OK Dinghy World Championships - Blasse takes the title in Pattaya

Blasse, Wilcox, Budzein - OK Dinghy Worlds 2013
At the 2013 Singha OK Dinghy World Championship in Pattaya, Thailand, Roger Blasse (AUS) has taken the title after placing second in the only race sailed on the final day. Nick Craig (GBR) took the silver while Mike Williams (AUS) took the bronze. The final race was won by defending champion Andre Budzien (GER).

It was always going to be the lightest day of the regatta and as the fleet launched at 11.00 the wind was 2-3 knots and very patchy. The race officer Kevin Wilson (AUS) was clear he would not start racing in unsuitable conditions so the fleet waited afloat in 30 degrees of heat for over two hours. Finally the breeze stabilised and the fleet got away on the second attempt in 7-8 knots which built to 14 knots during the race.

Roger Blasse - 2013 Singha OK Dinghy World Championships Day 4
Mary Reddyhoff
By this time it was looking like only one race was possible within the time limit, so Blasse didn't actually need sail, but he got a great start and dominated the first beat to lead round from Budzien. The two battled round the course only for Budzien to take the lead in the closing stages for his fourth race win of the week. Blasse crossed in second with Jorgen Svendsen (DEN) in third again.

The more interesting battle was between Craig and Williams for the runner up slot. Initially Williams had the advantage with a five boat gap on Craig, but Craig whittled away the gap and closed up on the downwind to move ahead and cross in eighth, just ahead of Williams in ninth.

So Roger Blasse wins his second world title after first winning in 1998. Next year the worlds returns to his home club of Black Rock in Melbourne, Australia where he will be a firm favourite. He said, 'Of course I am really happy to win, but this week has really showed how competitive the OK fleet has become. I also think It was a smart move to delay the start today. But 'Slippery Stool' was an appropriate name for my boat today as I had to stop for a 'comfort break' immediately after the race as I was feeling rather ill all day.'

Four time champion Nick Craig is again on the podium, but still pleased with the silver coming out of the European winter with very little on the water training. He said, 'This has been the best event I have ever done, both in terms of the sailing and on the shore, and I have done a lot of events over the last 30 years.'

Mike Williams is on the podium for the second time after being the runner up in 2010. 'Well done to Roger, he was superbly consistent, and congratulations also to Nick, he's a real competitor. Bad luck to Andre Budzien, but I hope to see everyone again at Black Rock next year.'

At the prizegiving tonight Roger Blasse paid tribute to the club, it's staff, the event fantastic sponsor Singha and summed up everyone's thoughts by saying, 'This club is a hidden gem; it's been an absolutely fantastic week.' There was also a genuine feeling that the sailors wanted to return to Pattaya in the not too distant future for another championship.

Top 10 - 2013 OK Dinghy World Championship

Sailors pay tribute to Club staff - 2013 OK Dinghy World Championship

Craig, Blasse and Williams on the podium - 2013 OK Dinghy World Championship

Results Scores take into account 1  discard
1AUS 749Roger Blasse17.0312223(5)22
2GBR 2150Nick Craig32.04313(bfd)5448
3AUS 730Michael Williams35.01024171(50)19
4NZL 517Paul Rhodes46.0241374475(27)
5AUS 735Mark Jackson49.0(11)66568666
6NZL 544Greg Wilcox55.0815543(20)974
7DEN 1411Jorgen Svendsen59.065(32)22512333
8DEN 1409Stefan Myralf68.059(35)69711813
9GER 782Andre Budzien91.0173(ocs)121dnf1
10GBR 2118Terry Curtis95.0121481110151213(24)
11AUS 754Brent Williams100.0711713(39)9191618
12DEN 1364Jorgen Lindhardtsen116.0141012(ocs)2211101819
13GER 693Martin von Zimmermann117.0161210(41)1416281011
14NZL 542Alistair Deaves120.02313159(25)23151210
15GER 778Soenke Behrens139.022(32)14181314202315
16NZL 535Mike Wilde141.0(36)2416162310141523
17NZL 546Luke O’Connell154.029(42)29261119131116
18GBR 2152Lee Child170.0(dnf)332128822172417
19DEN 1335Mogens Johansen172.02023(34)142117242231
20AUS 734Edward O’Donnell176.01322(46)251521211445
21AUS 736Mark Skelton183.035(40)20291626162714
22GBR 2138Robert Deaves184.02118281728252621(32)
23GBR 2151Jonathan Fish189.0(bfd)898126dnf1754
24GER 775Joerg Rademacher191.015292721(bfd)18312822
25NZL 533Rob Hengst194.01827193118282726(33)
26GER 618Peter Scheuerl210.04017113927242329(43)
27AUS 741Gary Lokum211.02419184520333319(53)
28GER 773Rudiger Prinz219.0253630342929(37)315
29POL 27Jakub Kania228.02631(bfd)12dsq3418257
30DEN 1421Bo Petersen240.09164010(bfd)132dncdnc
31NOR 472Jens Makholm241.017214420373244(dnc)26
32AUS 760Mark Roberts244.02735(39)352427253338
33AUS 750Peter Robinson257.033(48)45241730363636
34GBR 2147Alex Scoles260.03126223633423535(52)
35GER 765Rainer Pospiech262.03934(51)193241343825
36AUS 727Don Williams277.019202527(bfd)314337dsq
37AUS 761Anrdrew Baker294.032(50)41323435394041
38NZL 531Adrian Coulthard302.03037(58)483638294242
39DEN 1407Malte Pedersen306.04341262331(dns)633049
40GBR 2158John Ball310.048393751194432(bfd)40
41POL 5Darek Kras314.053302437(bfd)47403251
42AUS 725David Ketteridge322.0474738432648(51)4429
43SWE 11Bengt Stromberg323.03438561540(dns)305357
44DEN 1414Reker Andersen337.05025(bfd)30385552dnf12
45GER 670Hinnerk Ries340.0285831494237(dnc)dnc20
46NZL 539John Shirley344.04143(48)464445473939
47AUS 726Peter Lynch360.0(bfd)dnf363330393834bfd
48NZL 490Jake Weeks362.0(dnf)dnc23473546454150
49AUS 756Michael Horvath363.04949(dnf)404540464648
50GER 735Gericke Dirk370.0455342(60)4152484544
51GER 771Ralf Mackmann375.042(dns)59dnc5736424321
52AUS 759Elizabeth Williams376.052(dnf)49505043494934
53GER 757Falk Hagemann389.0(55)5153534351554835
54GER 777Andreas Pich393.0515433444653(dnc)dnc37
55GER 680Jan-Dietmar Dellas397.04646524249585351(dnc)
56NZL 524Miles Addy402.037441738(dnf)dnc41dnfdnc
57GBR 2042Richard Burton408.03828(dnc)dncbfddnc2220dnc
58AUS 729Andre Blasse422.0(dnc)dncdncdncdncdnc8930
59NZL 516Julian Bishop422.054555055(bfd)50564755
60GER 697Joerg Posny431.057565464535960(dnf)28
61POL 58Tomek Dembinski451.05852645254(dnc)595458
62GER 766Gunnar Goronzi459.0(dnf)dnf60564754615056
63GBR 2112Tom Lonsdale460.044454354(bfd)49dnfdncdnc
64AUS 695Jake O’Donnell472.0(bfd)575558515758dnc61
65AUS 706Erik Thompson475.059(dnc)dnf615656545559
66THA 7Manut Photong483.062(dnf)6263526162dnc46
67POL 3Robert Glowacki488.0(dnf)596162dnfdnc575247
68GBR 2083Chris Biscomb510.06160655755(dnc)dncdnc62
69THA 1Supakon Pongwichean521.056(dnf)57dns4860dnfdncdnf
70AUS 737Tom Pearce525.060(dnf)475959dncdncdncdnc
71GBR 2058Mary Reddyhoff550.064(dnc)66dnc60dncdncdnc60
72AUS 745Steve Schmidt560.065(dnf)dnfdnc5862dnfdncdnc
73GBR 2125Adrian Walker562.063(dnc)63dnc61dncdncdncbfd
74THA 1278Eugen Hadamovsky600.0(dnc)dncdncdncdncdncdncdncdnc
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