Semaine Olympique Francaise - To the versatile go the spoils

2013 Semaine Olympique Francaise - Zofia Klepacka (POL)
Semaine Olympique Francaise - If Brit Giles Scott has made a strong comeback in the Finn after a year out with the America's Cup and others are powering back from broken sacrums (Sophie de Turckheim), having their tonsils out (Mark Andrews) or cutting a tendon in their foot with broken bottle while cleaning their basement (Julien Bontemps), none hold a candle to the comeback queen Zofia Klepacka.

After winning bronze in the women's RS:X in Weymouth at the London 2012 Olympics, the 27-year-old Klepacka took some time and three months gave birth to a baby girl, Maria. But she leads the event after winning three of the eight races over the last eight days and has not been out of the top five .

'I am really happy, this is my first international regatta since the Olympic Games (London 2012) and I've been off from windsurfing because I had a baby three months ago,' Klepacka says with a mixture of surprise and delight. 'I'm going well, I'm at the front, it's the third day and we've had different conditions every day; the first day was light, yesterday really strong, today really light, lighter than the first day, and I am sailing in the top five all the time. I'm not supposed to be good here because my physical conditioning is very bad.'

Where would she put her fitness in percentage terms compared to last year? 'Compared to the Olympics I'm about 30%. I can't run, my body is not ready, so I'm only sailing. But you don't forget how to sail; the technique, the tactics but physically I need to work harder. I want to be ready next year for the world championships, this is training for me.'

Her results should perhaps not be such a surprise as Klepacka, the 2007 world champion, is a past master at this, having given birth to her son, Mariano after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 'My parents are looking after them back home in Warsaw,' she says.

'I am planning to go to Rio (2016 Olympics). Before that we have qualification. But I'm interested in Nacra. If I qualify in RS:X I'll go to Rio to fight for a gold medal, I know I can do that, if not I want to change class for the Nacra. I like it, it's extreme and it looks nice. I'll know if I qualify for the RS:X a year before the Olympic Games.'

Zofia Klepacka in action

Poland kept up their domination of both the women’s and men’s leaderboard. Behind Zofia Klepacka, the 2012 her compatriot Maja Dziarnowska just held onto second after tough in which she finished seventh and 17th, the last her discard. France’s Charline Picon, the European champion, leapt from eighth to third overall by finishing second in the first race and winning the second race but the contrast with Klepacka’s joie de vivre could not have been more marked. 'We had three big regattas in a row this summer, and that was maybe too much,' Picon said. 'I'm at home, there is the world here and I did not want to do the wrong thing but I was sick last week and I could not sail to prepare. Yesterday (Thursday), there were four races in difficult conditions. Today it was less physical and you had to be opportunistic. It worked for me. I must keep perspective, the season has been good and I have to have fun. But this is the first time I attacked a race with this little energy. I have no impulse. I would have liked it to be fun like the rest of the season but this is not the case.'

In the men’s RS:X, Pawel Tarnowski, could not come to terms with the light conditions and lost his lead after a disastrous last two races in which he finished 34th and 18th, slipping to sixth overall. But his Polish team mates took up the fight. Piotr Myszka showed his versatility by winning the first and finishing third in the next two to move from an overnight third into the overall lead. France’s’ Julien Bontemps stayed in second overall and Poland’s experienced bronze medalist at the London 2012 Olympics, Przemyslaw Miarczynski, moved into third with three solid finishes at the head of the 38-man fleet.

'I had a really bad day,' Tarnowski said. 'I had some plans for the races but they failed. This is my first season in senior. I’m happy with the result but it’s always a bad feeling when you’re falling from first position. But two guys in my team had a good day. I lost my yellow jacket, but I’m happy to give it to my friend.'

In the Men’s 470, Pierre Leboucher and Nicolas Le Berre, second in the world championships in La Rochelle in August, held their overall lead, winning the second of the two races yesterday to make it four wins out of the last five. Sofian Bouvet and Jeremie Mion stayed in second but France no longer hold all the podium places, but there was some shuffling at the top with Austria’s Mathias Schmid and Florian Reichstaedter moving into third.

2013 Semaine Olympique Francaise - Manu Dyen and Stephane Christidis (FRA)

Manu Dyen and Stephane Christidis, third in the 49er world championship in September, kept the overall lead in the 49er, holding off the two Italian teams who finished ahead of them in the last race.

Sarah Steyaert and Julie Bossard, also third in the women’s 49er FX world championships in September, won both the races yesterday to make it six wins out of eight in the small five-team field keep their lead.

Michelle Pernille was disqualified off the start in the first race and the two Norwegians continue to close on her, but still holds the overall lead of the Laser Radial.

Two second places for Britain’s Giles Scott saw him retain the lead of tough Finn fleet. The first race was won by his team mate Mark Andrews and the second by Poland’s Piotr Kula. The top five in the heavyweight dinghy all have a chance of gold. 'I’m a few points behind the top three but everything is pretty close,' Kula said. 'After we reached the last leeward mark in the second race there was a group of four of us (Lobert, Deniss Karpark and Giles Scott) and I figured out the shift was coming from the left, went there first and I won the race. But it was funny, because for a moment we were just standing there, not even moving because there was almost no wind for a couple of seconds. It was like a war of nerves you needed to keep cool.

'It’s hard but good here. Normally in the breeze when you are front that’s pretty much it, but here even if you are fast, if you don’t catch good shifts, you will be just the fastest guy in the wrong place.'

Rio 2016 may not have as light winds as people think and the sailors will need to have a range of skills. Some were displaying them yesterday after Thursday’s bigger winds were followed by the lightest so far.

2013 Semaine Olympique Francaise - Lara Vadlau and Jolanta Ogar (AUT)

In the women’s 470, despite the return of light winds, the bigger Austrian pair of Lara Vadlau and Jolanta Ogar, who were silver medalists at the world championships in La Rochelle in August, won the first race of the day – their third in the row. They were able to discard their sixth place in the next race to keep their overall lead.

Britain’s Nick Thompson was the standout sailor in the Laser finishing second and fourth in the two races of the day as his major and larger rivals struggled in the light airs. Sweden’s Jesper Stalheim was 12th and 21st and Germany’s Philip Buhl 17th and 22nd. Both races were won by Italians - traditional light wind specialists – with Marco Gallo and Marrai Francesco respectively, prospering, but it underlined Thompson’s versatility.

2013 Semaine Olympique Francaise - Thomas Zajac and Tanja Frank (AUT)

The Austrian pair, Thomas Zajac and Tanja Frank, ranked number one in the world, took the overall lead in the Nacra, as France’s Audrey Ogereau and Matthieu Vandame struggled in the light and slipped back to third.

But there is plenty of experience at the top of fleet. Spain’s Iker Martinez and Tara Pacheco won the first race and kept their overall second place as France’s Franck Cammas and Sophie de Turckheim enjoyed their best day finishing third then second to move to fourth place overall.

'Today you couldn’t cover or sail with the fleet because every 10 metres the boats were going at different angles and speeds so you had to find your own way,' Zajac said. 'We gained on every downwind. It would be nice to just have downwind races, new system please.'

RS:X Men (after Jury decisions) Time 15.04, Friday , October 11 2013 Results after 9 races ( Discards : 1 ) (38 entries)
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7r.8r.9
1 POL   82MYSZKA Piotr24.0037.0044.0066.0011.0055.001313.0011.0011.0033.0033.00
2 FRA   6BONTEMPS Julien37.0048.0033.0033.0066.0011.0099.0033.001010.0022.001111.00
3 POL  126MIARCZYNSKI Przemyslaw43.0055.0099.0088.001212.0066.0044.0022.0033.0077.0044.00
4 FRA  155GIARD Louis44.0059.0077.0055.0055.0077.0033.001515.001111.0011.0055.00
5 FRA   77LE COQ Pierre45.0057.0022.0044.0033.0044.001010.0055.0088.0099.001212.00
6 POL  182TARNOWSKI Pawel47.0081.001111.0011.0022.0033.0022.0044.0066.003434.001818.00
7 ESP   7PASTOR Ivan58.0072.0011.0099.0099.0088.001414.001010.0077.0044.001010.00
8 FRA   9BIGOT Benoît71.00110.0088.0022.001010.001313.0011.00OCS39.0099.002020.0088.00
9 LTU   14BERNOTAS Juozas85.00113.002828.0077.001717.001414.0055.0099.0044.001212.001717.00
10 NOR   7WANG HANSEN Sebastian92.00112.002020.001313.001414.001010.0077.0088.0055.001919.001616.00
11 FRA   3GOYARD Thomas98.00137.002727.001515.001111.001111.0088.001212.00OCS39.001313.0011.00
12 DEN  158FLEISCHER Sebastian99.00121.001010.001111.001616.001212.001616.0077.002222.001818.0099.00
13 GBR  931SQUIRES Tom100.00139.00OCS39.002525.0044.0022.001212.001111.0022.002929.001515.00
14 GBR   60SILLS Samuel109.00134.002525.001414.0077.0099.001717.001616.001919.0066.002121.00
15 GBR   49BENNETT Joe110.00135.001616.002424.0088.001818.0066.0066.001313.002525.001919.00
16 ITA   88CAMBONI Mattia124.00152.001313.001010.002828.002727.002626.001414.001515.0055.001414.00
17 FRA  972DUPONT Yann135.00165.001515.002020.002525.001515.002121.002121.001212.003030.0066.00
18 POL   17NOWACKI Piotr136.00175.001919.001919.002626.001919.001818.00OCS39.001616.001717.0022.00
19 SWE  109HOLM Adam153.00189.001212.003333.003636.001717.002020.001919.002424.002121.0077.00
20 FRA   1OLMETA Martin153.00186.003333.002121.001818.001616.002323.002323.001414.001515.002323.00
21 FRA  330PASQUETTE Jérôme156.00185.0066.002929.001515.002222.001515.001818.002828.002828.002424.00
22 POL   11URBANOWICZ Marcin161.00192.002222.001818.002020.003131.002222.001717.002626.0088.002828.00
23 GBR   17BAINBRIDGE Connor163.00197.003030.001717.001313.002323.001111.001313.002929.002727.003434.00
24 FRA   0LABAT Maxime167.00198.001717.003131.001919.002121.002424.002020.002020.001616.003030.00
25 FRA  314CHIAPELLO Dante177.00207.002424.001616.003030.002929.001919.002525.002323.001414.002727.00
26 GBR  926MARTIN Kiéran182.00216.001818.003434.002929.002626.003333.002727.002525.001111.001313.00
27 ITA   60BENEDETTI Daniele188.00220.003232.002222.002121.002525.002828.002929.002121.002222.002020.00
28 FRA   34ROZIER Paul193.00232.0055.002626.002323.002828.003232.003232.00OCS39.001010.003737.00
29 FRA   7GASPARIAN Damien196.00233.002121.002323.003131.002020.002525.002626.001818.003737.003232.00
30 FRA   51DE L HERMITE Igor202.00241.002323.001212.002424.003232.002727.002222.00OCS39.002626.003636.00
31 GBR   41MASTERS Alistair228.00267.002626.003535.002222.00OCS39.003434.002424.003030.003535.002222.00
32 FRA  259COISNE Benjamin230.00265.003131.002828.003333.003535.002929.003030.001717.003131.003131.00
33 FRA   36BILLET Arnaud234.00273.001414.003030.003232.003434.003131.003131.00OCS39.002323.00DNF39.00
34 FRA   28SULTANA Vincent252.00291.003737.003232.002727.002424.003030.002828.00DNF39.00DNF39.003535.00
35 FRA  112CHABANNES Robin258.00297.002929.00DNF39.003434.003030.003535.003333.00DNF39.003333.002525.00
36 CAN   51FUGERE Jean-sebastien259.00295.003535.003636.003535.003333.003636.003535.003232.002424.002929.00
37 FIN   5BLINNIKKA Daniel260.00299.003434.002727.003737.00DNF39.003737.003636.003131.003232.002626.00
38 LTU   7CELIESIUS Vytautas282.00321.003636.00DNF39.00DNF39.00DNF39.003838.003434.002727.003636.003333.00
Penalties and redress : 17 (9 DNF; 8 OCS; ) RS:X Women (after Jury decisions)Time 14.52, Friday , October 11 2013Results after 8 races ( Discards : 1 )(26 entries)
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7r.8
1 POL   8KLEPACKA Zofia16.0021.0022.0011.0022.0011.0044.0011.0055.0055.00
2 POL   7DZIARNOWSKA Maja28.0045.0055.0055.0011.0022.0066.0022.0077.001717.00
3 FRA   4PICON Charline35.0048.0033.0044.0077.0055.001313.001313.0022.0011.00
4 NZL   8KOSINSKA Natalia35.0047.0066.0033.0033.0088.0011.001212.001111.0033.00
5 FRA   22RICARD Eugenie36.0051.0044.0077.0055.0077.001515.0055.0044.0044.00
6 GER   7DELLE Moana41.0051.0011.0088.0066.0066.001010.0066.0088.0066.00
7 GBR   30HAMILTON Izzy43.0054.0088.0022.001111.0044.0088.001010.0011.001010.00
8 MEX   9VEGA DE LILLE Demita50.0066.001616.0066.0044.0033.0077.0044.001010.001616.00
9 ITA   11LINARES Laura64.0076.001111.001212.0088.001111.001212.0077.0033.001212.00
10 POL   21BIALECKA Malgorzata66.0082.0077.001010.001313.001313.001616.001515.0066.0022.00
11 FRA   12DANTES Jeanne70.0097.001313.00OCS27.001010.001010.0055.001111.001414.0077.00
12 NOR   23MOLLESTAD Maria Aadland73.0091.001414.001717.001818.0099.0022.0033.001515.001313.00
13 USA   3HALL Farrah85.00102.001010.0099.001717.001414.0099.001717.001212.001414.00
14 FRA  295MEGE Bérénice95.00116.002121.001616.001616.001717.0033.001616.001919.0088.00
15 DEN  321BUHL-HANSEN Laerke99.00120.0099.001515.002121.001818.001818.001919.0099.001111.00
16 FRA   57NOESMOEN Hélène102.00129.001515.002323.0099.001212.001414.0088.00DNF27.002121.00
17 ESP   12LAMADRID Pilar103.00122.001212.001111.001414.001616.001919.001414.001717.001919.00
18 FRA   11TETARD Claire105.00132.001919.001313.001212.001515.002222.0099.00DNF27.001515.00
19 FRA   49HUMEAU Clidane109.00136.002525.001414.001515.00OCS27.001111.002222.001313.0099.00
20 FRA  800JARIEL Delphine136.00160.001818.001818.002222.001919.002323.001818.001818.002424.00
21 POL  303LIPINSKA KAROLINA143.00167.002323.002020.002323.002020.002424.002323.001616.001818.00
22 FRA  343JARIEL Mélanie150.00177.002222.002121.002020.00OCS27.002020.002020.00DNF27.002020.00
23 CAN   65BONNEAU-CHARLAND Laurence151.00178.002020.002424.001919.002121.002121.002121.00DNF27.002525.00
24 FRA  302PERRET Stéphanie153.00180.001717.002222.002525.002222.001717.00DNF27.00DNF27.002323.00
25 FRA  590RAOUL Lisa168.00195.002424.001919.002424.00OCS27.002525.00DNF27.00DNF27.002222.00
26 CAN   24MEW Olivia185.00212.002626.002525.00DNF27.00DNF27.00DNF27.00DNF27.00DNF27.002626.00
Penalties and redress : 17 (13 DNF; 4 OCS; ) Laser Standard (after Jury decisions)Time 18.37, Friday , October 11 2013Results after 3 races ( Discards : 0 )(63 entries)
PosSailCompetitorsGrpP NetP totr.1C.Fr.2Finr.3Fin
1GBR 201402THOMPSON NickGold7.007.0011.0022.0044.00
2AUS 199014BRUNNING AshleyGold19.0019.0055.0066.0088.00
3ITA 196685GALLO MarcoGold20.0020.001414.0055.0011.00
4NED 204567VAN SCHAARDENBURG RutgerGold23.0023.001313.0077.0033.00
5EST 203724RAMMO Karl-martinGold25.0025.0066.0044.001515.00
6ITA 205243FRANCESCO MarraiGold26.0026.002020.0011.0055.00
7ITA 204701COCCOLUTO GiovanniGold27.0027.002222.0033.0022.00
8ITA 205247SPADONI AlessioGold27.0027.001010.0088.0099.00
9NED 204566HEINER NicholasGold32.0032.001212.001414.0066.00
10BEL 202016VAN LAER WannesGold35.0035.0022.002020.001313.00
11FRA 170445BERNAZ Jean-baptisteGold36.0036.0077.001919.001010.00
12SWE 204666STALHEIM JesperGold37.0037.0044.001212.002121.00
13GER 203170BUHL PhilippGold42.0042.0033.001717.002222.00
14RUS 202692KOMISSAROV SergeyGold44.0044.0099.002424.001111.00
15GBR 205648MARTIN EvansGold46.0046.001111.001515.002020.00
16GBR 201481WETHERELL JackGold51.0051.001818.001616.001717.00
17FRA 203697MERCERON EliotGold56.0056.002929.001111.001616.00
18ESP 197295BLANCO JoaquinGold57.0057.002525.002525.0077.00
19FRA 200239MUNOS AntonyGold62.0062.0088.002929.002525.00
20GER 202143GIELEN FabianGold63.0063.003131.0099.002323.00
21GBR 204887CORNISH BenGold63.0063.002727.001010.002626.00
22NED 204272YURI HummelGold64.0064.002424.001313.002727.00
23CRO 202974MIHELIC DanielGold64.0064.001717.00BFD33.001414.00
24NOR 201382MOLLATT MathiasGold65.0065.001515.002121.002929.00
25FIN 198227LINDFORS MattiasGold65.0065.002121.002626.001818.00
26RUS 171513NIKOLAEV MaximGold66.0066.003232.002222.001212.00
27NED 204270BROEKENS DouweGold68.0068.001616.002828.002424.00
28GBR 201404HANSON ElliotGold74.0074.002828.001818.002828.00
29ESP 204673JESUS Rogel SanchezGold76.0076.003030.002727.001919.00
30SWE 204437EMIL CEDERGARDH EmilGold82.0082.001919.00BFD33.003030.00
31GER 203739SCHADEWALDT TobiasGold82.0082.002626.002323.00DNF33.00
32GBR 203084MILLS BARTON AlexGold89.0089.002323.00BFD33.00OCS33.00
33NOR 201111TOMASGAARD HermannSilver15.0015.0011.001313.0011.00
34LTU 202773PAJARSKAS MartisSilver15.0015.0033.001010.0022.00
35FRA 201776FERRER JulesSilver21.0021.0099.0011.001111.00
36SLO 191141ZAN LUKA ZelkoSilver28.0028.001212.0044.001212.00
37LTU 202989KAROLIS JanulionisSilver32.0032.001515.0077.001010.00
38POL 196962ARIAN AleksanderSilver35.0035.001010.0033.002222.00
39FRA 202376DUCAMIN Jean-baptisteSilver38.0038.001717.001212.0099.00
40EST 192655KRUUSMAGI KaarelSilver39.0039.001616.0022.002121.00
41POR 203371SILVEIRA RuiSilver40.0040.0022.001818.002020.00
42FRA 201602NAUD MattisSilver41.0041.0055.00D+D32.0044.00
43SWE 201727BENGTSON EmilSilver41.0041.0044.00BFD32.0055.00
44FRA 204179MAZARD MaximeSilver42.0042.0077.00BFD32.0033.00
45SUI 202656GIROD GuillaumeSilver44.0044.0088.0099.002727.00
46ITA 204252BENINI MarioSilver46.0046.002424.001616.0066.00
47FRA 204329ROBIC MaelSilver47.0047.002525.001414.0088.00
48NOR 201735BEGBY HenrikSilver47.0047.001111.001111.002525.00
49POL 200986DAWID KaniaSilver48.0048.002929.0055.001414.00
50FRA 191446QUEYROUX LoïcSilver48.0048.002626.0066.001616.00
51DEN 193612HOEJEN CHRISTIANSEN AndreSilver56.0056.001313.001717.002626.00
52DEN 201408STEINFURTH StigSilver57.0057.0066.001919.00DNF32.00
53DEN 197182THUROE VictorSilver57.0057.002222.002222.001313.00
54FRA 204111MORVAN GastonSilver58.0058.001818.0088.00OCS32.00
55FRA 202191LE PEN EtienneSilver58.0058.001919.001515.002424.00
56FRA 202111DEVINEAU AntoineSilver59.0059.002020.002020.001919.00
57FRA 201769MICHELIER DamianSilver62.0062.002323.00BFD32.0077.00
58ITA 204313BENAMATI MicheleSilver69.0069.001414.00BFD32.002323.00
59FRA 201560PHELIPPOT WilfriedSilver74.0074.002727.00BFD32.001515.00
60FRA 201176DERRENDINGER ArnaudSilver74.0074.002121.002121.00OCS32.00
61FRA 205251ARNAUD AntoineSilver79.0079.002828.002323.002828.00
62GER 200080HERRMANN NilsSilver80.0080.003131.00BFD32.001717.00
63BEL 192012DECKES ThomasSilver80.0080.003030.00BFD32.001818.00
Penalties and redress : 16 (10 BFD; 1 D+D; 2 DNF; 3 OCS; ) Laser Radial (after Jury decisions)Time 18.08, Friday , October 11 2013Results after 7 races ( Discards : 1 )(8 entries)
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7
1FRA 204062MICHON Pernelle13.0022.0011.0011.0011.0055.0022.00OCS9.0033.00
2NOR 204904EIDE ENGER Marthe13.0020.0044.0033.0022.0011.0011.0022.0077.00
3NOR 201640HOEST Line Flem20.0029.0022.0022.0077.0022.0066.00OCS9.0011.00
4FRA 201782BARRUE Marie20.0026.0066.0055.0066.0033.0033.0011.0022.00
5NOR 203256KULLMANN Ina Berentsen32.0041.0055.0088.0033.0077.0044.00OCS9.0055.00
6RUS 190357MORGUN Ekaterina35.0044.0033.0044.0088.0044.0088.00OCS9.0088.00
7CZE 196989AUDYOVA Marketa35.0044.0077.0066.0055.0066.0055.00OCS9.0066.00
8SUI 202514ROEMER Nigina Anna38.0047.0088.0077.0044.0088.0077.00OCS9.0044.00
Penalties and redress : 6 (6 OCS; ) 49erFX (after Jury decisions)Time 18.39, Friday , October 11 2013Results after 8 races ( Discards : 1 )(5 entries)
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7r.8
1 FRA  871STEYAERT Sarah BOSSARD Julie 12.0018.0011.0011.0011.00DNC6.00DNC6.0011.0011.0011.00
2 AUT  911SCHOEFEGGER Laura LOVREK Elsa 19.0024.0022.0055.0055.0011.0011.0022.0055.0033.00
3 FRA  164LEPRUNIER Marion GADEL Alizée 24.0030.0033.0044.0022.00DNC6.00DNC6.0033.0022.0044.00
4 FRA  134SOLER Marie COMPAN Aude 28.0034.0055.0022.0044.00DNC6.00DNC6.00DNC6.0033.0022.00
5 FRA  222SEBESI Lili LEMERCIER Violette 31.0037.0044.0033.0033.00DNC6.00DNC6.00DNC6.0044.0055.00
Penalties and redress : 10 (10 DNC; ) 49er (after Jury decisions)Time 18.35, Friday , October 11 2013Results after 8 races ( Discards : 1 )(13 entries)
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7r.8
1 FRA   4DYEN Manu CHRISTIDIS Stephane 13.0020.0022.0011.0011.0011.0011.0044.0077.0033.00
2 ITA   22ANGILELLA Giuseppe ZUCCHETTI Pietro 20.0028.0088.0022.0022.0022.0033.0077.0033.0011.00
3 ITA  969CHERIN Stefano TESEI Andrea 20.0026.0011.0033.0044.0033.0044.0033.0066.0022.00
4 FRA   8D ORTOLI Julien DELPECH Noé 27.0035.0055.0044.0088.0044.0022.0022.0055.0055.00
5 FRA  1048FISCHER Kévin MALLARET Marc 33.0042.0099.0055.0077.0066.0066.0011.0044.0044.00
6 ITA  444DUBBINI Luca DUBBINI Roberto 35.0044.0044.0077.0066.0077.0055.0055.0011.0099.00
7 AUT  192BILDSTEIN Benjamin HUSSL David 42.0052.0033.0066.001010.0055.0077.0099.0022.001010.00
8 BRA  300BIANCHI Dante LOWBEER Thomas 52.0066.0077.0099.0055.00DNF14.001010.0066.0099.0066.00
9 FRA  755BERTHEAU Simon JAUVIN Yann 57.0067.001010.0088.0033.0099.0099.001010.001010.0088.00
10 FRA  655FISCHER-GUILLOU Erwan JULIEN Thibault 59.0070.001111.001111.0099.0088.0088.0088.0088.0077.00
11 ESP  1095AMOROS EMILE NAEL Brewal 77.0091.0066.001010.001111.00DNC14.00DNF14.00DNC14.001111.001111.00
12 FRA  114RUAL Lucas PEQUIN Clement 88.00102.001212.001212.001212.00DNC14.00DNF14.00DNC14.001212.001212.00
13 FRA  1157MELLOU Mathieu LE BARON Arthur 96.00110.001313.00DNF14.001313.00DNF14.00DNF14.00DNC14.00DNC14.00DNC14.00
Penalties and redress : 13 (7 DNC; 6 DNF; ) 470 Men (after Jury decisions)Time 14.18, Friday , October 11 2013Results after 7 races ( Discards : 1 )(22 entries)
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7
1 FRA   44LEBOUCHER Pierre LE BERRE Nicolas 11.0015.0044.0044.0011.0011.0011.0033.0011.00
2 FRA   27BOUVET Sofian MION Jeremie 11.0028.0011.0011.0022.0033.0033.0011.001717.00
3 AUT   3SCHMID Mathias REICHSTAEDTER Florian 38.0051.0066.0099.0088.001111.0022.0022.001313.00
4 FRA   7CHARBONNIER Nicolas DURAND Sebastien 38.0050.0022.0066.001212.0099.0066.0077.0088.00
5 AUT  437BARGEHR David MAEHR Lukas 43.0058.001515.0055.0066.0044.0099.0044.001515.00
6 FRA   18FEYDIT Hugo AGENEAU Charlie 46.0062.001616.0077.0055.001313.0088.001111.0022.00
7 ITA   10CAPURRO Matteo PUPPO Matteo 46.0060.0077.0033.001111.0055.001414.0088.001212.00
8 ITA   29SIMON Sivitz Kosuta JAS Farneti 47.0068.0033.0022.001414.0077.001616.0055.002121.00
9 GER   15AUTENRIETH Julian AUTENRIETH Philipp 48.0067.001919.001212.0033.001818.0055.0066.0044.00
10 SWE  349DAHLBERG Anton BERGSTROM Fredrik 48.0062.001010.001010.0044.001414.0044.001313.0077.00
11 FRA   76PIROUELLE Guillaume SIPAN Valentin 54.0070.0088.001313.001313.001616.0077.001010.0033.00
12 FRA   8PEPONNET Kevin NEBOUT Achille 64.0084.0099.002020.0077.001010.001111.0099.001818.00
13 ITA   25FALCETELLI Francesco CLEMENTI Enrico 69.0089.0055.001818.001010.0066.001313.001717.002020.00
14 FRA   15BERTRAND Martin LARA Xavier 72.0091.001212.001111.0099.0088.001818.001414.001919.00
15 FRA   4GUILBAUD Vianney GUILLARM Vincent 76.0099.002222.001616.00DNF23.0022.001515.001616.0055.00
16 SUI  1453ERNI Philippe ZURFLUH Stephan 78.0098.001818.0088.001616.002020.001212.001515.0099.00
17 FRA   20MOYSAN Louis BERTHIER Baptiste 78.0095.001717.001515.001515.001515.001010.001212.001111.00
18 FRA   26PARUIT Aymeric LEROUX Clovis 94.00116.001414.001414.001818.001919.002222.001919.001010.00
19 FRA   25FERELLEC Nicolas LAURAS Hugo 95.00115.002020.001717.001717.001212.001717.001818.001414.00
20 SIN   7CHOY Darren PANG Joel 96.00119.001313.002121.00BFD23.001717.001919.002020.0066.00
21 FRA   5THUILLIER Remy CORRUBLE Mathieu 116.00139.001111.001919.00BFD23.002121.002121.002222.002222.00
22 FRA  2668BOIME Bernard ESPINASSE Gilles 119.00141.002121.002222.001919.002222.002020.002121.001616.00
Penalties and redress : 3 (2 BFD; 1 DNF; ) 470 Women (after Jury decisions)Time 14.16, Friday , October 11 2013Results after 7 races ( Discards : 1 )(11 entries)
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7
1 AUT  431VADLAU Lara OGAR Jolanta 12.0018.0022.0055.0022.0011.0011.0011.0066.00
2 FRA   9LECOINTRE Camille DEFRANCE HELENE 14.0018.0044.0033.0011.0033.0033.0022.0022.00
3 BRA   18DECNOP Renata SWAN Isabel 28.0034.0055.0066.0066.0044.0055.0033.0055.00
4 ITA   52KOMATAR Francesca CARRARO Sveva 29.0038.0033.0011.0088.0066.0099.0044.0077.00
5 GBR  853BURNET Anna STEWART Flora 32.0043.001111.0077.0055.0022.0022.0077.0099.00
6 GBR  865SEABRIGHT Amy CARPENTER Anna 33.0043.0011.0022.001010.0077.0077.0066.001010.00
7 FRA   22BLANDIN Cassandre MERY DE BELLEGARDE Charlotte 34.0044.001010.0088.0033.0055.001010.0055.0033.00
8 GBR  849FREEMAN Joanna TOMSETT Katie 35.0047.0099.00DSQ12.0044.0088.0044.0099.0011.00
9 ITA   16CAPUTO Roberta SINNO Alice 41.0051.0077.0099.0077.001010.0066.0088.0044.00
10 FRA   14PORET Jennifer LE FRIEC Juliette 51.0062.0066.001010.001111.0099.0088.001010.0088.00
11 SIN   9LOW Priscilla LOW Cecilia 54.0066.0088.0044.0099.001111.001111.001111.00DNF12.00
Penalties and redress : 2 (1 DNF; 1 DSQ; ) Nacra 17 (after Jury decisions)Time 18.29, Friday , October 11 2013Results after 7 races ( Discards : 1 )(27 entries)
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7
1AUT   35ZAJAC Thomas FRANK Tanja 21.0030.0022.0099.0022.0077.0011.0055.0044.00
2ESP  108MARTINEZ Iker PACHECO Tara 24.0052.001010.0011.00OCS28.0022.0044.0011.0066.00
3FRA   63OGEREAU Audrey VANDAME Matthieu 30.0047.0033.0055.0011.0011.001212.001717.0088.00
4FRA   77CAMMAS Franck DE TURCKHEIM Sophie 32.0045.0099.0033.001313.0066.0099.0033.0022.00
5GBR   2SAXTON Ben DIAMOND Hannah 33.0043.0077.0044.0077.001010.0066.0088.0011.00
6FRA   43BESSON Billy RIOU Marie 33.0049.001212.0077.0044.0055.0033.0022.001616.00
7 FRA   65VAIREAUX Moana AUDINET Manon 43.0054.0088.001111.0033.0044.0088.001111.0099.00
8 GBR   58WILSON Pippa GIMSON John 44.0067.0066.0088.0055.0088.001111.0066.002323.00
9 ITA   37BISSARO Vittorio SICOURI Silvia 48.0065.0044.0066.001111.001313.0055.0099.001717.00
10 GBR   56MACGREGOR Lucy WALSH Andrew 49.0077.001111.0022.00DNF28.001212.0077.0077.001010.00
11 FRA   78LAUGIER Flora BELLET Valentin 55.0070.001515.001313.0066.0033.001313.001515.0055.00
12 NED   46DE KONING Coen VAN DOORN Celine 63.0091.0055.001515.00OCS28.002222.0022.001212.0077.00
13 NED   44GROENEVELD Renee BEGEMANN Karel 70.0098.00OCS28.001010.00OCS28.0099.001010.001010.0033.00
14 FRA   72HAINNEVILLE Charles LEFEBVRE Mathilde 87.00107.001717.001616.0088.001515.001515.001616.002020.00
15 ITA   87SORRENTINO Vincenzo RINAURO Barbara 89.00117.0011.00DNF28.001010.001919.001717.001414.00DSQ28.00
16 BEL   6DE BIE Lien CLEEREN Koen 94.00117.001919.001212.002020.002323.002121.0044.001818.00
17 ESP  188LLARGUES Elisabet ESCUDE Fabian 94.00119.001313.002525.001919.001414.001616.001818.001414.00
18 BEL  161GOOD Morgan HEYSTEK CHARLOTTE 96.00118.001818.001717.001414.002020.001414.001313.002222.00
19 GBR  152CLIFFORD Alicia BRUTON Tom 100.00122.002222.002121.0099.001818.002020.002020.001212.00
20 DEN   80L THOMSEN Anne-line DANNEFER JACOB 103.00125.001414.002020.001212.001616.002222.002222.001919.00
21 ESP   97VERDAGUER Marc LOPEZ Marina 110.00136.002020.001414.001616.001111.002626.002525.002424.00
22 FRA   74DODE Emmanuel CLETTE Charlotte 114.00142.002121.002222.00DNF28.001717.001818.002323.001313.00
23 POR   20DOMINGOS Afonso NEVES Diana 115.00141.002323.001919.001515.002626.002323.002424.001111.00
24 GER   92LENZ Jakob BRECHLIN Susann 116.00144.00DNF28.002323.001717.002121.001919.002121.001515.00
25 DEN  187VIBORG Anette CHRISTENSEN Martin Hjortlun 122.00150.001616.001818.00DNF28.002424.002424.001919.002121.00
26 FRA   79HARDY Michel HARDY Catherine 142.00169.002424.002424.001818.002525.002525.002727.002626.00
27 GER   84HUNG Doris GREBE Christoph 161.00189.00DNS28.002626.00DNC28.00DNC28.00DNC28.002626.002525.00
Penalties and redress : 14 (3 DNC; 5 DNF; 1 DNS; 1 DSQ; 4 OCS; ) Finn (after Jury decisions)Time 13.05, Friday , October 11 2013Results after 7 races ( Discards : 1 )(21 entries)
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7
1 GBR   41GILES Scott11.0016.0055.0011.0044.0011.0011.0022.0022.00
2 EST   2KARPAK Deniss16.0023.0033.0022.0011.0077.0022.0044.0044.00
3 GBR   88MARK Andrews17.0028.0044.001111.0022.0022.0033.0011.0055.00
4 POL   17KULA Piotr24.0032.0022.0044.0077.0044.0066.0088.0011.00
5 FRA  112LOBERT Jonathan24.0031.0077.0066.0033.0033.0044.0055.0033.00
6 SWE   6ALLANSSON Björn33.0047.0011.0088.0066.0088.0077.0033.001414.00
7 FRA   29LE BRETON Thomas33.0042.0066.0055.0055.0055.0055.0099.0077.00
8 GBR   29PETER McCoy52.0063.0099.0077.0088.001111.0088.001111.0099.00
9 ITA   66VOLTOLINI Enrico67.0089.001313.0099.001313.001313.00OCS22.0066.001313.00
10 SWE   33SALMINEN Max68.0090.0088.0033.00DNF22.00DNF22.00DNC22.0077.0066.00
11 POL   7JAKUB Marciniak68.0084.001212.001212.001010.0099.001010.001515.001616.00
12 GBR   18HADDEN James71.0088.001010.001515.001717.001212.0099.001414.001111.00
13 CAN  110ROBITAILLE Martin72.0094.001818.001010.0099.0066.00OCS22.001010.001919.00
14 GBR   87CHILDS Paul72.0088.001111.001414.001111.001010.001111.001616.001515.00
15 FRA  177PIC Fabian86.00108.001717.001313.001919.001515.00DNS22.001212.001010.00
16 FRA   75HAY Laurent87.00109.001414.00DNF22.001414.001414.001212.002121.001212.00
17 FRA   99ALLAIN DES BEAUVAIS Marc93.00113.002020.001818.001818.001919.001313.001717.0088.00
18 FRA   89MONTAGUT Benjamin94.00113.001919.001717.001515.001616.001515.001313.001818.00
19 FRA  114MOREL Thomas96.00115.001515.001616.001616.001818.001414.001919.001717.00
20 FRA   38AUDOIN Michel98.00118.001616.001919.001212.001717.001616.001818.002020.00
21 FRA  897REGOUT Bruno118.00139.002121.002020.002020.002020.001717.002020.002121.00
Penalties and redress : 7 (1 DNC; 3 DNF; 1 DNS; 2 OCS; )