Verve Cup Offshore Regatta - Race finishes on a high note at the CYC

2013 Verve Cup Offshore Regatta
Michele and Steve Almeida, MISTE Photography.
At the Verve Cup Offshore Regatta, competitors got to enjoy some decent breeze and solid racing on the final day, after daily postponements due to light winds at the Chicago Yacht Club.

Race Chairman Martin Sandoval said the decision to start the race an hour later today ended up serving the competitors well.

'There was a little bit of a wait time, but once the wind filled in, the conditions allowed the Race Committee to get two races in today,' Sandoval said. 'For the racers, the winds averaged 6-8 knots for both races - they were shifty, which made it challenging, but that's part of the fun, figuring out the puzzle that Mother Nature gives you and making something out of it.'

Lynn Lynch, a Race Officer on Circle B, said it was a light weekend but today’s racing made up for it.

'Racing went very well, 100 percent better than expected. I did not think we were going to get a race in, and we ended up getting two races in on time,' Lynch said. 'Everyone always wants at least one heavier day and we didn't get it. But racing on Friday and today was good. I'm still surprised we got seven races in for the event, so I'm very pleased about that.'

Principal Race Officer Helle Getz said she was thrilled with the racing that took place. 'To come up with a total of seven races for the weekend, in the kind of conditions that we had was great. All the way around, I believe that the sailors were very happy. It was a good, successful regatta,' Getz said.

Congratulations to all of the Verve Cup racers, including overall Verve Cup Trophy winner Honey Badger, a T-10 owned by Thomas Kane of Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club.

Winning the Distance Race in the ORR Division were Liberty II, a C&C 115 owned by Thomas & Virginia Blasco of the Chicago Yacht Club in Section I; On Edge, a T35 owned by Steve Dorfman of the Chicago Yacht Club in Section II; and Providence, an Erickson 35 MK II owned by Jerry and Greg Miarecki of the Chicago Yacht Club in Section III. ORR section winners will get their names on the eight Mile Buoy Trophy.

2013 Verve Cup Offshore Regatta
Michele and Steve Almeida, MISTE Photography.

New to the Verve Cup Offshore this year was the J/109 North American Championship, which started Thursday and finished today. Winning the J/109 North American Championship Trophy was Rick Lyall’s Storm. Lyall is a member of the New York Yacht Club and the Storm Trysail Club.

Also taking place at this year’s Verve was the Beneteau 40.7 North American Championship, with first place going to Vayu, owned by Ron Buzil of Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club.

This year 135 boats took part in the Verve Cup Offshore Regatta. The event features a three-day offshore course race on Friday through Sunday, as well as a one-day distance race, which took place on Saturday. As one of the largest course-racing regatta in North America, Verve Cup has developed as a world-class event, attracting national and international sailing competitors. During the regatta, Chicago Yacht Club welcomes over 1,800 racers, spouses and guests at their Monroe Station clubhouse.

Competitors participate in multiple races, and boats sail either with a rating handicap or a one design so that boats of different size and character can compete against one another in one of the 18-plus racing sections. Overall prizes are awarded to the top finishers in each section, with one offshore boat winning the perpetual Verve Cup Trophy. The Verve Cup trophy dates from 1893 and is Chicago Yacht Club’s oldest trophy. Overall prizes are awarded for each class of boat.

Thank you to our co-sponsors Audi and SLAM, as well as Boston Beer, Karma Yacht Sales, Mount Gay Rum and West Marine. A special thank you to Chris Bedford, Chief Meteorologist at Sailing Weather Service, LLC, for his daily weather forecasts.

Next year’s Verve Cup Offshore will take place August 8th to tenth 2014.

2013 Verve Cup Offshore RegattaPreliminary Cumulative Results
Select to view a specific Class results:   
Bow Sail NumberYacht NameYacht DesignOwner/SkipperRace1Race2Race3Race4Race5Race6Race7Race8Race9Race10Total
Distance Race Racing
ORR Division
Offshore Racing 1
1.USA 25659Liberty2C&C 115Thomas & Virginia Blasco11.0
2.USA 52039JahaziJ 120Frank Giampoli22.0
3.USA 25578Paradigm ShiftC&C 115Dave Dickerson33.0
4.USA 50134Sirocco VIMumm 36William & Viviana Fanizzo44.0
5.USA 60009BadgeBeneteau first 40Daniel Koules55.0
6.USA 39530HiwasseeFarr395Ian Fisher66.0
7.USA 26RenegadeJ 133Thomas Papoutsis77.0
8.USA 52918Safir IIIArcona 460Robert E. Radway88.0
9.USA 60007ImpeccableFinngulf 43Steve Szczepanski99.0
Offshore Racing 2
1.USA 43535On EdgeT35Steve Dorfman11.0
2.USA 51541RadianceFarr 38Benjamin White22.0
3.USA 50785Och!J 105Brendon Docherty33.0
4. 1013Dixie ChickenBeneteau 10RMike Frerker44.0
5.USA 52337RunawayElanTom Gorey55.0
6.USA 52377Bark!C&C 110Walter Dickie66.0
7.USA 52249Sail MonkeyBeneteau First 36.7William McGuinn77.0
8.USA 69BarracudaJ 100David Hughes88.0
Offshore Racing 3
1.USA 6649ProvidenceEricsonGreg Miarecki11.0
2.USA 30328RoverT-10Ken Colbert22.0
3.USA 161RevelationDehler Optima 101Allen Carter3/RAF3.0
4.USA 51804CycloneJ 92John Madey44.0
5.USA 64AegirC&C 99Mark Rasmussen & Jason Shilson55.0
6.USA 60016SambaFirst 30Mike Stills66.0
7.USA 52891LugnutsNajad 405Tom Dickson77.0
8.USA 52974EndeavourBeneteau 37Matthew Gallagher88.0
9.USA 0076Mise En PlaceBeneteau 381Paul Thompson99.0
10.USA 26327RattyT-10David Brezina11/DNS11.0
Verve Offshore_Circle A Racing
One Design Division
J 109
1.USA 146StormJ 109Rick Lyall12221122215.0
2.USA 181HamburgJ 109Albrecht Goethe34113411119.0
3.USA 246NorthstarJ 109David Gustman21337256635.0
4.USA 361MomentusJ 109Kevin Saedi53765543341.0
5.USA 245KIIIJ 109Irv Kerbel65444735442.0
6.USA 249Full TiltJ 109Peter Priede76656898762.0
7.USA 368CallistoJ 109James Murray11/DNC11/DNC910231041070.0
8.USA 333Time OutJ 109Doug Evans891089687570.0
9.USA 270Vanda IIIJ 109Jack Toliver985710969871.0
10.USA 336CertainlyJ 109Donald Meyer4789810710972.0
J 111
1.USA 37FleetwingJ 111Henry Brauer122616119.0
2.USA 008VelocityJ 111Martin Roesch383122423.0
3.USA USA72Lucky DubieJ 111Len Siegal561343628.0
4.USA 022MentalJ 111Paul Stahlberg234495229.0
5.USA 89WootonJ 111William Smith857261534.0
6.USA 12KashmirJ 111Karl Brummel, Steve Henderson, Mike Mayer715537735.0
7.USA 47RowdyJ 111Richard Witzel476774338.0
8.USA 24Night HawkJ 111Team Nighthawk Dabrowski/Edman648858847.0
9.USA 60111ImpulseJ 111G Miz/Dreher/Hatfield999989962.0
GL36/FT 10
1.USA 006SolitaryFT 10Jeremy Alexis141212112.0
2.USA 80China BuffetFT 10Team All U Can Eat232135218.0
3.USA 50631RogueNelson Marek 36Peter Engel323351522.0
4.USA 34KOKO LOKOFT 10Tomek Kokocinski455424428.0
5.USA 93036PainKillerMumm 36Joel Carroll516563329.0
6.USA 64986Surface TensionNelson Marek 36Jeffrey Schaefer664646638.0
Farr 40
1.USA 40036NorboyFarr 40Leif Sigmond / Marcus Thymian121223314.0
2.USA 40048InfernoFarr 40Philip Dowd412311416.0
3.11USA 40027Hot LipsFarr 40Christopher Whitford233142116.0
4.USA 40037PendragonFarr 40Brian Jackman344435225.0
5.USA 40016BanditFarr 40Arvid Eiesland555554534.0
Beneteau First 40.7
1.USA 51377VayuBeneteau First 40.7Ron Buzil115112617.0
2.USA 51146La TempeteBeneteau First 40.7Thomas Weber333541221.0
3.USA 51196SpankerBeneteau First 40.7D & J McDonnell621325322.0
4.USA 60102SociableBeneteau First 40.7Robert Arzbaecher554264127.0
5.GER 1979Turning PointBeneteau First 40.7David Hardy242437729.0
6.USA 51457Das BootBeneteau First 40.7Jay Muller477676441.0
7.USA 404MojoBeneteau First 40.7Gary Powell / Jeff Comeaux766883846.0
8.USA 51219Rhumb RunnerBeneteau First 40.7Katie Goldman Finnegan Brian Goldman888758549.0
9.USA 40742WiredBeneteau First 40.7Brian/Konstantin Angioletti/Selikhov999999963.0
ORR Division
1.USA 28252Sin Duda!Santa Cruz 52Lindsey Duda311212111.0
2.USA 1717BlueRiptide 41Michael Schoendorf133131214.0
3.USA 52725ImediTranspac 52Mark Hauf222323317.0
1.USA 38006EagleSydney 38Shawn/Jerry O'Neill122211312.0
2.USA 2615ScoutSydney 41Dorsey Ruley241132114.0
3.USA 28380Spirit WalkerSydney 41Vern McCain435423223.0
4.USA 52144Eagles WingsGS44John Gottwald314544425.0
5.USA SM2MajicSydney 41Bill Hoyer553757537.0
6.USA 39531UpgradeFarr 395William Newman687366642.0
7.USA 50593TANGO in BLUECM 1200Roy Reger / Heather Robertson / Rick Trisco8666859/DNF48.0
8.USA 38005Painkiller4Sydney 38Alice Martin778878752.0
Verve Offshore_Circle B Racing
One Design Division
J 105
1.USA 349SealarkJ 105Clark Pellett342242118.0
2.USA 104VytisJ 105Tom and Gyt Petkus125313722.0
3.USA 505Here's JohnnyJ 105John Moore916161226.0
4.USA 384ValhallaJ 105Mike & Kathie Newman263597335.0
5.USA 673The AsylumJ 105Jon Weglarz671628636.0
6.USA 60StrikingJ 105Michael Tuman439836538.0
7.USA 480GangbustersJ 105Mark Gannon858754845.0
8.USA 424Flying PigJ 105Mike Sheppard584489947.0
9.USA 444Rocking HorseJ 105Sandy Curtiss797975448.0
1.USA 33882Honey BadgerT-10Thomas Kane525226527.0
2.USA 410RetentionLS 10Mark Croll8423411234.0
3.USA 26300WinnebagoT-10Tim Rathbun637762334.0
4.USA 348MikazeT-10Steve Knoop11144511642.0
5.USA 40900SkidmarksT-10Lou Jacob1356189143.0
6.USA 124LibertyT-10Ray Douglas26314143749.0
7.USA 30246WombatT-10Arthur Strilky1179598251.0
8.USA 402LightningT-10Steve Karstrand / Bob Warnecke141129124456.0
9.USA 403Tango IILS 10Martin Plonus491810171665.0
10.USA 32319Cheap ThrillT-10Nancy & Tim Snyder31210151151066.0
11.USA 311MutinyT-10John Schellenbach9108107151372.0
12.USA 31541GliderT-10John Font1014131615101189.0
13.USA 345Out of the BlueT-10Jeffery Cross1513161213121495.0
14.USA 30475EricaT-10Brian and Mike Kaczor781111129/DNC29/DNC96.0
15.USA 356Strait JacketT-10Randy Conner12161418171415106.0
16.USA 25123JUMPT-10Hank Graziano1626/SCP15202078112.0
17.USA 26349Yellow MellowT-10Waldemar Emmaerich29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC63139118.0
18. 004Silver SurferT-10Andrew Nicoletti17151913162119120.0
19.USA 411Jing BangLS 10David Finlay19171717191617122.0
20.USA 26340Rainbows EndT-10Steven Fink21222119181818137.0
21.USA 412M*A*S*HT-10Ron Kallen18192023242023147.0
22.USA 26318MischiefT-10David Travis20182221232521150.0
23.USA 406AtraT-10Mike and Karen Woollen22201829/DNC29/DNC1922159.0
24.USA 32527SassafrasT-10David Barch23212325252220159.0
25.USA 30509GrytvikenT-10Piotr Madrzyk29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC22212424178.0
26.USA 15214AntoniaT-10Jeff Lazzaro29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC24222325181.0
27.USA 808Eleanor RigbyT-10Rick Reed29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC203.0
28.USA 30131sisuT-10jeff wittenberg29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC29/DNC203.0
Beneteau First 36.7
1.USA 52754ShamrockBeneteau First 36.7J Mark Davis131112211.0
2.USA 52500Tried & TrueBeneteau First 36.7Robert K. Foley447457132.0
3.USA 262Maggie MaeBeneteau First 36.7Peter/Dan Wright3133415/DNS534.0
4.USA 60367As You WishBeneteau First 36.7John Heaton515/RAF2224636.0
5.USA 60310SoulshineBeneteau First 36.7Jarrett Altmin624566736.0
6.USA 235Tequila MockingbirdBeneteau First 36.7Chris Duhon9566109348.0
7.USA 26219FOGBeneteau First 36.7Charlie Wurtzebach/Mike Bird715/SCP13831451.0
8.USA 101Erizo de MarBeneteau First 36.7Antoni Czupryna210513113953.0
9.USA 82Split DecisionBeneteau First 36.7Mark D. Norris86119951260.0
10.USA 55367KARMABeneteau First 36.7Lou Sandoval , Jack Buoscio , Martin Sandoval1212147781070.0
11.USA 52293SorcererBeneteau First 36.7Don Draper1388121310872.0
12.USA 51787RaptorBeneteau First 36.7Jim Anderson11712108121373.0
13.USA 52772CarreraBeneteau First 36.7Rod Spearin10991415/DNC131181.0
14.USA 119Joie De VieBeneteau First 36.7Donna Hastings1413101112111485.0
ORR Division
1.USA 32851Bozos circusJ 35Bruce Metcalf313113214.0
2.USA 50498Big MeanieBeneteau 42s7James Prendergast531251320.0
3.USA 23994PlanxtyJ 30Kate/Dennis Bartley246325123.0
4.USA 97350Free AgentW.D. Schock 35Miles DePaepe452442425.0
5.USA 32776Touch of GreyJ 35Larry Schell624534529.0
6.USA 15171KahunaS2 9.1Loren Thompson16567/DNC7/DNC7/DNC39.0