Wild times at Heaven Can Wait 2012

Kiteboarder Chris Argent wins the Heaven Can Wait 2012 start
The seventh annual Heaven Can Wait regatta started at 11am this morning and the weather was wild to say the least, with gusts of 35 knots reported as some stages.

Three races ran in conjunction, the iconic 24 Hour Race, the One Lap Dash around the full 30 Nm course, and a new 12 Hour Challenge, with participants able to compete in any or all of the three events.

Principal Race Officer Blake Middleton gunned the fleet away in building north westerly, scudding winds of 20-25 knots.

It was a wondrous sight, with an incredible mixture of boats amongst the record 70 that blasted away.

Kite boarder Chris Argent had a blinding start on the pin, while Bob Cowan’s Stealth 8 Stealthy started near the committee boat and stayed on the shore line, and quickly led Tom and Belinda Braidwood and John Anderson’s Nelson Marek 43 Quest and Mark Langford’s Farr 40 Forty. Rum Bucket, Shane Guanaria's 505 was away to a flier too while in constast Moth world champion Josh McKnight had an awful start, badly miss-timed in about the third row.

Breezin' got caught out by just that - the breeze! - Heaven Can Wait
John Curnow ©

Stealthy was on fire by Coal Point, behind her Peter Winter and his Buckle Up crew were well advanced but they took a bath in the gusty conditions then shortly after they capsized and with the mast buried in the soft Lake Macquarie mud were forced to retire.

Buckle up crew needed to do just that - Heaven Can Wait 2012

Buckle Up - Heaven Can Wait 2012
Margare French

The kites were crashing and burning, over powered with just too much sail area. They did not stay on their feet and one by one the kite boarders got exhausted and retired.

In the heaviest of gusts Andrew Waugh’s Zippier dismasted near Wangi Point. But the wind was beginning to drop.

McKnight and Babbage disappeared into the distance, behind them the other moths were struggling in the heavy conditions. Babbage retired after a particularly savage crash and McKnight went on to an impressive victory; the only one of the seven Moths to finish.

After some hiccups early, newly crowned Moth World Champ, Josh McKnight put the hammer down and was only a couple of minutes outside the record. - Heaven Can Wait
John Curnow ©

Exhausted after the finish McKnight admitted he had hit the water more than twenty times. ‘At one stage I was foiling sideways in a big, big gust before my biggest prang...’

It was an impressive performance from McKnight who sailed a five percent longer course than that of the 2010 record set by Nathan Outteridge in just three percent more time, so definitely faster but a new 30 mile record.

On handicap Sydney sailor Shane Guanaria’s 505 Rum Bucket won from another 505, Joel Castle’s Yeah Buddy, with McKnight’s Flying Hellfish third.

The 5o5 know as Rum Bucket got away to a flyer and was only beaten by McKnight around the 30 odd nautical mile track. - Heaven Can Wait
John Curnow ©

In Division 2 Sydney sailor Andrew York’s Tachyon new VX One sports boat took both line honours and the handicap result from Lake Macquarie’s Noel Gough’s Northshore NSX38 Excapade with Neil Hamilton’s Slingshot.
In division three Bob Bower’s Sonata 7 Bosun won on line honours and handicap.

A total of 22 retirements from the One Lap Dash fleet was a testament to the strong conditions.

The 12 hour and 24 hour race fleet continues with one high profile retirement. The Yellow Brick tracker showed Bob Cowan’s Stealthy sailing back home up Dora Creek.

A tragic tale; after a giant broach, pitching two crew into Lake Macquarie, half of their refreshment provisions - some 120 cans of beer - went the same way. It seems after some indecision the crew were rescued ahead of the beer.

But Bob explained with a sob, ‘There was a lot of water inside the boat and the electronics were shorted out, with no navigation lights and no instruments there was nothing to do but go home and drink the 120 remaining cans.’

The 12 hour race finishes at 11pm today and the 24 hour race at 11am tomorrow. A big moon tonight amongst the breaking clouds and winds now more westerly 10-15 knots, with gusts up to 20.

The regatta was established by Lake Macquarie sailor and cancer survivor Shaun Lewicki to raise funds for men's cancer research and support programs through the Cancer Council of NSW.

Lewicki commented, ‘It was a huge buzz today to watch that big fleet streaming across the line. It’s the wonderful mix of boats that participate in this race that make it so special. I am really proud to see the event going from strength to strength. ‘

Full results from the One lap Dash below:
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Division 1 Keel TOT HC results Start : 11:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperElapsdAHCCor'd TBCHFin TimETOrdDidNotClass
18840Rum BucketShane Guanaria03:05:460.93002:52:461.10114:05:462 D1
28893Yeah BuddyJoel Castle03:25:010.93003:10:400.99814:25:014 D1
33776Flying HellfishJosh McKnight02:11:001.50003:16:301.56213:11:001 D1
48001FortyMark Langford03:23:210.98003:19:171.00614:23:213 D1
5M3000YESPhil King03:45:390.90003:23:050.90714:45:399 D1
63535J Walk'nGreg/Linda Torpy/Rob03:47:210.90003:24:370.90014:47:2110 D1
79090QuestBelinda Braidwood03:29:521.00003:29:520.97514:29:525 D1
814My KindyPaul Sharp03:48:110.94003:34:300.89714:48:1111 D1
9M242Storage King WallopPeter Hewson03:36:430.99003:34:330.94414:36:437 D1
10RQ202StealthyBob Cowan03:32:421.01003:34:500.96214:32:426 D1
11AUS183BreezinBrad Sewell03:36:511.00003:36:510.94414:36:518 D1
12M60WhitewashMark Scharfenberg04:00:440.93003:43:530.85015:00:4412 D1
DNF7MagicLachlan Doyle 1.750    DNFD1
DNF15Kite & SUP2Matt Vandervoort 1.750    DNFD1
DNF22Buckle UpPeter Winter 0.970    DNFD1
DNF69Alex AgueraChris Argent 1.750    DNFD1
DNF99KitePowerJordan Girdis 1.750    DNFD1
DNF219Mr MunterKen Saladine 0.930    DNFD1
DNF238Release the HoundsJames&Kirsty Nichols 0.950    DNFD1
DNF37003700Reece Tailby 1.750    DNFD1
DNF3783Peanuts DreamWarren Sare 1.500    DNFD1
DNF3832StonecutterLes Thorpe 1.500    DNFD1
DNF3904East Coast MarineScott Beeby 1.500    DNFD1
DNF3905HarmonyPhil Stevenson 1.500    DNFD1
DNF6311ZippierAndrew Waugh 0.980    DNFD1
DNFAUS2Gotta Love It 7Scott Babbage 1.500    DNFD1
DNFAUS543Where's Wendy?Ayden Menzies 1.750    DNFD1
DNFAUSRB31Out of Town 4WDRic Black 1.750    DNFD1
DNFEMPTYEmptyJets.com.auRob Flanagan 0.930    DNFD1
DNFHOTONDOHotondo HomesScott Schutz 0.920    DNFD1
DNFKITESUPKite & SUPDavid Sorensen 1.750    DNFD1
DNFMOTHWaspBruce Gault 1.500    DNFD1
DNS1635Furr BallAndrew McLachlan 1.450    DNSD1
DNSEBElla BacheGreg Paterson 1.150    DNSD1
Division 2 Keel TOT HC results Start : 11:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperElapsdAHCCor'd TBCHFin TimETOrdDidNotClass
1136TachyonAndrew York03:38:270.80502:55:510.93314:38:271 D2
25223ExcapadeNoel Gough03:48:330.78002:58:160.89214:48:335 D2
3L1SlingshotNeil Hamilton03:48:040.80503:03:360.89414:48:044 D2
4YC375SereinJeff Payne04:19:570.72503:08:280.78415:19:5712 D2
5M551WindchaserMark Cherrington04:44:160.67003:10:280.71715:44:1621 D2
64114ImagineWarwick Nichols03:52:020.83003:12:350.87914:52:026 D2
7SB777Fly Navy TooGreg Brown04:56:230.65003:12:390.68815:56:2326 D2
8N381Full FrontalMark Travis04:11:200.78003:16:020.81115:11:2010 D2
97290Le FrogGreg Robinson04:07:030.80003:17:380.82515:07:038 D2
102444Slightly UnderratedEvan McHugh04:46:510.69003:17:560.71115:46:5123 D2
1150NervousMatt Bonser03:45:120.88003:18:110.90514:45:122 D2
12223Mitchell SailsJustin Mitchell03:46:410.88003:19:290.89914:46:413 D2
134543BrigusMichael McFayden04:10:030.80003:20:020.81515:10:039 D2
142665X-RatedGraham Booker05:08:110.66003:23:240.66216:08:1127 D2
15M8Wild CherryAlan Laverick04:25:250.77003:24:220.76815:25:2515 D2
163909Young N OldGlen Picasso04:20:090.79003:25:310.78415:20:0913 D2
17M14NereusMatthew Smith04:53:410.70003:25:350.69415:53:4125 D2
18M777SollyLewis Solman04:46:140.72003:26:050.71215:46:1422 D2
196744Di'syDanny Gresham04:35:330.75003:26:400.74015:35:3319 D2
207007ZipMichael Tarrant04:04:560.85003:28:120.83215:04:567 D2
21510Its All GoodJohn Longworth04:52:040.72503:31:450.69815:52:0424 D2
225808Forever YoungAdrian Williams04:25:120.80003:32:100.76915:25:1214 D2
235687EmmenarMel Steiner04:32:400.78003:32:410.74815:32:4018 D2
24B4QuattroChris Bland04:30:360.80003:36:290.75315:30:3617 D2
256568SobraonTony Burville05:13:350.71003:42:390.65016:13:3528 D2
268686Crow BarBruce Thomas04:13:200.88003:42:560.80515:13:2011 D2
27R912PapillonPhillip Morgan04:25:480.85003:45:560.76715:25:4816 D2
289930Dora Creek WorkersIan Henderson04:35:400.85003:54:190.74015:35:4020 D2
DNF5SSORAMark Whittle 0.780    DNFD2
DNF58WoofJim Walsh 0.880    DNFD2
DNF1640NitrogenTroy Fortune 0.840    DNFD2
DNFM681Plan BIan Leach 0.800    DNFD2
DNFM2080AmbushNathan Frankiewicz 0.860    DNFD2
DNFSM1617Barely LegalScott Kennedy 0.840    DNFD2
Division 3 Keel TOT HC results Start : 11:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperElapsdAHCCor'd TBCHFin TimETOrdDidNotClass
168BosunBob Bower03:53:430.65002:31:550.65014:53:431 D3
DNFT916SpindriftJim Gillan 0.630    DNFD3

For more information, please go to the Heaven Can Wait website

For the last seven years, cancer and MS survivor Blake Middleton,the PRO has come out from the USA for this regatta. - Heaven Can Wait
John Curnow ©