RS End of Season Championships overall

RS End of Season Championships 2012
Datchet Water Sailing Club hosted the first ever RS End of Season Championships on November 10/11 with Crewsaver as event sponsors. This was the first time that the RS Feva class was involved in an event with all the other adult RS fleets. It proved an excellent showcase as the Feva youngsters were able to see the whole 'RS stable', with 153 boats from across the ‘RS family’ joining in. 51 Feva’s were joined on a trapezoid course by 35 RS 200’s ; whilst RS 100/300/400/500/600/700/800’s raced on a second trapezoid course.

Saturday began with the most detailed of briefings from PRO Barry Peters, who was soon to become the voice of the club. And what a club, Barry introduced us to the views of Windsor Castle, the 1.8 mile lake with 87ft of water depth and it’s ancestral history as a dodgy night club called Queens, where the bouncer was the inspiration for Vinnie Jones’ character in Lock Stock and 2 smoking Barrels. Not your usual briefing by a long chalk.

Course Race Officer, Dave Hazard had the RS100/300/500/600/700 on the first start on an outer loop. The racing was well organised with interesting beats and tactical runs. There was never a 'one way track' round the course, with the shifts providing plenty to think about on the Saturday. With a joint start for 100s, 300s, 500s, 600 and 700 there were added challenges. The 800’s were second start on an inner loop, but the very light breezes meant that the front 400's glided past many of the 8's.

Andy Bull was CRO for the RS200 and Feva course. Conditions were made extremely challenging as the committee boat was restricted to a 'fixed' mooring which resulted in lack of space whenever the wind swung right. The team managed to 'tweak' the course for the second race and the 200's were sent off whilst the Feva's were still plodding around the long course. The light conditions proved very difficult for the Feva back markers but the CRO took the opportunity to finish some at the top or bottom of the inner loop.

RS End of Season Championships 2012
The 200's got three races in, but the Feva's only two on the Saturday, one of which was a marathon lasting over an hour.

The CRO’s did well to get the races done and dusted before the beautiful sun set. The conditions were described interestingly by one of the RS400 sailors 'idyllic conditions of beautiful crimson sunset behind the oldest castle in the world mixed in with a gentle breeze of 4-5 knots and the dulcet tones of the safety Rib and British Airways finest Ladies of the sky every 45 seconds.'

The Crewsaver RS End of Season Party was great fun, excellent value, good food and well supported with entertainment of steel drums and guitar before the main band.

On Sunday a thick frost and thin fog covered the area. The campers looked cold but the club provided a great breakfast. At 10 am ‘on the dot’, the starts got away in bright sunshine and a less shifty five knots, which built to eight knots at times.

All fleets observed a one minute silence as a sign of respect for Remembrance Day, with finishing hoots and whistles, plus starting sequences resuming at 11.05.

The Feva winner was decided on the final race with close racing over both days but it was Robbie and Alex King whose consistency paid off to give them a one point lead. Same again for the 200 fleet with Andy Shaw and Pippa Horne taking the title by one point. In the 8’s it was Roger Phillips and Will Crocker winning by two points whilst Nick Craig and Toby Lewis ‘cleaned up’ with six wins in the 400 fleet.

The multi fleet start saw Giles Peckham win the 100’s; Harry McVicar managed a ‘clean sweep’ to win the 300’s; Peter and James Curtis win the 500’s ( again with a string of firsts ); whilst Seb Hansell and Alex Young were the only 6’s and 7’s.

The sun shone all day long and with three races for all, the sailors returned to shore pretty happy with November racing.

Results are final as of 15:06 on November 11, 2012 Feva Fleet Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 53, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankFleetSail NoClubHelm NameCrew NameRatingR1R2R3R4R5R6TotalNett
1stFeva4734WarsashRobbieKingAlexKing (10.0) 22.012.0
2ndFeva6HollowellArranHolmanJoshHaynes 32.013.0
3rdFeva3357HISCTomDarlingWillDolin 1.02.0(15.0)13.01.0 32.017.0
4thFeva4332HISCElliottWellsJakeTodd (15.0) 34.019.0
5thFeva4924Lymington Town SCSamuelGradeKatiePrescott (14.0) 35.021.0
5thFeva3424Docklands SWCCourtneyBilbroughOrlaMitchell 32.021.0
7thFeva1883Ogston Sailing ClubHarveyMartinWillWard 41.026.0
8thFeva4883HISCJamieSmithPiersNicholls 7.0(13.0) 41.028.0
9thFeva4103Wembley SCSamLythogeJamesScott 58.034.0
10thFeva5028Alton Water Sports CentreWillTaylorMattTaylor 4.0(18.0) 56.038.0
 RS 200 FleetSailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 38, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankFleetSail NoClubHelm NameCrew NameRatingR1R2R3R4R5R6TotalNett
1stRS 200854 Andy ShawPippa Horne
1stRS 2001481Highcliffe SCJames RusdenWill Rusden 5.0(7.0)
3rdRS 2001520 Robert GullenRosie Sibthorp 2.0(22.0)
4thRS 2001350Hayling Island SCBen PalmerKate Gibbs
5thRS 2001317Arun YCJack HoldenAlice Courage (21.0)
6thRS 200681Papercourt SCPhilip WhiteRobert White
7thRS 2001239Littleton SCDaniel GoodmanDebbie Robertshaw
8thRS 2001510Bristol Corinthian YCClaire WalshDarren McNamara 6.0(31.0)
9thRS 2001422Grafham Water SCDavid JessopCaroline Martin
10thRS 2001228 Joe AdamsEmma Lucas
10thRS 2001460Burghfield SCChris MartinKatherine Martin
 RS 300 FleetSailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 7, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankFleetSail NoClubHelm NameCrew NameRatingR1R2R3R4R5R6TotalNett
1stRS 300523Aldenham SCHarry McVicar
2ndRS 300454 Duncan Jenkins  2.0(3.0)
3rdRS 300500Aldenham SCPete Ellis DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC34.026.0
4thRS 300509 James Carnague DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC35.027.0
5thRS 300386Aldenham SCJohn Moore DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC38.030.0
6thRS 300374 Dan Skinner DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC42.034.0
7thRS 300530Aldenham SCMarcus Flint DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC44.036.0
 RS 400 FleetSailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 19, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankFleetSail NoClubHelm NameCrew NameRatingR1R2R3R4R5R6TotalNett
1stRS 4001383Frensham Pond SCNick CraigTobytastic Lewis (1.0)
2ndRS 4001275Snettisham Beach SCJasper BarnhamSlim Sexton 3.0(6.0)
3rdRS 4001344Queen Mary Sailing ClubJames GeorgeIzzy Mitchall
3rdRS 4001379 Caroline WhitehouseElaine Jones 2.0(7.0)
5thRS 4001236Wilsonian SCMark HeatherDan Martin 4.0(13.0)
6thRS 4001231Burghfield SCNick MartinRob Martin 7.03.0(10.0)
7thRS 4001021 Roger BennettLesley Sarjanston? 5.0(9.0)
8thRS 400854Weston SCDavid RickardChris Brown 9.0(10.0)
8thRS 400965 Peter BennettLiss Bennett DNC)66.046.0
10thRS 4001051Netley SCMatt SheahanEllie Sheahan (16.0)
11thRS 4001390Datchet Water SCAndy HatchDan Hawkins DNC)20.0 DNC20.0 DNC85.065.0
11thRS 4001406Royal North of Ireland YCDave CheyneStevie Kane 12.014.0(20.0 DNC)20.0 DNC11.
13thRS 400845 Douglas ClowIan Hamilton DNC)86.066.0
14thRS 4001101 Simon BakerLiam Horgan 17.0(18.0)
14thRS 400799Silverwing SCMike WebbAlex Nokes (20.0 DNC)
16thRS 4001263 Matt BaileyChris Bailey 10.04.0(20.0 DNC)20.0 DNC20.0 DNC20.0 DNC94.074.0
16thRS 4001403Burghfield SCAndy RodwellChris Carrington-Smith DNC)20.0 DNC20.0 DNC94.074.0
18thRS 4001078 Peter JacksonTom Noakes 8.011.0(20.0 DNC)20.0 DNC20.0 DNC20.0 DNC99.079.0
19thRS 4001406Queen Mary SCJames GeorgeIzzi Mitchell (20.0 DNC)20.0 DNC20.0 DNC20.0 DNC20.0   
 RS 100 FleetSailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 11, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankFleetSail NoClubHelm NameCrew NameRatingR1R2R3R4R5R6TotalNett
1stRS 100359Gurnard SCGiles Peckham
2ndRS 100388 Colin Smith
3rdRS 100134Gurnard SCMark Harrison  (3.0)
4thRS 100135Gurnard SCJane Peckham
5thRS 100221Datchet Water SCMartin Wilson  6.0(7.0)
6thRS 100206Datchet Water SCMike Beckett DNC)46.534.5
6thRS 100250Datchet Water SCJohn Kewley  (9.0)
8thRS 100302 Nick Barnett  8.0(12.0 DNC)12.0 DNC6.
9thRS 100228Gurnard SCTim Le Mare  5.08.0(12.0 DNC)4.012.0 DNC12.0 DNC53.041.0
10thRS 100357 Troy Kristenson  (12.0 DNC)12.0 DNC12.0 DNC12.0 DNC12.0 DNC12.0 DNC72.060.0
10thRS 1001111Hayling Island SCDebbie Darling  (12.0 DNC)12.0 DNC12.0 DNC12.0 DNC12.0 DNC12.0 DNC72.060.0
RS 600 FleetSailed: 2, Discards: 0, To count: 2, Entries: 1, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankFleetSail NoClubHelm NameCrew NameRatingR1R2R3R4R5R6TotalNett
1stRS 600703Downs SCSeb Hansell     1.0
RS 700 FleetSailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 2, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankFleetSail NoClubHelm NameCrew NameRatingR1R2R3R4R5R6TotalNett
1stRS 700776 Alex Young   3.03.0
2ndRS 700949Queen Mary SCMatt Conner  3.0 DNC3.0 DNC3.0 DNC   9.09.0
 RS 800 FleetSailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 27, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankFleetSail NoClubHelm NameCrew NameRatingR1R2R3R4R5R6TotalNett
1stRS 8001089Emberton Park SCRoger PhillipsWill Crocker
2ndRS 8001180Bristol Corinthian YCTom HalheadStu Jagger (5.0)
3rdRS 8001187RYADavid HiveySarah Martin
4thRS 8001144 Nicholas CharlesChristian Humphrey 6.0(11.0)
5thRS 8001189Castle Cove SCHugh ShoneHannah Tattersall (14.0)
5thRS 8001129Royal Lymington YCLuke McEwenEmma McEwen 10.01.0(11.0)
7thRS 8001133Burghfield SCJustin DealEmma Deal
8thRS 8001203Grafham Water SCTim SaxtonClaire Lasko 4.0(21.0)
9thRS 8001010Cardiff Bay YCJohn WarburtonJames Clapham
10thRS 8001121Beaver SCOliver ScrimshawJames Penty 16.0(20.0)
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