RS Eurocup - RS800s at Carnac

RS800 action at YC Carnac - Zhik RS Eurocup
Franck Gicquiaud/Littoral Ouest
Zhik RS Eurocup 2011 had a fleet of RS800's out on the water at YC Carnac racing in sunny weather with good winds and flat waters.

During day one of racing the RS800 fleet that made the voyage across the channel to Carnac were welcomed with champagne sailing conditions. The amazing sun and wind made for incredible sailing and a good practise session for the Nationals in Weymouth!
Andy Jeffries and Allyson Ody got off to a cracking start by port tacking the fleet in race one and then extending away to taker the win by some distance, definitely proving that their new boat isn’t slow! Roger Phillips and Will Crocker sailed a savvy race, reading the shifts well and working their way through to second. Stevie Wilson and Ash Davidson were a good third.

The breeze picked up to a glorious 15-18 knots for the second race which allowed brilliantly fast runs on the flat water. Andy and Allyson took another win with Stevie and Damian giving them a good run for their money all the way round. Tom Halhead and Stuart Jagger sailed another good consistent race to come third, showing that they’ve not lost their speed in their break from 800 sailing.

It was great to race against the French boats too, with Jeanlouis Treguier and Ludovic Collin having some great upwind pace. They are first French boat overnight in seventh place.

The fleet are now off to enjoy some great French food and drink with plenty of time to recover before the sea breeze kicks in tomorrow for our relaxed 1:00pm start, magnific!

For Sunday, day two, racing started overcast with an unstable light breeze. After a short postponement onshore allowing the breeze to stabalise the fleet launched in around seven to eight knots.

The first race started cleanly and it quickly became obvious that being on the correct wind shift was outplaying boat speed. Tom Hallhead/Stuart Jagger lead at the windward mark closely followed by Stevie Wilson/Ash Davison and Andy Jeffries/Allyson Ody. With the shifty light breeze and long course the positions changed several times down the run. Up the second beat Wilson/Davison took the lead and extended a decent gap and held on to take the win followed by Jeffries/Ody with Hallhead/Jagger finishing off the top three.

The second race started in the same way as the first, still a light breeze and 15 degree wind shifts. Again the fleet was very tight together at the windward mark with Hallhead/Jagger leading, a position they held onto until the finish. The next few boats got a bit involved with each other up the second beat, missing that the sun had come out and the breeze beginning the clock round to the right. This allowed the main pack to catch right up. By the end of the race Jeanlouis Treguier/Ludovic Collin were in second and Chris Webber/Emma Pethybridge third.

The sun decided to back in for the third race so we were back to the light shifty seven knots. The start line was pushed a bit hard in this race, with Wilson/Davison being caught OCS. Jeffries/Ody led at the windward mark, again closely followed by the pack.

This time up the second beat there was an overly sized left hand shift which caught out a few teams who had gone right with the sun beginning to shine through again. Jeffries/Ody who seem to be the form team this week held their lead to the finish, with Dan Kilsby/Bart Brigden taking advantage of the left shift climbing up to second and Hallhead/Jagger finishing off the top three.

RgsIdentConcurrentsPRetPtotc.1c.2c.3c.4c.5c.6c.7c.8Club / Pays
11182Jeffries AndyOdy Allyson7.0015.0011.0011.0022.0066.0011.0011.0022.0011.00Grande-Bretagne
21184Wilson StevieDavison Ash13.0033.0033.0022.0011.0088.00OCS12.00DPI3.0011.0033.00Grande-Bretagne
31180Halhead TomJagger Stuart16.0031.0044.0033.0033.0011.0033.0066.0099.0022.00Grande-Bretagne
41Webber ChrisPethybridge Emma24.0037.0077.0055.0044.0033.0044.0055.0033.0066.00Grande-Bretagne
5985Kilsby DanBridgen Bart25.0046.0055.0044.0077.0099.0022.0033.00DNF12.0044.00Grande-Bretagne
61089Phillips RogerCrocker Will27.0040.0022.0066.0055.0044.0055.0077.0066.0055.00Grande-Bretagne
71017Treguier Jean louisCollin Ludovic29.0043.0066.0077.0066.0022.0077.0044.0044.0077.00C.N.ViryChatillonSRBrest
81151Hinsley JohnTuner Jane43.0063.001010.0088.001010.0055.0099.0088.0055.0088.00Grande-Bretagne
9982Poyner PhilipHawkins James46.0065.00DPI9.0099.0088.0077.0066.0099.0077.001010.00Grande-Bretagne
10822Pryor Simon,  Tom53.0074.0099.001010.0099.001010.0088.00DPI11.0088.0099.00Grande-Bretagne

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