Melges 32 Caribbean Championship - Unpredictable Day 2

Melges 32 Virgin Islands Sailing Series, Caribbean Championship 2013
2013 OtterBox® Melges 32 Virgin Islands Sailing Series (M32VISS), Caribbean Championship second day of racing commenced under rainy and very cloudy conditions. Despite the dismal forecast that basically predicted nothing but unpredictable and unstable air, PRO Hank Stuart and his dedicated Royal BVI Yacht Club Race Committee were determined to make it another great day of racing in Sir Francis Drake Channel.

For about two hours, while teams waited very patiently, the Race Committee shuffled to accommodate the oscillating breeze with absolutely no luck. More rain and weather off to the east of the islands was shutting down any possibility of steady breeze. Shortly thereafter, the Race Committee packed up and headed back in the direction of Peter Island, staking out the rest of the afternoon, hoping and praying for wind on behalf of the fleet. Meanwhile teams went back to the docks and chilled for lunch.

Another two hours passed before Stuart summoned teams back to the race course, in an effort to fire off at least one race. As teams made their way to the starting area, the breeze simply vanished. No more than three knots could be confidently reported, resulting in no racing.

Friday's results stand as is heading into Sunday's final day of racing.

The afternoon dock discussion was deep as what to do on Sunday. Everyone should remain close to the Official Notice Board Online as any amendments to the final day schedule, goal number of races and first warning time are yet to be confirmed.

Tonight teams are scheduled to enjoy one of the islands very best seafood buffets at Tradewinds Restaurant, located at Peter Island. BVI Premier Dr. Orlando Smith, members of the British Virgin Islands Tourism Board as well as individuals representing title sponsor OtterBox® will be joining the fleet for dinner.

As the fleet looks to the final day of the 2013 OtterBox® Melges 32 Virgin Island Sailing Series, everyone reflects on how much fun the fleet has had racing in the Islands over the last three months. There has been much conversation about how to make more racing in the Caribbean possible for the Melges 32. Check out this Exclusive Melges USA Interview with ringleader and Melges 32 Owner Jaime Torres on Smile and Wave. The fleet is flourishing in the Caribbean, in fact, the OtterBox® VISS is responsible for fueling the Melges 32 Caribbean fire!

Top three results (Preliminary - After three races)
1.) Roberto Tomasini Grinover/Vasco Vascotto, Robertissima; 1-4-1 = 6
2.) Dalton DeVos/Jonathan McKee, Delta; 3-1-5 = 9
3.) Jaime Torres/Alex Shafer, Smile and Wave; 5-2-2 = 9

Top three overall series ranking (After two events, three races)
1.) Roberto Tommasini Grinover, Robertissima = 296 pts.
2.) Dalton DeVos, Delta = 292 pts.
3.) Ryan DeVos, Volpe = 289 pts.

Full Results:
Melges 32
 BowSail NumberYacht NameYacht DesignOwner/SkipperRace1Race2Race3Total
1.111SUI 1Robertissima 1Melges 32Roberto Tomasini Grinover1416.0
2.12USA 1215DeltaMelges 32Dalton DeVos3159.0
3.40PUR 11Smile and WaveMelges 32Jaime Torres5229.0
4.700IVB 007INTACMelges 32James Mark Plaxton23611.0
5.74USA 174LeenabarcaMelges 32Alex Jackson45312.0
6.18USA 180VolpeMelges 32Ryan DeVos66416.0
7.113PUR 113SOCAMelges 32Luis Juarbe77721.0