Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week - Day 2

David Booker's lulu (not capitalized) leads in PHRF-3 Random Leg class
Rich Roberts
Check the daily Catalina 37 results in Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week and you may notice a team's home club listing as 'CYCT.'


'Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma (as in Washington),' says Eric Nelson, skipper of chartered boat number one that surprised everyone by winning the second of three races Saturday, between two forgettable finishes mostly due to crossing the start line prematurely.

Eric Nelson from Tacoma, Wash. leads Catalina 37s to leeward mark
Rich Roberts

With a 9-3-9-1-12/DSQ scoreline, their boat nicknamed Gardyloo Travelin' Road Show (to be explained in a moment) is no threat to ABYC's bid for its fourth Ullman LBRW title in six years. Chuck Clay's crew won the two races Saturday that CYCT didn't for a one – four – one – two - one string of finishes and a seven-point lead over defending champion Dave Hood's LBYC and Bruce Ayres' Newport Harbor YC, sharing second place.

The 142 boats in a wide range of classes continued to struggle in wispy southerly breeze of five to ten knots fading back to five by mid-afternoon. The forecast for Sunday's windup was similar.

Still, the racing went on over three closed courses and Random Leg courses as long as 21 nautical miles across the harbors. In the latter, Tom Holthus' black STP 65 Bad Pak, rated at minus-126 seconds per mile, again was first to finish, although finishing third on handicap after surrendering 63 seconds a mile to Jay Steinbeck's first place Margaritaville.

Vipers of ABYC's Jay Golison (l.) and Santa Barbara YC's Jeff Grange drop spinnakers to round leeward mark
Rich Roberts

As for other classes, regatta namesake Dave Ullman lost the day's first race to Bennet Greenwald of San Diego YC but won the next two for an unbeatable log of one – one – two – one - one and a 12-point lead over Scott Deardorff of Santa Barbara YC.

His secret, besides being the guy who has won several class world titles in his career: 'I've been sailing these boats for a year and a half, more than any of these people here. It makes a difference.'

J/70s run the start line
Rich Roberts

Ullman spent much of last year getting a feel for the new class when the J/70s were introduced on the East Coast. Unlike many world classes, he said, the 70s 'are easy to sail with your wife and kids' and limit hiking.

Back to Gardyloo … White said, 'The first race we were over early and went back (to restart). Now we aren't so sure. We didn't hear our number called on the radio.'

Tactician Brian White added, 'The second race the left side was good and the guys sailed really well. The third race we didn't think we were over early, but we heard them call our number on the radio.'

That time they didn't go back and were disqualified afterward for the oversight. So they reside in seventh place among the 11 boats, with two races winding up the regatta Sunday.

Looks like a good start for pelicans
Rich Roberts

But they're having fun, hooting and hollering in their highest moment and cruising the course in their bright orange shirts in a boat with an unusual temporary name.

Nelson explained, 'I learned it on a trip to Scotland, where it means throwing waste water and, you know, whatever out the window at certain times. I thought, 'That's what I'm going to name my boat at home.' '

So he did.

Bob Lane's Medicine Man (l.) and Victor Wild's Bud duel for room the pin end of the start line
Rich Roberts

The 35th year of the regatta has 142 boats from six states and Canada, living up to its slogan, 'Race With the Champions.' There will be as many as two final races Sunday, starting at noon, conditions permitting.

The Yacht Club Challenge Trophy features several of the Catalina 37s filling the requirement to be part of a three-boat team with boats from two other classes.

The Golison Kent Family Trophy will be awarded to the crew with the most family members on board.

The final trophy presentation and party will be at LBYC Sunday afternoon and evening. A water taxi will offer transportation between the clubs across the bay.

Melges 20s of Elliott James (l.) and Skip Shapiro meet at leeward gate
Rich Roberts

Class leaders
(After two of three days)

Random Leg
(Three races; no discards)

PHRF-1 (Eight boats)---Margaritaville (Andrews), Jay Steinbeck, California YC, 2-1, 3 points.
PHRF 2 (12)---Relentless (SC 42), Will Durant, LBYC, 2-1, 3.
PHRF-3 (11)---lulu (Schock), David Booker, Santa Barbara YC, 1-1, 2.
PHRF Multihull (4)---Tie between GoCart (Seacart), Chris Slagerman, California YC, 2-1, and Mama Tried (8.5m), Pete Melvin, ABYC, 1-2, 3.

Closed Course
(Seven races; no discards)

Catalina 37 (11 boats)---Team ABYC, Chuck Clay, 1-4-1-2-1, 9 points.
Viper 640 (23)---Hot Mess, Kevin Taugher, ABYC, 1-3-4-1-4, 13.
J/70 (16)---David Ullman, Balboa YC, 1-1-2-1-1, 5.
J/109 (6)---Electra, Thomas Brott, Santa Barbara YC, 1-2-3-1-3, 10.
J/120 (7)---Caper, John Laun, San Diego YC, 1-2-3-2-2, 10.
Flying Tiger (6)---John Harrop, San Diego YC, 1-2-1-2-3, 9.
Melges 20 (5)---Makaira, Skip Shapiro, Richmond YC, 1-1-3-1-2, 7.
J/24 (8)---3 Big Dogs, Pat Toole, Santa Barbara YC, 1-1-1, 3.
PHRF-SB2 (7)---Avet (J/80), Curt Johnson, California YC, 1-1-1-2-1, 6.
PHRF-A (11)---Flyer (RP 47), Rob Sjosted, Corsair YC, 2-1-2-6-5, 16.
PHRF-B (8)---Rival (J/35), David Boatner, Ventura YC, 1-1-1-1-2, 5.

Complete Results: PHRF-A
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubRatingBoat TypeR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
18995FlyerRob SjostedtCorsYC27RP 472126516
211165StampedeGlenn GrileyKHYC42J/1113263317
335032FlyingficheRobert ZellmerLBYC/TPYC421D351682724
415Huckleberry2Jim MurrellKHYC54Farr 307737125
57918CirrusTimothy HarmonALYC39J/1245914625
656456luganoMark StrattonSBYR51Ben 40.74855426
77311JATOBill/Mike Webster/MoorheadKHYC42J/1118541927
837E TicketTom HudsonAYC27SC 379379230
920BabeDouglas SteeleCYC54Farr 3064981037
1056443MarisolSeth HallCRA39J/12410101010848
1164990Zero VITaki TakemoriCBYC51Farr-3612 dnc12 dnc11111157
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubRatingBoat TypeR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
187512RIVALDavid BoatnerVYC72J/35111115
297866Code BlueRobert MarcusABYC722223211
37255MistralDan McGantyCYC75Tartan 1016342318
47101Ceann SaileGeoffrey RothDRYC75Tartan 1014535522
567531HurrahDave Weil / Eric GustafsonLBYC78405454624
642439ImpulseRoland DuphilyABYC72Schock 353667426
746912KestrelWilliam H MooreTPYC90J/1057776734
8582RocinanteJuan LoisSBYRC90J/1058888840
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubRatingBoat TypeR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
150100Margaritaville 1.5Jay SteinbeckCYC-63Andrews213
297777Medicine ManRobert LaneLBYC-96And 63325
397Grand IllusionEdward McDowellKHYC-81SC 70167
465002Bad PakTom HolthusSDYC-126STP 65437
577000Pendragon IVJohn MacLaurinCYC-66Davidson6410
652006BudVictor WildSDYC-87TP525510
77249It's OKLewis Beery Mgr Tres Gordo Sailling LLCBYC-57And 49.98715
888OEXJohn SangmeisterLBYC-87SC 707815
RL-PHRF Multihull
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubRatingBoat TypeR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
111pGoCartChris SlagermanCYC-100Seacart 30213
27644Mama TriedPete MelvinABYC-458.5m trimaran123
397645Neck SprainWade StevensKHYC40F-27347
427088FREESTYLEJerry WetzlerDWYC55Crowther Cat5 ret38
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubRatingBoat TypeR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
146052RelentlessWill DurantLBYC-18SC 52213
252555ElixirChad and Kerrie DowneyLAYC / CYC-21N/M 50134
328725PrevailWilliam GuilfoyleSBYC-12SC 52527
44417DistraXionJeffery CoyleKHYC33Xp44347
527007ParanoiaRick von HeydenreichLBYC-9SC 524610
6400Rock & RollBernard GirodSBYC-18Farr 4006511
787Yippee Kai YayBarry & Sue SenescuDPYC-9Class 409716
856447Green Dragon 2Gary GreenDRYC39Ben First 44.78816
993000T-N-TWes SelbyALYC3TRIPP 4771017
1093174VictoireRobert AtkinsLBYC54Ben 40.711920
11520X-PletiveDan ParacchiniSYC24X-41101222
1269348Paddy WagonRichard MainlandCYC21Ross 40121123
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubRatingBoat TypeR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
17626luluDavid BookerSBYC117Schock 34PC112
228236WolfhoundJamie MyerDRYC7511-Mod257
387138Out PatientRandy AlcornAnYC180Cal 2-29347
453005GatorTodd WheatleyABYC78538
597589SwooshAlex CrossLBYC84Farr 38729
6221Sloop DoggChris SmithAYC120J/804711
756410Briar RoseLes LinkogleOYC90Crusier6814
879048Carmagnole a.k.a Black KnightDaniel HowardDRYC81First 36.79615
979072Blue TomaliJohn FrenchLBYC601218917
1087877BombshellSteven SelingBCYC168Hotfoot 20111021
1156883Shell ShockedDonny HinchcliffeLBSYC20427' Sloop101121
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
146996CaperJohn LaunSDYC1232210
246630ShenanigansGary WintonCBYC2141513
328596CC RIDERChuck NicholsSDYC3414113
446719JIMJohn SnookLBYC4323416
546638ADIOSPeter BretschgerBYC5566325
646714Pole DancerTom and Terri ManokOYC6655628
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
156385ElectraThomas BrottSBYC1231310
256175ShadowfaxChris MewesNYCLB4412415
356912PersistenceC Bryce BenjaminCYC3525116
456454RaptorHeinz ButnerNYCLB6 p20153217
57052LinstarJohn ShulzeBYC2344518
67306ZephyrJack MayerDRYC6666630
Viper 640
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
138Hot MessKevin TaugherABYC1341413
2149VenomJeff GrangeSBYC9134118
334Snake EyesNigel BrownettABYC2763321
4153Last CallAlex SteeleBalboa YC34171025
5204It's All GoodJay GolisonABYC10222925
6104LocomotionEd FeoABYC49139237
7187BOLTCarson ReynoldsBYC561513544
8148F.N.G.James SearsABYC755624 dnc47
9146Little WingAntony ChapmanAYC6111810651
10191Moistened BintJohn / Tim Leyland / CarterABYC14151012758
11129KAAGarrett JohnsAnYC111312111158
12133Hyper ViperCourt RobertsRoberts1910815860
13110V110Paul ScottStLucYC131411141264
14143SinnermanBrad MilliganSDYC12171481667
15212Boiling PointCraig WalkerABYC81219161570
16381Amateur HourMark FolkmanKHYC24 dnc24 dnc751474
17209BBDennis PalmieriABYC20817171375
18336BREric PoulsenFYC15209201983
1927Moves Like JaggerStephen BrownAYC161916191888
2046heroinGreg JacksonAYC181620181789
2124USA 24Olaf BleckQYC1718212124 dnc101
22145Red Red WineLaurent DionAYC24 dnc24 dnc24 dnc24 dnc24 dnc120
23151151George GluecksmannVRC24 dnc24 dnc24 dnc24 dnc24 dnc120
Melges 20
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
1211MakairaSkip ShapiroRYC113117
2134Problem ChildElliott JamesSFYC221229
3227Manatea 20Bob HaywardWYC4523317
4114USA 114Charles JamesCYC5354421
57676KuaiDaniel ThielmanCorinYC34456 ocs22
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
132US32David UllmanBYC112116
2351CAKEScott DeardorffSBYC3337218
3249BL!SSSJohn FullerNHYC2265520
434jPerseveranceBennet GreenwaldSDYC7814424
570Sloop John BTom GarrettNHYC6572727
6305Soggy DollarDave ViereggSDYC84561336
7306RachelAndy MacdonaldSSC12649637
8370jenniferChris KostaneckiSFYC510911944
960Zero to 60Karl PomeroyNHYC4717 ocs17 ocs348
1059JayaCraig TallmanKHYC91217 ocs3849
11352Wolfe in Sheep's ClothingMike WolfeSBSC11141081053
12539Loose LucyJustin KromelowStFYC101311101155
13201Zuni BearRich BergmannSDYC1498131458
14250GO-RILLADan GribbleBYC131112141262
1530Perfect WifeChris AndersenStfYC/RYC1515131217 dnf72
16247Tally-HoDavid SegelCYC17 dnc17 dnc17 dnc17 dnc17 dnc85
Flying Tiger
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
19tJusticeJohn HarropSDYC/CRA121239
233tMile High KlubPhillip InfeliseSWYC3134213
354NiuhiPaul McPhersonSDYC2353114
48tAbacusTim ChinSGYC4421415
549RuckusBrian WernerDPYC5545524
619Occam's RazorEduard KooijDPYC7 dnc7 dnc67 dnf633
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubRatingBoat TypeR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
1284AvetCurt JohnsonCYC126J/80111216
267720Grey GooseJeremy QuintonDPYC96Olson 302231210
377570ICHIBANAndrew BishABYC964423316
4531In-AppropriateMark HunterBYC126J/803348 dnc422
5169Mor ShenanigansTracey KenneySCCYC156Open 5.708 dnc8 dnc8 dnc8 dnc8 dnc40
6310BoatyBen and CJ andersonBrickyard156Open 5.708 dnc8 dnc8 dnc8 dnc8 dnc40
75pSoffio di DioJames WertOYC & ALYC75Magic 258 dnc8 dnc8 dnc8 dnc8 dnc40
Catalina 37
Place#Boat NameSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
14Team ABYCChuck ClayABYC141219
27Team LBYCDave HoodLBYC2165216
311Team Ayres SatarianoBruce AyresNHYC3244316
48LB MisfitsPaul TurangTPYC6853426
55TemptressRay GodwinLBYC7729530
63Team ChamucosLarry LeveilleSBYC5676630
71Gardyloo Travelin' Road ShowEric NelsonCYCT939112 ocs34
810Janes AddictionJane Hoffner HorstBCYC8587735
92Crazy TrainJohn RiddellAYC109311942
109IntergalacticGregory MorseLBYC4101181043
116Team 570Andrew RistSYC11111010850
Place#Boat NameSkipperClub R4 6/28R2R3R4R5R6R7Total
152533 BigDogsPat TooleSBYC11158
22223Take FiveSusan TaylorCal YC245314
32257BulletThomas TunbergSBYC383115
45477PearlMichael JohnsonSeaYC432615
51892JadedDavid KlattVYC664218
61898CritterJames BaurleySMWYC556420
72176Evil OctopusJasper Van VlietOPBYC828725
82379SuperstringsNorman HosfordDPYC777829