Noumea Race Day 8: - Elysium finishes Update @ 1230hrs

Elysium at the start of the Evolution Sails Sail Noumea 2012 race

Humphrey Sherratt and his Elysium crew crossed the finish line in Noumea this morning bringing their Evolution Sails Sail Noumea 2012 race to an end. The 46ft Elliott Tourer completed the course in 6 days, 17 hours, 55 minutes and 6 seconds.

The Elysium crew after the finish in Noumea
Three boats are now left racing, and are about 190nm from the finish, sailing from 7.6 to 9.2kts

Crew member Richard MacAllister said it was a longer than expected trip by two days but Elysium never experienced more than 45 knots of wind.

Humphrey's son Jack was on board and said that he 'hugged the bath mat' for a while during the race.

Ken Ormandy, who is supposed to be on his honeymoon, said the racing lamb shanks dinner (with bone removed to save weight) were excellent! Yes, Ken is meant to be on his honeymoon. He, along with two other crew members are on their way to the aiport to head back to Auckland this morning.

Last night three more boats finished, M1, Steinlager 2 and Bullrush, after the RP42 Rikki finished around 1620hrs local time.

The three remaining boats are expected to finish within the next 24 hours

M1 - start of Evolution Sails Sail Noumea Race 2012

Bullrush - start of Evolution Sails Sail Noumea Race 2012

Rikki - start of Evolution Sails Sail Noumea Race 2012

Steinlager 2 - start of Evolution Sails Sail Noumea Race 2012

Evolution Sails Sail Noumea 2012 – Positions at a Glance Time: 1230hrs June 8, 2012 
Line Position BoatTypeSpeedDistance to Finish
1 TeamVodafone SailingORMA 60Finished0
2 V5TP52Finished0
3 AkateaCookson 50Finished0
4 Kia KahaTP52Finished0
5 RikkiRP42Finished0
6 M1RossFinished0
7 Steinlager2Farr83Finished0
8 BullrushElliott 12Finished0
9 ElysiumElliott TourerFinished0
10 IolantheFirst 518.6kts188nm
11 BonaparteBeneteau 507.9kts173nm
12 BlizzardFarr 448.8kts204nm
 Retired  Icebreaker Ker 40 Retired - Norfolk Island 
Retired Cotton Blossom 2FarrIn Opua 
Retired CarerraMarten 49En route to Auckland 
Retired Starlight ExpressDavidson 55Retired - Norfolk Island 
Retired Beau GesteFarr 80Retired – Norfolk Island