SB20 World Championships - Double bullet taken on day 3

Foam Up on Day 3 of the Audi Sb20 World Championships 2013
Katie Jackson/SB20 Class
At the Audi SB20 World Championships in Hyeres, France, it was another early start for the 90 strong SB20 fleet. The Race Committee set the course even further to the right hand side of the Baie de Iles d’ Or to shelter from the 'Big Wednesday' forecast of 30 plus knots of wind.

Anticipating the arrival of the mistral, racing was underway on time; even the fleet managed to behave themselves and stay behind the start line for the first race of the day. However, the forecast wind did not arrive and the fleet tacked their way up the course in a very gentle six knots. Stephen Fries (AUS) arrived at the top mark at the head of the fleet with Phil Plumtree (GBR), Pietro Negri (ITA) and Edward Russo (FRA) in tow. In the light conditions and a spreader mark set too low, a number of the fleet hoisted their gennakers early. By the leeward mark a shuffling of the fleet saw Russo in the lead with Rodion Luka (UKR) hot on his heels followed by Sebastien Col (FRA) in third place. Assuming normal form, Luka picked his way through the fleet to emerge the victor of the fifth race of the Championships. Thomas Rouxel (FRA) muscled his way into second position, leaving Col third and Russo fourth.

Charging downwind at the Audi Sb20 World Championships 2013
Katie Jackson/SB20 Class

Following a break in racing to reposition the course, the mistral, as promised, arrived in full force. In the increased pressure, the fleet were recalled twice before a start was got away. Andrew Oddie (GBR) grabbed the premium pin position at the port end of the line in a fabulous manoeuvre that saw him shoot off the line with great boat speed.

But again it was Luka rounding the first mark in poll position, with Adrian Peach (GBR) and his junior crew of 29er sailors in hot pursuit. Luka defended his lead and went on to win what was to be the final race of the day as the pressure increased to beyond sailable conditions.

'I’m hungry and I’m tired,' said Luka as he returned to the dock. 'It was a hard day today, really tactical racing. On the first downwind leg [of race one] we ripped our kite on the drop, Andre did a great job changing the sail. We are really happy with our results and our boat speed.' When pushed for his thoughts on where the overall result might go, Luka said, 'To the wire, the last race of the event will decide the Champion.'

So there we have it, five races down in the Audi SB20 World Championships. The competition is impressive. With one discard now applied, Craig Burlton (GBR) still leads the fleet with 12 points, but Rodion Luka has closed the gap with today’s double bullet performance.

90 boat start at the Audi Sb20 World Championships 2013
Katie Jackson/SB20 Class

Light winds race one day three at the Audi Sb20 World Championships 2013
Katie Jackson/SB20 Class

Windward Mark rounding at the Audi Sb20 World Championships 2013
Katie Jackson/SB20 Class

Rodion Luka (UKR) at the Audi Sb20 World Championships 2013
Katie Jackson/SB20 Class

v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} w\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);} SB20 after 6 races ( Discards : 1 ) (90 entries) Top of Form  
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6Club/Country
1 3042GILL RACE TEAM  BURLTON Craig WHITE Stephen  HELEY Adam 12.0025.0022.0011.0022.0033.001313.0044.00RSYC--
2 3703KIEV RACING YACHT CLUB  RODION Luka MATVVIENKO Igor  KLOCHKO Andrew  STEPANOVA Anna 16.0047.0011.0066.0077.003131.0011.0011.00KRYC---
3 3620MARY VICKY  DAINSE Massimo BIANCHI Nicolo  NEGRI Pietro 35.0045.001010.0099.0011.001010.001010.0055.00ITALIE--
4 3469RACE AHEAD  HUDSON Roger ASENATHI Jim  WADI Xamimpi  SIBU Siaztu 38.00129.0033.00BFD91.0033.001111.001919.0022.00RCYC---
5 3093PISCINE DESJOYAUX  BERNAZ Laurent BERNAZ Jean baptiste  LECLAIR Xavier 39.0053.001414.00RDG9.001111.0022.0066.001111.00C O Y C HYEROISCN Sainte-MaximeC V MARTIGUES
6 3709TEAM NIKA  PROSIHIN Vladimirr BASALKIN Artem  MARTEMIANOV Alexander 44.0079.003535.0055.001919.0044.0088.0088.00YCSP--
7 3580ENORITO  ROUXEL Thomas PERON Eric  LEMAITRE Nolwenn  PUILL STEPHAN Eneour 47.0071.0066.002424.001515.00RDG15.0022.0099.00AN PORT-BLANCC N LOCTUDYE V LOCQUIREC-
8 3717SPORTBOATWORLD.  HILL Jerry LOVERING Richaard  WATSON Craig 47.0069.0044.0088.0055.001919.001111.002222.00RSYC--
9 3082HENRI-LLOYD/FORELLE ESTATES  LLEWELLYN Joe WAKEFIELD Nigel  VIGUS Jerry 51.00142.0077.00BFD91.001717.0011.001414.001212.00RSYC--
10 3653FFVOILE  COL Sebastien LE TUAUD Guillaume  HENRY Fabien 53.00144.00DNF91.001010.002222.001212.0033.0066.00YC POINTE ROUGEAPCC VOILE SPORTIVEC O Y C HYEROIS
11 3287SHARKBAIT  DUNCAM Ben TURMER Joe  MACSWEEMY Aidam 58.0083.0099.001212.002525.0099.001515.001313.00ISA--
12 3708MELSTON TEAM  MURASHKIN Alexey IGNATENKO Egor  FROLOV Kirill 60.00100.0055.0044.004040.002121.0099.002121.00YCSP--
13 3706BLACK MAGIC  RUSSO Edward PONSOT Pierre alexis  FAVENNEC Gilles 64.00116.005252.001717.0044.002929.0044.001010.00C N VALERIQUAISS N O NANTESSN ST QUAY PORTRIEUX
14 3336UBER 3  PEACH Adrian PARTRIGE Rob  BOWERMAN Owen  WALKER Philip 67.00107.004040.0033.001818.001414.002929.0033.00RTYC---
15 3044XCELLENT  POLLARD Jhon SMITH Rob  SCHWARZ Mickey 68.00109.004141.0022.002929.0066.001616.001515.00RTYC--
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