(2.0)(3.0)(1.0)(1.0)(6.0)
4th83Bryan LakeCabrinha, Mike's Lab, Dakine, Tectonics Maui, Tminus9, Kaenon, TAC(4.0)(2.0)(2.0)(2.7 RDG)(8.0)
5th66Florian GruberNorth, North, MNI; adidas eyewear; ION; SkyRider (Club Mistral); Nutcase(3.0)(5.0)(2.0)(4.0)(3.0)
6th171Olivier DansinNorthkiteboarding, Northkiteboarding, ION, promoglisse,kingofdiga(1.0)(1.0)(6.0)(4.0)(29.0 DNC)
7th110Maks ZakowskiOzone, none,
8th124Oliver BridgeNorth , North,(4.0)(4.0)(5.0)(3.0)(4.0)
9th191Tomek JaniakRRD, RRD,
10th43Blazej OzogNorth, North, Etisoft, ION, Rista(6.0)(5.0)(4.0)(8.0)(2.0)
11th145Rolf Van der VlugtAirush, Airush, Protest, ION(6.0)(6.0)(4.0)(9.0)(6.0)
12th13Salih Alexander CAKIRTBA, TBA, BURN, KITEACADEMY, WIN(3.0)(8.0)(13.0)(2.0)(10.0)
13th117Alvaro CadenaOzone, aguera, Colombiakite(7.0)(6.0)(5.0)(6.0)(7.0)
14th165Benni BoelliFlysurfer, Flyboards, Xcel- Wetsuits;
15th100Adam VanceOzone, None, Contour(7.0)(7.0)(7.0)(8.0)(5.0)
16th120Alejandro Climent HernandezAIRUSH, TEMA VENTO, KITEZONE(11.0)(10.0)(9.0)(5.0)(7.0)
17th189Bruno SrokaCabrinha, Aguerra, Baie de St brieuc, Hoalen, Body Glove, Cool Shoe(9.0)(13.0)(8.0)(6.0)(9.0)
18th153Ivan DoroninCabrinha, Aguera, Rista Fins(14.0)(8.0)(14.0)(7.0)(5.0)
19th141Dirk HanelNorth, North,(10.0)(7.0)(8.0)(17.0)(13.0)
20th105David Marin FuentesAIRUSH, TEMAVENTO, AIRUSH(15.0)(9.0)(7.0)(7.0)(29.0 DNC)
21st20Tom SquiresNone, None, none(10.0)(10.0)(12.0)(15.0)(8.0)
22nd184Callum EdgeNorth, North, ION(12.0)(11.0)(23.0)(10.0)(10.0)
23rd188Sebastien CouRRD, RRD,
24th78Rajko VodisekOZON, RACE , DIFFERENT,(14.0)(18.0)(12.0)(9.0)(12.0)
25th119Andrea FornaroRoyal Kiteboarding, Roya Kiteboarding,
26th178Sam Sillsnone, none, RYA(16.0)(12.0)(10.0)(11.0)(29.0 DNC)26.0104.026.0
27th62Marc Agell BoadellaOzone, ..., Kite & Paddelsurf Center Catalunya,Underwave,Rista FIns(9.0)(15.0)(25.0)(14.0)(12.0)27.0102.027.0
28th96Roy RodwaldNorth, North, ION, Nutrilite(12.0)(15.0)(22.0)(14.0)(17.0)28.0108.028.0
Men Silver FlightSailed: 6, Discards: 5, To count: 1, Entries: 28, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st47Pablo Sola GarciaAIRUSH, TEMAVENTO, KITEZONE VALENCIA(15.0)(19.0)(13.0)(16.0)(15.0)
2nd162Theo SicallacNorth , North, ION WAXX Jeewin UCPA(8.0)(14.0)(17.0)(20.0)(29.0 DNC)
3rd4Ejder GinyolOzone, North, KiteBoardGokova(11.0)(14.0)(16.0)(18.0)(29.0 DNC)
4th18Taner AykurtF-one/Ozone, F-one/North, Burn Turkey(19.0)(21.0)(15.0)(12.0)(14.0)
5th185Connor BainbridgeRRD, RRD, Juice Boardsports, Simmer(17.0)(12.0)(21.0)(13.0)(29.0 DNC)
6th192Adam SzymanskiRRD, RRD, nplus1(21.0)(20.0)(15.0)(15.0)(14.0)
7th40Ali Masters-, -, -(19.0)(22.0)(19.0)(18.0)(9.0)
8th190Filip PorzucekOzone, -, Dakine, GoPro(16.0)(17.0)(20.0)(20.0)(13.0)
9th179Ranno Rumm-, -, EKA, Laulasmaa Surfclub(17.0)(17.0)(14.0)(19.0)(29.0 DNC)9.0105.09.0
10th186Jack GallowayRoyal, Royal , Royal(21.0)(16.0)(19.0)(19.0)(15.0)10.0100.010.0
11th113Margus OtsaRRD, RRD, Nycs.Fansurf(18.0)(22.0)(18.0)(17.0)(16.0)11.0102.011.0
12th129Tienyu Hsing-, -, -(29.0 DNC)(21.0)(24.0)(13.0)(16.0)12.0115.012.0
13th3Nicolas Falcounone, none, none(23.0)(29.0 DNC)(9.0)(22.0)(29.0 DNC)13.0125.013.0
14th152Alex Vychegzhaninozone, rrd, kts tarifa(22.0)(24.0)(16.0)(21.0)(29.0 DNC)14.0126.014.0
15th59Erwin GruberNorth, North, Exxtasy; SkyRider (Club Mistral); Nutcase(18.0)(19.0)(18.0)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)15.0128.015.0
16th37Luis Alberto Garcia Sanzairush, Temavento, mistic(24.0)(16.0)(22.0)(24.0)(29.0 DNC)16.0131.016.0
17th94Dominik GlogierRRD, RRD, ABCSURF.PL(20.0)(23.0)(21.0)(23.0)(29.0 DNC)17.0133.017.0
18th132Enc Oezenozone, north, DECEUN?NCK(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNF)(17.0)(21.0)(29.0 DNC)18.0143.018.0
19th163Benjamin PetitOzone, RRD, Orange - CKC(23.0)(29.0 DNC)(20.0)(25.0)(29.0 DNC)19.0145.019.0
20th176Andrzej Ozognorth, north, etisoft profistyle(22.0)(20.0)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)20.0149.020.0
21st177Michal KoczorowskiOzone, -, -(20.0)(29.0 DNS)(29.0 DNC)(23.0)(29.0 DNC)21.0151.021.0
22nd109Stephan BrennerFlexifoil, Flexifoil, Sp, Gloryfy, Camaro(29.0 DNC)(18.0)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)22.0156.022.0
23rd106Piotr BocherOzone, Cabrinha, KS DOBRA MARINA(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(26.0)(22.0)(29.0 DNC)23.0158.023.0
24th97David JEHANNOslingshot, brunotti, jeewin - tshotsh(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)24.0169.024.0
25th130Nathan SicallacRRD, RRD, Tshotsh(29.0 DNS)(29.0 DSQ)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)25.0170.025.0
26th44omer goekcekozone, rrd, tek yap?(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)26.0171.026.0
27th168ROMAN LYUBIMTSEVELF-KITES, -, -(29.0 DSQ)(29.0 DNS)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DSQ)(29.0 DNF)27.0172.027.0
28th197Daniel MorriceRRD, RRD, N/A(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)(29.0 DNC)28.0173.028.0
Women FlightSailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 20, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st187Steph BridgeNorth, Ion, , North, Rista Fins, Edgewatersports1.0(4.0)
2nd64Caroline AdrienCabrinha, cabrinha, npx, mundaka, notik(4.0)
3rd16Katja RooseAirush, Airush, Protest, ION3.01.02.0(5.0)
4th121Michalina LaskowskaDobra Marina, Red Sea Monkeys2. DNC)37.016.0
5th2Christine BoennigerFlysurfer, Flyboards, Dakine, Xcel Wetsuits, Windfinder, Kitejunkie5.
6th173Elena KalininaELF-kites, Nord-West, ELF-kites, Nord-West, ELF-kites, Nord-West6.0(9.0)
7th28Agnieszka GrzymskaOzone, KS Dobra Marina7. DNC)44.023.0
8th98Paulina Ziolkowska-, -, Xenonboards8.0(13.0)
9th60Nuria GomaOzone, Mike's Lab, Oakley, Mystic, Ristafins9.0(10.0)10.09.3 RDG7.045.335.3
10th107Izzy HamiltonNA, NA, Team GBR10. DNC)58.037.0
11th104Edyta GwizdalaOzone, North, KS DOBRA MARINA(14.0)
12th30Merve Ceylanozone, aguera,, MAC, DNF)61.040.0
13th27Kathrin BorgwardtCabrinha, Cabrinha, Surfers Home Boracay11.011.0(21.0 DSQ)12.021.0 DNC76.055.0
14th167Cecilia Codaccioninorthkiteboarding.ion, northkiteboarding, ion13. DNC)78.057.0
15th63Bilge OzturkCabrinha, Aguera, Kite Academy, Seasnow, Win15. DNC)78.057.0
16th125Jade O'ConnorCabrinha, Cabrinha , Redeem&Get16.015.0(21.0 DNC)16.021.0 DNC89.068.0
17th155Marta SanchezNorth, Ozone, Temavento, Mobe 7(21.0 DNC)21.0 DNF15.017.021.0 DNC95.074.0
18th128Paochu Tien-, -, -(21.0 BFD)21.0 DNF21.0 DNC21.0 DNC21.0 DNC105.084.0
18th142Ivana Novotna-, -, -(21.0 DNC)21.0 DNC21.0 DNC21.0 DNC21.0 DNC105.084.0
18th33Marcelina Wisniewskaozone, newind, dobra marina(21.0 DNC)21.0 DSQ21.0 DSQ21.0 DNC21.0 DNC105.084.0
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