Semaine Olympqiue Francaise - The end of qualifications

Ingrid Petitjean and Nadege Douroux FRA 470 - Semaine Olympique Francaise 2011
© Jean-Marie Liot
Semaine Olympique Francaise - The objective of the day to finish the programme before the final stage has been reached!

Sailing started late due to a summery weather, more appropriate for lazing in the shade than sailing a regatta! The chances to conclude the qualifications looked grim but finally by 8PM the last boats came back to the dock after a long day of wait and sail.

Beijing Bronze medallist Shahar Zubari (ISR) (Men's RS:X) added a third victory to his score and takes the lead in the Men's division over Silver medallist Julien Bontemps (FRA) after a series of top three results. 'So far my best series in a regatta is top five at last year's Europeans. I am very happy with my results so far. I usually prefers light wind but this year I have worked a lot on the planning and now I see the results.'

Zubari (ISR) who won RS:X Mens in Hyères in 2009 is keen to gain the title one more time. 'The level is very high and it will be harder with the Gold fleet tomorrow. We will see, there are still three days to go.'

Also in RS:X Mens, Piotr Myszka (POL) loses two places to third with an eight place finish. He is on equal point with Olympic champion Tom Ashley (NZL).

'Today was a difficult race for me.' says Myszka, 'I started very well. I knew I had to go to the right side of the course but I could not tack because I was blocked on the starboard tack. I went too far left and at the first mark I was only 16th. Then I had a good ride with the wind and was ninth on the leeward mark and finished eighth after passing Cariolou (CYP) on the slalom. I was exhausted but happy. After a poor start I finished the race in a good position... Of course, I went down to third overall but now with the start of the finals I will be able to check with Shahar Zubari (ISR).'

In women's RS:X, ISAF Sailor of the Year Blanca Manchon (ESP) is going into the Gold group with a nine points lead over Charline Picon (FRA). Peina Chen (CHN) in third and Laura Linares (ITA) placed fifth, won today's races.

Belcher/Page AUS 11 470 Men - Semaine Olympique Francaise 2011
© Guillaume Durand

Same podium in the 470 men but change of leader with Palma winners Nicolas Charbonnier (FRA) and Jeremie Mion (FRA) taking first place without yet to win a race. They are one point in front of Pierre Leboucher (FRA) / Vincent Garos (FRA)on equal point with World champions Mat Belcher and Malcolm Page (AUS).

'Our objective on this regatta was to have regular results. Today we collect another third place and gained first overall so all is good. Tomorrow another regatta is starting with the Gold fleet, the level will change.'

Two french also in the Star class top three. Guillaume Florent and Pascal Rambeau (FRA) win the unique race of the day to place second in front of Xavier Rohart and Pierre-Alexis Ponsot (FRA) second in the race. Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada (BRA) keep their earlier lead.

Pacheco/Betanzos ESP696 470 Women - Semaine Olympique Francaise 2011
© Guillaume Durand

In 470 Women's, Tara Pacheco and Berta Betanzos (ESP) discard today an 18th place but are still able to maintain a 14 points lead over Italians Giulia Conti and Giovanna Micol (ITA) and 23 points on Penny Clark and Katrina Hughes (GBR).

In the 49er, yesterday leaders Fletcher/Sign (GBR) conserve their lead despite a place of 19th. The Nielsen (DEN) and Sibello (ITA) brothers are in second and third.

Grotelueschen GER200047 Laser Standard - Semaine Olympique Francaise 2011
© Guillaume Durand

Laser World Champion Tom Slingsby (AUS) has secured a nine points lead. Nick Maloney (NZL) and Simon Grotelueschen (GER) are in second and third. The young German add a third victory to his score.

'I am really happy with my day, especially in these conditions. Normally I am better in the breeze.' With 1m94, Grotelueschen masters the stronger conditions and proved it with a first and a second in Palma with 25knots and on Sunday with two bullets taken in the breeze in the opening day of the regatta. 'I realise that it is close racing and the next days will be hard but I feel confident and relax.'

Sarah Winter NZL199211 Laser Standard - Semaine Olympique Francaise 2011
© Guillaume Durand

In the Laser Radial, Sara Winther (NZL) is conserving top place in the overall rankings. Sarah Steyaert (FRA), who won the 2008 Worlds in New Zealand, wins the race and gets closer to first placing, one point only from Winther. Marit Bouwmeester (NED) is bouncing back from yesterday 27th place to take second and third overall.

In the Finn, Ben Ainslie (GBR) is back at the front after a perfect day and two bullets.

'It was a really tricky day – the wind was all over the place and there were lots of place changes in all of the races, but I was happy to get through with two good races in the end considering everything that went on, so it was a good day.'

Also in the Finns, Pieter-Jan Postma (NED) is continuing with regular results to take second overall. Ed Wright (GBR) climbs on the podium. Young Estonian Deniss Karpak (EST) wins both races in his group and get to seventh overall.

In the Womens Match racing, today saw some tight matches and half way in the repechage, no team are clearly leading. Abrahamsen team (DEN), who has qualified in the repechage for the first time, have won their most difficult matches against last year winner Hallbrock (GER) and Spithill (AUS). The six teams selected in the Gold group have completed half of their matches for the seedings. Claire Leroy (FRA) who had won all their matches have finished the day with 0-3.

In the three paralympic classes, yesterday winners are extending their lead.

Conti/Micol ITA23 470 Women - Semaine Olympique Francaise 2011
© Guillaume Durand

Pierre Leboucher and Vincent Garos FRA 470 - Semaine Olympique Francaise 2011
© Jean-Marie Liot

 RS:X Men
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6Club/Country
1ISR 11ZUBARI Shahar (M1986)8.0011.0022.0033.0033.0011.0011.0011.00Eilat - Israel
2FRA 6BONTEMPS Julien (M1979)12.0019.0066.0011.0011.0077.0022.0022.00A S P T T Nantes - France
3POL 82MYSZKA Piotr (M1981)13.0021.0011.0033.0077.0011.0011.0088.00KS AZS AWFIS - Poland
4NZL 1ASHLEY Tom (M1984)13.0019.0033.0022.0022.0033.0033.0066.00New Zealand
5POL 126MIARCZYNSKI Przemyslaw (M1979)20.0034.0055.0011.0044.0088.0022.001414.00SKZ Hestia SOPOT - Poland
6ESP 8MORENO Juan Manuel (M1987)21.0032.0044.001111.0066.0044.0033.0044.00Club De Golf Vstahe - Spain
7FRA 77LE COQ Pierre (M1989)24.0041.0088.0022.001717.0022.0066.0066.00C M  ST Brieuc - France
8 UKR 19OBEREMKO Maksym (M1978)25.0037.001212.0044.0055.0055.0077.0044.00Ukraine
9 FRA 1TILLIER Benjamin (M1985)28.0039.0066.0044.001111.0033.0055.001010.00Ass. Neo Cal De Gliss - France
10ISR 21MASHIAH Nimrod (M1988)30.0043.0011.001313.001212.0077.0055.0055.00Mikhmoret - Israel
  RS:X Women
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6Club/Country
1ESP 1Manchon Blanca (F1987)6.0010.0011.0022.0011.0011.0011.0044.00RCN Sevilla - Spain
2FRA p4Picon Charline (F1984)15.0024.0033.0033.0099.0033.0011.0055.00PAV (OT) - France
3CHN 11Chen Peina (F1989)17.0030.001313.0022.001111.0011.0022.0011.00Chinese Yachting Assoc. - China
4ITA 25Sensini Alessandra (F1979)19.0030.0088.0011.001111.0022.0066.0022.00C.C.ANIENE - Italy
5ITA 11Linar Laura (F1990)21.0060.0022.001111.0022.00DSQ39.0055.0011.00C.V.M.M - Italy
6GBR 94Shawn Bryony (F1983)23.0037.0088.0044.001414.0033.0022.0066.00Great Britain
7FRA 22Ricard Eugenie (F1986)26.0037.0011.0099.0044.0099.0033.001111.00Y C Mauguio Carnon - France
8POL 20Brygola Agata (F1982)29.0040.001111.0066.0055.0044.0044.001010.00KS AZS AWFIS - Poland
9ISR 1111Korzits Lee (F1984)30.0044.0066.001212.0044.0044.001414.0044.00Michmoret, Emek Hefe - Israel
10FRA 50Rambaud Marine (F1987)31.0070.0044.0044.0066.0022.00BFD39.001515.00CN Fouesnant Cornou - France
  Laser Standard
1AUS 197541Slingsby Tom (M1984)12.0025.0011.0011.0011.001313.0077.0022.00Gosford Sailing Club - Australia
2NZL 198109Maloney Andy (M1990)21.0047.001010.0011.0011.0055.002626.0044.00MBSC - New Zealand
3GER 200047Groteluen Simon (M1986)22.0039.0011.0011.001717.001616.0033.0011.00Lubecker Yacht Club - Germany
4ESP 188623Hernandez Javier (M1983)22.0030.0055.0033.0055.0022.0088.0077.00RCN Tenerife - Spain
5CRO 199825Stipanovic Tonci (M1986)23.0042.0055.0033.001010.0022.001919.0033.00Mornar - Croatia
6NED 197520Bouwmeester Roelof (M1985)27.0044.0077.0022.0033.001717.0066.0099.00Delta Lloyd Kernploe - The Netherlands
7CYP 194752Kontides Pavlos (M1990)29.0044.0099.0055.001515.0055.0055.0055.00Limassol Nautical CL - Cyprus
8AUS 201072Palk Ryan (M1988)30.0083.00DNF53.0066.0077.001313.0022.0022.00NYRC - Australia
9USA 199023Johnson Clay (M1984)32.0050.0088.0044.001414.0044.001818.0022.00Eastern/LEHYC - United States Of America
10NZL 199218Murdoch Andrew (M1982)33.0086.0055.0088.00BFD53.0011.0088.001111.00Kerikeri Cruising CL - New Zealand
Laser Radial
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6Club/Country
1NZL 199211Winther Sara (F1981)11.0027.0022.001616.0011.0022.0033.0033.00Takapuna Boating Clu - New Zealand
2FRA 196621Steyaert Sarah (F1986)12.0021.0022.0022.0033.0099.0044.0011.00CNCP - France
3NED 200444Bouwmeester Marit (F1988)20.0047.0011.0011.0055.001111.002727.0022.00Delta Lloyd Kernploe- The Netherlands
4AUS 180195Weir Krystal (F1985)25.0052.0044.0077.0022.0044.0088.002727.00Sandringham Yacht CL - Australia
5FRA 196703De Turckheim Sophie (F1981)26.0044.0055.0022.0011.001212.0066.001818.00Y C Antibes - France
6CRO 199055Mihelic Tina (F1988)29.0053.0066.0077.0044.001010.0022.002424.00JK Labud - Croatia
7CZE 192635Fenclova Veronika (F1981)32.0046.001111.0033.001010.0011.001414.0077.00YC Praha 12 - Czech Republic
8ESP 192689Reyes Fatima (F1987)38.0088.0044.00OCS50.0077.0066.002020.0011.00CN Mar Menor Los ALC - Spain
9LTU 193185Scheidt Gintare (F1982)41.0058.0066.001717.0022.0055.001212.001616.00LOSC - Lithuania
10GBR 197658Young Alison (F1987)45.0066.0011.0033.001212.001212.002121.001717.00Great Britain
  Finn Class
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6Club/Country
1GBR 3Ainslie Ben (M1977)6.0013.0011.0011.0077.0022.0011.0011.00RCYC - Great Britain
2 NED 842Postma Pieter-Jan (M1982)15.0023.0022.0022.0011.0066.0044.0088.00APPM / GAASTRA / HIT - The Netherlands
3GBR 11Wright Edward (M1977)18.0060.0022.0033.00RAF42.0044.0033.0066.00RYA - Great Britain
4GBR 41Scott Giles (M1987)19.0035.0011.0011.0077.0011.0099.001616.00WPNSA - Great Britain
5USA 4Railey Zach (M1984)26.0052.0066.002626.0099.0033.0066.0022.00STFYC - United States Of America
6CRO 524Kljakovic Gaspic Ivan (M1984)27.0044.0055.0055.001717.001010.0022.0055.00SC ZENTA - Croatia
7SWE 11Birgmark Daniel (M1973)28.0039.0044.001111.0055.001111.0055.0033.00GKSS - Sweden
8EST 2Karpak Deniss (M1986)29.0046.001717.001616.0033.0088.0011.0011.00S4G Karpak Sailing T - Estonia
9SLO 5Vincec Gasper (M1981)36.0078.0044.0055.0055.0099.001313.00---42.00JD Finn Slovenia - Slovenia
10ITA 123Bladassari Filippo (M1988)39.0081.001111.001414.0044.0088.0022.00---42.00SVGDF - Italy
  49er Class
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7r.8r.9Club/Country
1GBR 5Fletcher Dylan (M1988)Sign Alain (M1986) 34.0053.0077.0066.0044.0011.0011.0022.0055.0088.001919.00Great Britain
2DEN 1113Nielsen Emil Toft (M1983) Nielsen Simon Toft (M1985) 45.0065.002020.0044.0066.0044.0055.0011.0044.001616.0055.00SKIVE - Denmark
3ITA 3Sibello Pietro (M1979)Sibello Gianfranco (M1975) 46.0058.0033.0088.0011.0099.001212.0066.001010.0011.0088.00SEZ. VELA G.D.F. - pItaly
4DEN 1221WarJonas (M1979)Hansen Soren (M1979) 55.0078.0044.0033.001717.0044.0033.001515.0011.0088.002323.00ROYAL Danish YC AARHUS SEJLKUB - Denmark
5GBR 10Brotherton Paul (M1966) Asquith Mark (M1979) 56.0081.0055.0033.0077.0055.001414.002525.0066.001111.0055.00Ullswater Yacht Club - Great Britain
6FRA 1162D'Ortoli Julien (M1983) Delpech Noe (M1986) 60.0081.0011.001010.0055.001111.002121.002020.0022.0044.0077.00YC Pointe Rouge - FranceYC Pointe Rouge
7ESP 1095Alonso Federico (M1981) Alonso Arturo (M1983) 61.0078.001717.001515.0066.001717.0099.0044.0055.0011.0044.00R.C.A.R. - Spain
8POL 117Czajkowski Marcin (M1982) Piasecki Jacek (M1993) 62.0089.0066.001111.002727.0033.0066.001212.0011.001111.001212.00YKP - Poland
9BRA 1137Fonseca Andre (M1978) Grael Marco (M1989) 63.0077.001111.0077.001414.001313.001010.0055.001111.0022.0044.00CBVM - Brazil
10AUT 84Delle Karth Nico (M1984) Resch Nikolaus (M1984) 65.2090.2066.002525.00RDG11.2033.0088.002121.0044.0033.0099.00KYK/YCV - Austria
470 Men
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6Club/Country
1FRA 7Charbonnier Nicolas (M1981) Mion Jeremie (M1989) 13.0016.0033.0033.0033.0022.0022.0033.00Y Antibes - FranceS N O Nantes
2FRA 44Leboucher Pierre (M1980) Garos Vincent (M1982) 14.0024.0066.0011.001010.0011.0011.0055.00A S P T T Nantes - FranceS N O Nantes
3AUS 11Belcher Mathew (M1982) Page Malcolm (M1972) 14.0021.0044.0044.0077.0033.0022.0011.00RQYS/MHYC/SYC - Australia
4JPN 4396Harada Ryunosuke (M1985) Yoshida Yugo (M1983) 17.0030.0022.001313.0011.0033.0088.0033.00Abeam Consulting - Japan
5ESP 9Barriero Onan (M1981) Sarmiento Aaron (M1986) 28.0050.002222.0088.001010.0022.0011.0077.00RCN Gran Canaria - Spain
6SWE 346Dahlberg Anton Carl Dide (M1985) Ostling Sebastian (M1984) 33.0074.001313.0011.0088.0066.004141.0055.00KSSS - Sweden
7CRO 83Fantela Sime (M1986) Marenic Igor (M1986) 40.0051.001010.001111.0099.001111.0044.0066.00J.K. SV. Krsevan - Croatia
8FRA 27Bouvet Sofian (M1989) Guillarm Vincent (M1987) 42.0096.001111.001616.001111.00OCS54.0033.0011.00Y C Antibes - FranceUSAM Voile
9GRE 165Kampouridi Panagiotis (M1983) Papadopoulous Efstathios (M1989) 46.0062.001313.0066.001111.0044.001212.001616.00Yacht Club of Greece - Greece
10ARG 7Calabrese Lucas (M1986) De La Fuente Juan (M1976) 46.0073.0077.001515.0066.0055.002727.001313.00Yacht Club San Remo - Argentina
 470 Women
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6r.7Club/Country
1ESP 696Pacheco Tara (F1988) Betanzos Berta (F1988) 21.0039.0044.0011.0044.0022.0033.0077.001818.00RCR Suroeste Mogan - Spain
2ITA 23Conti Giulia (F1985) Micol Giovanna (F1982) 35.0067.0022.001414.003232.0066.0022.0022.0099.00C.C. Aniene - Italy
3GBR 850Clark Penny (F1975) Hughes Katrina (F1989) 44.0068.001212.0033.0022.002020.0011.0066.002424.00Great Britain
4GBR 847Mills Hannah (F1988) Clark Saskia (F1979) 49.8072.80RDG10.40RDG10.401111.0055.0077.002323.0066.00WPNSA - Great Britain
5DEN 143Kock Henriette (F1985) Sommer Lene (F1985) 57.0098.0033.0055.004141.0088.0099.002222.001010.00Royal Danish Yacht C - Denmark
6FRA 4Petitjean Ingrid (F1980) Douroux Nadege (F1981) 73.00131.0011.00BFD58.001414.001919.001010.0033.002626.00S N Marseille - FranceS N Marseille
7FRA 12Rol Emmanuelle (F1986) Defrance Helene (F1986) 74.00126.005252.003434.0055.0044.001818.001212.0011.00ASPTT Marseille - FranceASPTT Marseille
8GBR 855Weguelin Sophie (F1989) Ainsworth Sophie (F1989) 81.00118.001313.0077.0088.003737.002323.0099.002121.00Great Britain
9ISR 311Cohen Gil (F1992) Bouskila Vered (F1983) 87.00124.0055.0022.003737.002424.002222.001414.002020.00Tel Aviv - Israel
10POL 11Skrzypulec Agnieszka (F1989)Ogar Jolanta (F1982) 87.00117.003030.003030.002929.001111.0066.0044.0077.00SEJK Pogon/KS AZS AWFIS - Poland
 Star Class 
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6Club/Country
1BRA 8255Scheidt Robert (M1973) Prada Bruno (M1971) 14.0019.0011.0055.0044.0044.0022.0033.00CBVM - Brazil
2FRA 8270Florent Guillaume (M1973) Rambeau Pascal (M1972) 26.0055.001111.0066.002929.0055.0033.0011.00G G V L S - FranceASPTT LA Rochelle
3FRA 8237Rohart Xavier (M1968) Ponsot Pierre alexis (M1975) 30.0051.0033.001818.0011.0066.002121.0022.00La Pelle Marseille - FranceS N O Nantes
4USA 8434Szabo George (M1970) Strube Mark (M1968) 31.0049.0055.0022.001010.0099.0055.001818.00San Diego Yacht Club - United States Of America
5SUI 8364Marazzi Flavio (M1978) De Maria Enrico (M1976) 37.0065.001010.0044.002828.0077.0044.001212.00TYC&GYC - Switzerland
6GER 8340Stanjek Robert (M1981) Kleen Frithjof (M1983) 40.0072.0044.0088.003232.001313.0088.0077.00NRV - Germany
7USA 8423Campbell Andrew (M1984) Coleman Ian (M1987) 45.0069.0088.0033.002020.0088.0066.002424.00San Diego Yacht Club - United States Of America
8ITA 8266Negri Diego (M1971) Voltolini Enrico (M1986) 48.0086.0022.001919.002323.0033.0011.00OCS38.00Gruppo Sprotivo Fiam - Italy
9GER 8433Babendererde Johannes (M1984) Jacobs Timo (M1982) 49.0070.001717.0011.001616.0011.001414.002121.00NRV - Germany
10USA 8396Horton Andy (M1975) Lyne James (M1970) 53.0072.001313.001515.001313.0022.001919.001010.00United States Of America
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6Club/Country
1FRA 13Seguin Damien (M1979)5.007.0011.0011.0011.0022.0011.0011.00S N O Nantes - France
2GBR 92Pascoe Megan (F1986)21.0044.0044.0022.0022.00DSQ23.001010.0033.00Weymouth SC - Great Britain
3GER 1Kroeger Heiko (M1966)24.0047.0033.00OCS23.0088.0033.0044.0066.00Norddeutscher Regatt - Germany
4GBR 75Lucas Helena (F1975)32.0055.0066.0033.0044.0044.001515.00OCS23.00RSYC - Great Britain
5GER 44Kloetzing Lasse (M1991)32.0041.0088.0099.0077.0066.0077.0044.00Potsdamer Yacht Club - Germany
6USA 130Leblanc Mark (M1985)32.0055.0055.0055.0055.001111.0066.00OCS23.00Southern Yacht Club - United States Of America
7NED 12Schmitter Thierry (M1969)37.0060.0022.00OCS23.0066.0011.0055.00OCS23.00Delta Lloyd Kernploe - The Netherlands
8ITA 94Olmi Fabrizio (M1970)37.0049.0077.0088.0099.0088.001212.0055.00Avas Lovere - Italy
9CAN 99Tingley Paul (M1970)39.0062.00DNF23.00DNS23.0033.0099.0022.0022.00RNSYS - Canada
10NOR 1Erikstad Bjornar (M1981)39.0062.00OCS23.0044.001111.0055.001111.0088.00Tonsberg Seilforenin - Norway
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6Club/Country
1FRA 840Jourdren Bruno (M1961) Flageul Eric (M1973)  Vimont Vicary Nicolas (M1961) 5.009.0011.0011.0011.0044.0011.0011.00C N Carantec - FranceY C CarnacP E C Voile Poitiers
2NOR 1Wang-Hansen Aleksander (M1982) Kristiansen Per Eugen (M1969)  Solberg Marie (M1988) 15.0019.0022.0044.0022.0033.0044.0044.00KNS - Norway
3USA 674Doerr Alphonsus (M1960) Kendell Brad (M1981)  Freund Hugh (M1988) 17.0023.0055.0055.0033.0011.0066.0033.00Noroton YC - United States Of America
4ISR 1Cohen Dror (M1968) Efrati Arnon (M1953)  Vexler Benny (M1962) 18.0026.00OCS8.0033.0044.0022.0033.0066.00Etgarim - Israel
5GBR 748Robertson John (M1972) Stodel Hannah (F1985)  Thomas Steve (M1977) 20.0025.0033.0022.0055.0055.0055.0055.00WPNSA - Great Britain
6ITA 720Zorzi Giorgio (M1967) Dighe Massimo (M1976)  Protopapa Paola (F1965) 26.0033.0044.0066.0077.0077.0022.0077.00SCGS -& Italy
7AUT 7Reiger Sven (M1974) Rath Edmund (M1961)  Badstoeber Kurt (M1966) 27.0034.0066.0077.0066.0066.0077.0022.00BYC - Austria
  SKUD 18
PosSailCompetitorsP NetP totr.1r.2r.3r.4r.5r.6Club/Country
1GBR 45Rickham Alexandra (F1981) Birrell Niki (M1986) 5.006.0011.0011.0011.0011.0011.0011.00Queen Mary Sailing C - Great Britain
2GBR 42Hovden Alex (M1992) Mannerings Kate (F1987) 11.0015.0022.0033.0022.0044.0022.0022.00Papercourt SC/PGL - Great Britain
3ISR 13Ben Yahov Shimon (M1957) Hagar Zehavi (M1970) 16.0023.00RAF7.0022.0033.0033.0044.0044.00Israel
4ESP 40Cantalejo Diana (F1975) Villa Francisco (M1963) 20.0026.0055.0066.0055.0022.0033.0055.00Spain

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