Pinnell and Gibbon are 505 World Champions

505 Worlds 2008

After the hooter on the start boat (which coincidentally sounds exactly like the sick horn of a 1966 Fiat 500) sounded thrice, signalling the cancellation of race seven of the 505 Worlds, the British team of Ian Pinnell and Carl Gibbon, (Hayling Island Sailing Club), threw their hands up in glee - then Gibbon promptly chucked Pinnell in the Mediterranean to celebrate their World Championship victory.

This has been a tough series for all involved - with winds in Mondello, Sicily, rarely reaching above six knots and many races were run with crews folded and contorted to leeward. Today's highlight (apart from Pinnell's victory) during the extensive on-water delay, was a game of boat Cricket using a tennis ball and paddle and involving most of the 14 strong Australian contingent and the popular bikini clad German girl's crew.

There is still one race to go tomorrow and that will decide the minor places - with weather forecasts differing dramatically, its hard to know for sure what the outcome will be.

But so far the perennial runner up, and previous World Champion, Howie Hamlin and his crew Andy Zinn from Newport Beach, California look pretty good in second. They are closely followed by another previous World Champion Wolfgang Hunger and Julien Kliener (Germany) and the Bojsen Moller brothers from Denmark. Rounding out the top five are the immediate past World Champions Jan Saugmann and Morten Ramsbeck, also from Denmark.

It would be true to say that things here in Sicily don't exactly run at a blistering pace. There are few clocks visible, people don't wear watches and things tend to be measured in geological time rather than the more common hours, minutes and seconds. That all being said, its pretty easy to forget the troubles of the world here in Mondello where the azure Mediterranean challenges even the most literate to conjur accurate superlatives and the sun worshipping locals' easy, relaxed nature is infectious. Except when you want something done... but otherwise the locals complete lack of stress is only matched by the tranquil ocean's windless beauty.

505 Worlds 2008
Laid back would also best describe Ian 'Nellie' Pinnell's demeanour. Nellie has won numerous Worlds in other classes, but counts this 505 Worlds as his greatest triumph. And for Nellie, it was never really in doubt. His results have been consistent - currently his worst race is a ninth with all the other results in the top four. Truly remarkable and completely unique in this series.

From the outset, with a win in the first race, a second in the second then a second and fourth the next day he sprinted to an early and substantial lead where others weren't nearly as consistent. He never really looked in doubt, but when questioned after racing he took it all within his stride, with a typically casual approach, and simply said he'd... 'had a good day and got a bit lucky'. Day after day after day.

When we talked to Ian after the non-race today, he was enjoying a foaming Sicilian Birra, he had this to say about the regatta; 'Well, obviously I am really happy. I guess the biggest thing for us was we were able to be in the right place most of the time and got solid results, where the other boats were a bit up and down. It was our time I guess.

'My crew Carl has been tremendous - the feedback I get from him is invaluable and I don't think any one got past us downwind, he really keeps the boat fast no matter what the conditions.'

Mixed results is right - all of the top boats are carrying some really big numbers, with the series only going to a maximum of seven races there is only one drop which has put the noses out of many boats that were scored DNF
on the second day. More than 80 boats didn't finish within the time limit (did we say it was light here?) of race three. But still as they say, the cream rises and there is no doubt that the top 10 have earned their results.

RESULTS: 505 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2008 AFTER 6 RACES   Total Points Exclude One Discarded Race Per Boat 
NoNumberSurnames (Helmsman, Crew)Points123456
1GBR 8960PINNELL, GIBBON, Male13,012424(9)
2USA 8762HAMLIN, ZINN, Male30,0(56)161157
3GER 8957HUNGER, KLEINER, Male40,043(18)61512
4DEN 8962BOJSEN - MOLLER, BOJSEN - MOLLER, Male45,05153(54)319
5DEN 8964SAUGMANN, RAMSBAEK, Male53,010615202(27)
6USA 8714MARTIN, NELSON, Male54,0618(35)13611
7GER 8721CHRISTOPHERSEN, SALEIN, Male / under 2559,07912(41)265
8AUS 8817DAVIS, DUFFIELD, Male64,0124278(28)13
9GER 8693DAISENBERGER, LAUTENSCHLAGER, Male / under 2569,0211119(48)162
10GER 8651KELLNER, SCHOLER, Male69,015(35)207234
11AUS 8920QUIRK, REFFOLD, Male72,045(dnf)53910
12DEN 8826BOJLAND, FRIIS, Male78,0929118(61)21
13GER 8728SCHOMAKER, GORGE, Mixed87,0227141034(55)
14GER 8927GORGE, RIX, Male89,029731211(48)
15USA 8883MOORE, FALSONE, Male90,081442422(60)
16SUI 8954STAUFFER, JACOT, Male93,024258297(46)
17GER 8875FINDEL, TELLEN, Male95,0315(47)40181
18AUS 8840CAMERON, BOWDEN, Male95,030(dnf)7162022
19SUI 8543BART, MARTI, Male98,0132122438(dsq)
20GER 8947NIEDIEK, HEISING, Male98,022169(44)2526
21USA 8715BIXBY, BOOTHE, Male102,0172330131(44)
22USA 8830KEY, BUTTNER, Male104,0(52)2632121915
23GER 8751BIRKNER, STENGER, Female108,011102439(dsq)24
24GER 8975SCHEDER - BIESCHIN, JESS, Male112,0320344213(47)
25USA 8919GOSCH, McKEIGE, Male116,0341925929(40)
26FIN 8466HYYSALO, SALONEN, Male119,0(65)1211262743
27ITA 8916CIFERRI, NATALI, Male127,03813401521(53)
28GBR 8835WALTERS, CRAM, Male128,01934(39)313014
29GER 8958KOCHLIN, ACHTERBERG, Male129,014(dsq)2136508
30GER 8807LEHMANN, OEHME, Male133,023(41)17353523
31FIN 8923LINDGREN, WOLONTIS, Male134,0(40)3613193234
32GBR 8526BIRD, NURSE, Male138,050(dnf)2837176
33USA 8937TAUGHER, BELL, Male144,054(dnf)375453
34GER 8720TASCHE, TASCHE, Male / under 25 / under 21149,0371716(74)1168
35GER 8672CONTAG, VON WALTER, Male152,03386217(79)32
36AUS 8801CHAPPELL, GILL, Male160,035(dnf)22341059
37IRL 8961BARRY, DWYER, Male165,01824(52)324051
38FRA 8900GUBRI, DI PEDE, Male169,02530(46)463731
39USA 8822HOLT, EDWARDS, Male197,055(dnf)45334618
40GER 8669BOGER, SCHONER, Male199,047(dnf)10255265
41USA 7875MILLER, SMITH, Male199,06722(89)274142
42GER 8599DUWE, HELMS, Male201,016(dnf)44475341
43GER 8580WEIGELT, HENNING, Male205,0(72)3349593925
44FRA 8844BROISE, DES JAMONIERES, Male205,026(dnf)33653645
45GBR 8935SHORT, SHORT, Male206,020373649(70)64
46AUS 8922CUNEO, WARLOW, Male209,043385643(83)29
47DEN 8828ANDERSEN, ANDREASEN, Male212,057(dnf)4178828
48GER 8965PLATTNER, ALARIE, Male213,058(dns)23306339
49AUS 8921LOTT, FRANKS, Male214,053395728(67)37
50GBR 8881SCUTCHER, DIEBITSCH, Male220,032(dnf)381412raf
51SUI 8613PETERMANN, GROB, Male231,061(dnf)43631450
52GBR 8701NAPIER, PEARSON, Male244,028(dnf)65643354
53AUS 8853JACKSON, HOLDEN, Male246,059(dnf)74227120
54GER 8665SCHLOMKA, WIHLFAHRT, Male246,060(dnf)26554263
55GBR 8905TURNBULL, LUNN, Male254,06442592366(78)
56AUS 8968HANSEN - KNARHOI, ATTWELL, Male259,070315038(72)70
57FRA 8270GACHET, VALERY, Male261,044(dnf)53507836
58FRA 8950DE KERGARIOU, CAMUSSON, Male270,071(dnf)55565830
59IRL 8514SCANNELL, O' SULLIVAN, Male277,042(dnf)29456596
60GER 8775HOLZAPFEL, ENGEL, Male282,068287677(100)33
61FRA 7771LOYAL, DETAPPE, Male284,027(dns)66536276
62FRA 8748AGRAPART, AGRAPART, Mixed292,049(dnf)69694362
63GER 8825TROCH, KONIG, Male296,089(dnf)51514461
64GBR 8708GOULT, RUSSELL, Male306,079(dnf)48675656
65USA 8831JEANGIRARD, VON GREY, Male309,062(dnf)63755158
66FIN 8768NIEMINEN, LEHTONEN, Male322,093(dnf)75612469
67GER 8929WALDHEIM, BUSSENIUS, Male324,048(dnf)85876935
68FIN 8924RAITA, NURMELA, Male330,0(95)4084725777
69ITA 8097BOSIO, SUPERINA, Male333,036(dnf)54797391
70FRA 8949FAUCHEUX, DUQUESNE, Male337,069(dnf)77584885
71FRA 8321NEVO, BOUTON, Male340,099(dnf)72668716
72GER 8956FORSTER, NEUSS, Male345,075(dns)61716474
73FRA 8895DEVAUX, DUBUC, Male347,039(dnf)88528187
74FIN 8057LINDFORS, HALONEN, Male356,074(dnf)86768238
75POL 8358JOZEFOWSKI, BARANKIEWICZ, Male361,051(dnf)64579792
76AUS 8781ALEXANDER, GREGG, Male371,097(dnf)87606067
77AUS 8588SMITH, SMITH, Mixed376,066(dnf)81809257
78AUS 8855STOWELL, BAILEY, Male391,084(dnf)60739975
79GER 8513KONIG, BRACK, Male393,063(dnf)73937490
80ITA 8743GIRALDI, CORBELLINI, Male400,08532(dns)10180102
81FRA 8402BLEUEZ, ROUCAYROL, Male400,078(dnf)82827682
82USA 8441SCHLUTER, SCHLUTER, Male401,046(dnf)808610980
83AUS 8501FINCH, SHINER, Male / under 25 / under 21403,0105(dnf)71817571
84GBR 8955ILIFFE, LAKE, Male413,080(dnf)839249109
85FIN 8053EBELING, HEIMSCH, Male422,073(dnf)1017054dns
86GER 6816JUNGCLAUS, LAUDAGE, Male427,082(dns)678310293
87IRL 8679BARRY, LANE, Male / under 25428,083(dnf)97905999
88USA 8904GUY, TOTH, Male431,091(dnf)10810810717
89POL 8130GRABOWSKI, OLKO, Male433,094(dnf)786294105
90POL 8416ZAGORSKI, JUCKIEWICZ, Male434,077(dnf)988910466
91IRL 8542KENNEALLY, DUNLEA, Male443,041(dnf)10010088114
92AUS 8185RIDGWAY, ROSS, Male443,098(dnf)dns855581
93FRA 8847BOIRY, GOUGEON, Male443,086(dnf)92949873
94AUS 8893ROBINSON, PENFOLD, Male445,087(dnf)689195104
95GER 8772TANNER, TANNER, Mixed448,0102(dnf)91688998
96GER 8744KANDZIA, DEUTSCHER, Male459,096(dnf)701119389
97ITA 8127GAMBARDELLA, CANDELA, Male460,081(dnf)111998683
98GBR 8497GEORGE, CARTWRIGHT, Male469,0108(dnf)581109697
99GER 8598VON MERTENS, VON HOYER, Mixed471,0109(dns)1129647107
100GER 8712LABENZ, LABENZ, Male475,0106(dnf)105889086
101AUS 8628CROFT, RUSHTON, Male483,0114(dns)9011910852
102ITA 8882GALLO, LOCE, Male484,0101(dnf)79dsq8595
103ITA 8944MANZI, ANNESE, Male485,0120(dnf)951186884
104GER 8862HANSGEN, RUPPRICH, Male488,0113(dnf)1021039179
105AUS 8177PAYNE, EDMONSTON – FEARN, Male497,090(dnf)9311377dnf
106AUS 8498WARNE, SCHOLES, Male497,088(dnf)94102112101
107GER 8370STUMPEL, STUMPEL, Mixed502,0103(dnf)11611412049
108GER 8433ANTON, DENECKE, Male513,092(dnf)10798105111
109GBR 8907BERRY, BARNES, Male515,0115(dns)1039584118
110GER 8500HENGE, FEDDE, Male515,0117(dnf)1049710394
111GER 8730WILTS, HOLM, Male516,076(dnf)106107119108
112USA 8577VAN DEVENTER, LALLI, Male520,0107(dnf)99104110100
113AUS 8682HYDE, EDNEY, Male522,0100(dnf)11884117103
114GER 8282LEMPP, RAUNER, Male535,0104(dnf)109106101115
115GBR 8591BELL, WARD, Male537,0119(dnf)96105111106
116USA 8245DORE, PITTACK, Male544,0112(dnf)11511611388
117USA 8939WYLES, RENDA, Male561,0(dns)dnf110109106112
118USA 8821LONG, LONG, Mixed568,0(dns)dnfdnsdnsdns72
119GBR 8745MCGALE, PEARSON, Male573,0118(dns)113117115110
120CAN 8910JANIDLO, JANIDLO, Mixed574,0111(dnf)117112118116
121GER 7732FELDMANN, HARTMANN, Female575,0110(dnf)114120114117
122GBR 8423WRIGHT, YOUNG, Male579,0116(dnf)119115116113
123ITA 4970INGOGLIA, INGOGLIA, Male615,0(dnf)dnsdnfdnfdnf119
505 Worlds 2008