Results are final for this year’s Lake Ontario 300 Challenge

Setanta crew - LO300C PHRF Winner. Joe Doris at the helm of Setanta.
Sarah Danahy
Redress hearings were held this Tuesday July 23, 2013 at Port Credit Yacht Club to address multiple requests from time taken out of the race for a few reasons.

Redress was granted to the yacht Tango racing in IRC 2 for assistance they rendered after spotting a flare during the leg from Ford Shoal to Main Duck Island. After reporting the sighting to Coast Guard they were instructed to proceed to the site. Tango responded and provided assistance until Coast Guard took over. The outcome of the Search and Rescue has not been verified, but our thanks go to the skipper and crew for their providing the necessary assistance in this matter.
As a result of the redress hearing there will be 2 second place flags given out for IRC2

IMXtreme crew - LO300C IRC winner
Sarah Danahy

Boomerang, skippered by Jason Smyth sailing in the Solo Challenge was also granted redress for the time taken to stand by and provide assistance to the yachts Black Diamond and Mythos who were caught up on rocks in the False Duck Island area. After witnessing the boats in distress Jason dropped sails to return to the area and stand by until given the clear that things were OK. The Lake Ontario 300 Organizing committee would like to thank Jason for his effort in providing assistance. It takes a larger amount of effort for a Solo Sailor to take time out drop and hoist sails and get back in race. Black Diamond continued in the race and Mythos withdrew from the race and motored to Cobourg to inspect and repair. No change in the division winners resulted from this redress.

The results now posted on Yacht Scoring are final and on behalf of Lake Ontario Offshore Racing we would like to thank all our division and trophy winners for the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge 2013.

Below is a list of the trophy winners for this year’s race, which will be handed out at our September Banquet.

Setanta crew - LO300C PHRF Winner
Sarah Danahy

2013 Lake Ontario 300 Trophy Winners
Scotch Bonnet
FS-DHThe Yachtsman's CupTrue NorthSimon MielniczukMLYC
FS-FCThe PHRF-LO TrophyNo winner  
NFS-DHJim Wilkinson TrophySoggy DollarsAl ParkhillOYS
NFS-FC-1The Endeavour TrophyGlory IVRobert BuehlerNYC
NFS-FC-2Scotiabank BowlMidnight ExpressMichael BauerHighland YC
NFS-FC-3Lyn Townsend TrophyWee Beastie IISean MatthewsHighland YC
NFS-FC-4The Rigging Shoppe TrophyNo winner  
 The Mount Gay TrophyProclivityColin WartmanKYC
Main Duck PHRF
FS-DH-1The Gordon Elliott TrophyTimorianFred HardingPCYC
FS-DH-2The Main Duck RockJersey GirlMark SearlePCYC
FS-DH-3The Dorothy TrophyNo winner  
FS-FC-1The Peter Tait Memorial TrophyShorthandedMike PietzPCYC
FS-FC-2The Joe Fernandes TrophySetantaJoe DorisPCYC
FS-FC-3The Lighthouse TrophyUMI TAKADennis DiceABYC
FS-FC-4The PCYC Ice BowlCirrusJamie SpotswoodNYC
FS-FC-5The Tom Brewster TrophyNo winner  
FS-FC-6The Past Chairman's CupNo winner  
Main Duck IRC
FS-FC-1Leonard Alknis (Trimpus) Memorial TrophyHot WaterJohn McLeodRCYC
FS-FC-2Excalibur TrophyIMXtremeJoe MacDonaldPCYC
FS-FC-3John Segaert TrophyBlack MagicWiersmaRHYC
Solo Challenge
GLSS Champion PearlBrent HughesFBYC
BCT First Timer Better StillDave CourtneyEYC
Line Honours
Scotch BonnetNFS-DHThe Windancer TrophySoggy DollarsAl ParkhillOYS
Scotch BonnetNFS-FCThe Lake Ontario 300 Committee TrophyLittle BirdMalcom LittleEYC
Main DuckFS-FCThe Triton SAils TrophyHusariaKrzysztof Kaminski /Irek ZubkoPZZ/YCZC
Main DuckFS-DHthe Northern Lights TrophyTimorianFred HardingPCYC
Fleet Winners
BCT NFS-FC FleetThe Store Mason’s Chandlery TrophyMidnight ExpressMichael BauerHighland YC
BCT - NFS-DH FleetTheSouthern Cross CupSoggy DollarsAl ParkhillOYS
BCT FS-FC FleetPcyc Commodores CupSetantaJoe DorrisPCYC
BCT FS-DH FleetOYS Commodores CupJersey GirlMark SearlePCYC
 Perserverance TrophyTo be determined  
Overall Winners
 The Sperry TrophySetantaJoe DorrisPCYC
 The Gold Cup TrophyIMXtremeJoe MacDonaldPCYC
 Team ChallengeTo be calculated