Zhik RS Eurocup 2011 - RS200s overall

RS200 action at the Zhik RS Eurocop 2011
Franck Gicquiaud/Littoral Ouest
Zhik RS Eurocup 2011 RS200 event was held at YC Carnac during the 28th to 31st May. The final day racing saw even more lovely sunshine.

It was all to play for on day four in Carnac. A change in wind direction and a much earlier start was going to give the competitors plenty to think about with the wind going round to the North West coming over the town shore.

With the sun coming out strongly before the start it was clear the 10-14 knot breeze was erratic and the start of race 9 confirmed this. With a minute to go the wind went west and the line became very difficult to cross on starboard resulting in fairly chaotic scenes at the pin end. Over night leaders Steve Dunn/Karen Baker suffered from this and were very detached at mark one; they were then not helped on lap two when the wind swung even further so the leading group reached into the windward mark and the run became a fun spray filled reach. All this did not bother Ben Ainsworth/Rachel Williamson who made steady progress through the fleet to win from Ian Pickard/Katy Nichol and the Roomes.

The Rusdens were a solid fourth with Ian Sharp/Ellie Martin fifth, Dunn/Baker's 16th ruled them out of contention but still left three possible winners going into the final race. The wind had now settled down due west and was a 16/17 knots to give competitors fine downwind fun to renumber Carnac by. Dunn/Baker had a good start and led but the Rusdens were in close company and pulled through on the run to go on and score an emphatic race win and with it overall victory of the Zhik Eurocup. Ainsworth/Williamson finished third to confirm second overall ahead of Dunn/Baker, second in the final race. Rob/Jan Martin won the silver division.

So it was pack up time in the sun and get ready for a comfortable drive to the ferry ports and overnight ferries - did we really have to leave such a great venue and go back to work?

 IdentConcurrentsP RetP totc.1c.2c.3c.4c.5c.6c.7c.8
1 1313Dunn SteveBaker Karen 17.0056.00BFD24.0011.0011.001515.0088.0033.0011.0033.00
2 1393Rusden JamesRusden Will 19.0050.0033.00DNF24.0066.0011.0077.0011.0033.0055.00
3 617Sharps IanMartin Ellie 23.0055.0055.0055.0033.0033.0055.00BFD24.0088.0022.00
4 1170Ainsworth BenWilliamson Rachel 25.0044.0044.001010.0099.0044.0044.0077.0022.0044.00
5 1460Steed DavidLovering Katherine 30.0054.001010.001313.0044.0055.0011.0099.001111.0011.00
6 766Roome HarryRoome Prue 32.0065.0011.0033.0055.0099.001414.0044.001010.001919.00
7 1422Martin CarolineMartin Nick 39.0068.001111.0022.001212.0066.001313.0022.001616.0066.00
8 1018Cory SimonStyles Sarah 41.0067.001212.001414.0088.0022.0022.0066.001212.001111.00
9 1103Goss JamesRobertson Ian 44.0077.0022.001717.001616.0088.0099.001010.0066.0099.00
10 1165Pickard IanNichol Katy 47.0088.0088.0099.0077.001717.0033.00BFD24.001313.0077.00
11 1354Martin RobMartin Jan 56.0095.001818.0044.002121.001010.001717.0088.0055.001212.00
12 1327Dix OliverRobinson Cicely 57.0092.001414.001111.0022.001111.0066.001313.001717.001818.00
13 941Chapman MikeRatcliffe Lynne 62.0094.00DPI8.001616.001111.001212.001616.001212.0044.001515.00
14 1301Vincent PeterProctor Suzie 62.0094.0099.0088.001414.001818.001010.001414.0077.001414.00
15 996Thompson SamKemlo Hannah 64.00101.001717.0066.001515.0077.002020.001111.0099.001616.00
16 1419Ashton TobyAshton Rachel 69.00113.001616.0077.002222.002222.001919.0055.001414.0088.00
17 870Hickman SarahGullan Anthony 73.00121.0077.00DNF24.001010.001313.001111.00BFD24.001515.001717.00
18 1020Hartley AndrewHartley Eve 89.00129.001919.00DPI20.001313.002020.001212.001515.002020.001010.00
19 1308Parsons ElliotMarsden Harriet 93.00131.00DPI15.001919.001818.001616.001515.001616.001919.001313.00
20 1310Farbrother HowardHosken Louise 102.00147.002121.001212.002020.001414.002121.001717.001818.00DNF24.00
21 1295Druce KevinWilliams Fenella 106.00150.001515.001515.001919.001919.002222.001818.002222.002020.00
22 429Brown Chris Brown Jamie 119.00167.00DPI22.002020.001717.002121.001818.00BFD24.002121.00DNF24.00
--- 1051Tarquis MichaelTarquis Camille 144.00192.00DNS24.00DNS24.00DNF24.00DNS24.00DNS24.00DNS24.00DNS24.00DNS24.00

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