Mirror Nationals days 1 and 2

UK Mirror Nationals
Anthony Galante
The Crewsaver Mirror Nationals welcomed a total of 78 entries for the first day of racing. Now, races 1 and 2 have been completed with all boats currently returned or returning to shore. Conditions have been very light, with a 7 -10 knot breeze, bright sunshine and an ebb tide to contend with.

Race conditions were light throughout the two races run on day one of the 2011 Mirror Nationals, with the tide magnifying the effect of some of the windshifts. Hill Head sailor Nigel Thomas crewed by Milly Moss mastered the conditions most effectively to occupy the lead position overnight, with a one point advantage over Ed and Beth Grey. Two points further back in third position are Tom Cosier and Niamh O'Neill the first of the home based Restronguet boats.

With similar conditions to today forecast for day two it is likely to be another trying day out on the water for the 78 boat fleet.

Day two: Conditions remained light today, and resulted in the first black flag of the event following several attempts to get the first race off to a clean start. Eight boats were black flagged, and in the current difficult sailing conditions this could well prove costly to those concerned in the final standings. On his 16th birthday Rory Mackenzie got off to a fine start with a win in race 3 and a fourth in race 4, which together with the first of the discards kicking in left him in second place overall just one point behind leader Nigel Thomas.

Older brother Calum Mackenzie / Rob Thomas continued to put in consistent results in races 3 and 4, which moved him up to third place overall eight points behind the leader. Nigel Thomas / Milly Moss continue to grind out the results with a second and first in today’s races, just giving them the edge over Rory Mackenzie / Harvey Martin.

Up and down the fleet the results continue to show large variations from one race to the next for the majority of competitors, as they try to combat the wind shifts, wind strength and tide.

After Nigel Thomas / Milly Moss and Katie Davies / Gemma Keers won the aggregate buddy prize for the day one races, today it was the turn of Rory Mackenzie/ Harvey Martin and local Penzance crew Becca Stephens/Lisa Prichard to claim the aggregate buddy prize.

Day three: After a two hour wait for the wind to arrive with crews on the water, racing was abandoned for the day.

Day 3 Waiting to launch - 2009 UK Mirror Nationals
Anthony Galante

Results as of 16:29 on August 23, 2011
Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 78, Scoring system: Appendix A
TallyFleetSailNoBoat nameHelmNameCrewNameClubR1R2R3R4TotalNettRank
29G70563Flat StanleyNigel ThomasMilly MossHill Head(5.0)
15G70635Mirror Class AssociationCalum MacKenzieRob ThomasOgston(8.0)
43G70655MargotMiles OdellRory OdellNorthampton9.0(27.0)
37G70456Fat BuoyEmma GraysonRachel GraysonBeaver2.016.0(23.0)
7G70519MCAAlex HaymanAlice CourageSIDMOUTH13.01.010.0(36.0)60.024.06
23G70658Arctic Donkeez the sequelMatthew Lulham-RobinsonBenjamin Lulham-RobinsonYeadon /Otley/ Yorkshire Dales(26.0)
30S70520FishKatie DaviesGemma KeersItchenor6.0(26.0)
31G70515TwinderEdd GreyBeth GreyRoyal Windermere1.09.015.0(17.0)42.025.09
13G70606All The Right ReasonsJames WilkinsonEsme ShepherdRestronguet15.02.018.0(30.0)65.035.010
1G69667Bold ForesterMartin EganHelena WatkinsRestronguet4.012.019.0(22.0)57.035.011
53S70167Black PearlWilliam HideEmma ClaytonYorkshire Dales17.07.0(20.0)
9G70582blue bellerosie watkinsmadeleine watkinspoole(27.0)
73SH69922Harpers FerryTimothy Lachlan-CopeHunts10.025.07.0(29.0)71.042.014
21G70697forget-me-knotanna Watkinsharriet Watkinspoole21.5(45.0)
11G70603one last chancedavid conlonCharlotte bondbrightlingsea23.03.0(79.0 BFD)18.0123.044.016
41G70426Benina SplitHelena PughLibby CouragePoole20.0(29.0)
49G70190Va Va VoomTom CosierNiamh O'neillRestronguet7.05.0(35.0)
71S70547Seventh HeavenTash LawAbby GilchristItchenor25.011.011.0(28.0)75.047.019
25G70673Gone With the Wind IIIKim May-PapailiouAmy SparksPoole12.0(20.0)
67G70636padraig dolanlee thorntonmullingar(41.0)
36S70625kiss my rudderizzy mcparlandbella speirsitchenor16.0(32.0)
74G70225Still ThinkingCian HickeyPatrick MacgabhanSkerries21.519.0(24.0)14.078.554.523
39G70505Scarlet MonkeyRobert BellfieldImogen BellfieldWarsash11.015.0(79.0 BFD)32.0137.058.024
19G70618TinytanicSarah RichardsGeorge RichardsPennine36.08.0(79.0 BFD)15.0138.059.025
6S70639puffin alongJoanna kalderonimogen pudneyitchenor14.023.025.0(27.0)89.062.026
27G70668WildcatMilly PughNick PughPoole(51.0)
75S70575Half PintWill MossCameron NicholsonItchenor19.014.031.0(37.0)101.064.028
34S70564Gone with the wind 2Rebecca stephensLisa Pri!chardPenzance18.0(30.0)
55G70015B-LimeyEdward GraysonMatt FosterBeaver34.0(41.0)12.024.0111.070.030
24S70631ChipsIzzy DaviesBecky AddisonItchenor30.0(44.0)34.011.0119.075.031
3G69957RockitPeter ScottTom ScottUnited Hospitals33.024.0(79.0 BFD)31.0167.088.032
70G70560Fiddle SticksJennifer LorimerSally LorimerWarsash37.028.028.0(40.0)133.093.033
69S70538Ace of SpadesClare PetersonPoppy GilkesItchenor(38.0)
77G70263Ace of ClubsJohn PetersonEleanor Keers49.031.017.0(54.0)151.097.035
72SH69964GeorgeGraham FlynnShustoke(39.5)13.079.0 DNE6.0137.598.036
61G31809floydbrian bowdlerlauren bowdlerlooe35.042.022.0(43.0)142.099.037
17G70619xxxxxxxxOliver WhiteGeorge StainforthBeaver43.0(52.0)21.038.0154.0102.038
54S70354Flo RiderFlorrie McParlandOttilie SpruitISC39.546.0(47.0)20.0152.5105.539
14S70624Blonde MomentsGrace YeomanAnnabel FiskItchenor28.033.049.0(51.0)161.0110.040
44S70362utter chaosoliver KingJames kingbrightlingsea32.037.041.0(56.0)166.0110.041
45G70678AjaxSimon ChapmanAmy GeorgeMounts Bay44.035.033.0(49.0)161.0112.042
5G70534Catherine HideEllie BennYorkshire Dales24.036.0(55.0)53.0168.0113.043
32S70584BubblegumNatasha Ewart SmithFelix JeffriesItchenor29.0(57.0)42.042.0170.0113.044
8S70667Instant CustardApril WhiteleyJamie WhiteleyUllswater42.039.038.0(61.0)180.0119.045
26S70559Wind UpAlice TaylorPatrick TaylorItchenor(46.0)
42S70698Blue AngelOlivia HartleyEllen DickinsonItchenor(52.0)
4S70537complete and utter chaosesther bowdleraustin ruddlooe(61.0)
76S70651AscariHugo MossBen HeberItchenor45.062.030.0(79.0 DNF)216.0137.049
57S70442filthy gorgeousBob TowlerAndrew TowlerBeaver53.050.039.0(60.0)202.0142.050
35S70567BlueEleanor HideSophie BennYorkshire Dales59.0(68.0)36.048.0211.0143.051
51G70507Point Blankjohnny HillAdam HillRNIYC(56.0)
2S25004Double O FourSarah ClaytonEdward Rice-BirchellOtley / Yorshire Dales(65.0)
52S70427Cool RunningChloe MacaulayIsobel LerouxSouth Staffordshire31.0(48.0)79.0 DNE39.0197.0149.054
28Br69675SwallowJames MillsJack LushingtonRestronguet / SWSC57.0(63.0)59.035.0214.0151.055
38S70632Billy BonesBen StirrupBen Duncan-DuggalBosham47.059.048.0(63.0)217.0154.056
59Br70395FortnightAshley ShepherdScarlett ShepherdRestronguet50.056.052.0(65.0)223.0158.057
47G70124R U UP 4 IT?Mark PrichardStan PricchardMounts Bay48.060.051.0(64.0)223.0159.058
22S70676Racing DemonCelia HansellTallulah CominsItchenor62.049.053.0(68.0)232.0164.059
60S40984Ginga NinjaDominic DanielEleanor Rice-BirchallOtley(68.0)
66Br70335Gybe BunnyHarry CollinsFergus CollinsSligo(58.0)54.079.0 DNE33.0224.0166.061
63Br70176Double TroubleJessica Ann BodeRobert James BodeMount's Bay60.0(73.0)62.046.0241.0168.062
64S70393Double TroubleEllie BarkerIzzy BarkerItchenor(66.0)
65G22037SidewinderAshley MillsRuth SmithRestronguet / SWSC55.0(71.0)58.059.0243.0172.064
46G70003Encore Une FoisJake HewsoN BonsorKirsty Jane MillsWarsash54.066.054.0(70.0)244.0174.065
69S7062and PerkyMax OdellFinley BoonNorthampton(75.0)
12S70644Jamiee DodgerPatrick Willian JefferiesEdward HansellItchenor64.055.061.0(67.0)247.0180.067
62S5356153561Thomas DeanWill Rice-BirchallBeaver74.0(75.0)65.047.0261.0186.068
20Br34839tarkaJessica LenneyStephanie LenneyRSC(67.0)
40S7044770447Daniel FenechAndrea AzzopardiVikings69.0(79.0 OCS)63.062.0273.0194.070
78Br37922Small FryAnthony MartinRufus Martin63.053.0(79.0 DNS)79.0 DNS274.0195.071
58S69839Ed Over EelesTom KingBen EelesBrightlingsea71.070.057.0(74.0)272.0198.072
48Br58325LightningCharlie ReedKaty Reed/ Tom ReedBosham70.0(72.0)60.069.0271.0199.073
10Br69439B-CzarBethany AtkinsonHope LushingtonRestronguet(72.0)
16Br70033PeggyThomas CharterStephen CarverHunts(73.0)
18S69618Turley BirdJOHN TURLEYFrancesca TurleyYORKSIRE DALES(77.0)
56S70347poppy blueEleanor BellfieldRosie Daniels76.074.0(79.0 BFD)73.0302.0223.077
50G70274POLAR BEARAdrian FiskHarriet FiskItchenor(79.0 DNC)79.0 DNC79.0 DNS79.0 DNS316.0237.078

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